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  1. Anyone have current availability? Pricing, location, suggestions etc? For 1989. Thanks. Jim
  2. Nice Ronnie and congrats on 10K.
  3. Hi Howard, good to hear from you again this year. Best wishes to you and all the Reattites on our forum. Jim
  4. Congratulations and thank you for all you do. Jim
  5. "Great gonads of fire" Sorry Padgett, just had to do it.
  6. But if an accident is involved. the insuring company is likely to claim that the "bumper shocks" must be replaced, helping to put costs into the "totaled" category.
  7. Probably the nylon gear inside the window motor ass'y. If the window channels are binding, can cause the gear to strip. Instructions are here on the forum, can't remember where.
  8. Tim: Thanks for posting your findings and results. Seems that many times members offer assistance but the "helpee" just vanishes without any indication of outcome... Jim
  9. Hi Padgett, did you ever get this problem resolved??
  10. You may try disconnecting the battery for 5 minutes or so. It has worked on mine. Only problem is you will have to reset your radio settings etc.
  11. Hi Padgett; had the same problem awhile back, changed my hearing aid batteries and all is well...……… Happy holidays Jim & Anne
  12. Best to you Howard. And all other Reattaites. May we continue on for many years. Jim
  13. Anyone have info on how to re-tension regulator spring??
  14. You are right on the boat race.😏
  15. I have 4 dead decks; at least three have the same broken part, prob brittle from old age. See broken tabs just toward the center from top of springs. Tried epoxy, but failed again. Maybe 3-D printing? Will keep you in mind on your rebuilt. PM me on what you want for it. Tks, Jim
  16. Yes, I meant M+R, they gave me the same info. Was hoping to find another source for comparison. I have fixed a couple, but would like to find a parts source. There is one particular part that seems to break. Thanks, Jim
  17. Is there any source other than M+M for repair or parts service? Tried United Radio, but they do not do Cass players.
  18. Still have not found where this connector goes. The wire is actually pink with a black stripe. Only thing I have found to be not working is the light in the glove compartment.
  19. Finishing up my R & R on the heater core. All done except I see this gray connector w/pink wire hanging down on extreme right side. Any ideas as to where it goes?
  20. Anyone recommend source for OEM core for my '89?
  21. I think your info may be for 90 & 91's; at least I hope so.
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