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  1. I would try these tests first
  2. I think this is what you are asking for.
  3. I bet it is made to cover the interior of the car and windshield when the convertible top is down.
  4. I would look at the knock sensor too, it can keep the ignition timing retarted all the time resulting in poor mpg's.
  5. I think when an accumulator goes bad, the pump runs a very short time or not at all. Also the pedal would be hard with little to no stopping power. I am leaning towards a bad pump motor, pressure switch or relay.
  6. I think its called "cowl shake". The convertibles are prone to it, even after the factory reinforcement of the chassis.
  7. I think I had an antenna cable become disconnected from the module, which caused a loss of sound.
  8. I would guess a fuel pump getting weak, or a leaky pulsator (its mounted above the fuel pump inside the tank). You could try turning on the key and let the fuel pump run (should run only a few seconds), turn the key off for a second, then turn the key back on and let the pump run for a few more seconds again, then try to start. This procedure should get full pressure to the injectors. I think this also works for some older Reattas that had an old Prom version in the ECM. The newer Prom would let the fuel pump run longer to prime the system to full pressure. The pulsator "quiets" the pressurized gas coming out of the pump. Sometimes mechanics replace the pulsator with a short piece of fuel line, which could prematurely rot out and seep fuel back into the tank causing low fuel pressure. You may also hear a buzzing noise from the fuel tank area with no pulsator installed.
  9. If its low on transmission fluid, with no obvious external leaks, the transmission modulator may be leaking internally. The fluid will be sucked into the engine and burnt while the engine is running. Spark plugs could be fouled, could mess up a oxygen sensor readings too.
  10. Check battery connections, any looseness may cause engine stall.
  12. If the fuel pressure regulator is leaking, the engine vacuum will pull the leaking gas into the engine, making it run rich.
  13. A bad diode in the alternator will drain a battery. A shorted cell in the battery will also cause a quick discharge. If your coupe is also a Reatta, you could swap between them to see if the problem moves.
  14. I think H is a spark plug wire guide that goes along the front valve cover.
  15. Maybe it opens the circuit to the passlock so the car wont start, sort of a cheap antitheft system. Just a guess.