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brake accumulator help


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I’m 17 and I just bought a 1990 Reatta with the intentions of using it as my daily driver. But the brake accumulator is bad. I was looking in to getting a new one. And it seems that a rebuilt original is about $650. I was wondering if there any reliable cheap alternatives out there?

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3 hours ago, 89REATTAJIM said:

Other than spacer washers, is this a direct fit??

When I look at the photo on eBay, that accumulator appears to have a female fitting instead of a male fitting screws into the pump. The Reatta requires a male fitting.

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Posted (edited)

There is lots of information about the Teves ABS system used on the Reatta.    Several other cars used the Teves system and as far as we know the accumulator used 

on the other cars will screw into the Reatta pump housing and work.     Last I heard,  Spinning Wheels had them for under $200.  The owner of Spinning Wheels (a Thunderbird SC shop owner) passed 

away last year and his wife is selling the parts.    The phone number I have is 352-299-0218

Below are two lists of cars that used the Teves ABS system.    I should have noted where they came from but use them as a "guide"

Also note that all cars listed probably will not have the Teves ABS system as it was not standard but an OPTION.

The key to the list is to use it as a reference.   Also note that all the vehicles listed are US built cars.... we know there were Jaguars, SAAB, Land Rover and even Ferrari cars built with the Teves system but 

I have never seen a decent listing. 


PS... Volkswagen Passat is listed and all the VW people I have talked with believe that was not an option in the US



Teves list.jpg

accumulator usage.jpg

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OK where is the best price/fit on an accumulator? 

I am stockpiling parts for my new Reatta.

Pretty sure I will do a new write up on my favorite upgrades and process of doing them, while staying true to the era of production.

But definitely need to replace the accumulator.

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The best price I have seen lately is the Wabco STC 2784, which is about a hundred bucks more than a couple years ago, around $250 today, available on Amazon. If you want the original size and appearance, I believe Marck Barker has some reproductions, no cost info on them.

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