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  1. If its a "low oil level warning" there is a sensor for that. Its screwed into the side of the oil pan,if it has gone bad or mounted wrong, that may be the issue.
  2. Make sure the pedal is pulled all the way up. It is easy to accidently bump the pedal when getting in the car, which will turn the brake warning lite on.
  3. Hopefully I will be more help this time. I had a old unit I pulled apart to take some pics. I included a pic of the part/ model number of the display to check against yours. A quick search of the missing part turned up this: www.ued.net - Product Detail
  4. Looks like a glass fuse to me, the amperage rating should be stamped into the metal cap on one end.
  5. Can you measure battery voltage, before and after starting the car. Kinda sounds like it is idling too low to create the roughly 13.3 volts, or the voltage regulator in the alternator may be bad. Also sometimes when the voltage regulator goes bad, it will create a AC voltage which can mess with computer systems. It may be easiest to remove the alternator and have it tested at a auto parts store. Luckily, it is easy to remove on a Reatta.
  6. Does your ALDL connector have the cover installed when you are trying to read the codes using the dash? It needs to be on according to these instructions: Reatta Owners Journal If you are trying to read ABS codes, this says to short pins A and H for a 1990 Reatta
  7. I would try some new spark plug wires and spark plugs.
  8. I think what Padgett is saying is he thinks one of the bulbs in your left front or left rear turn signals is burned out, which causes that side to not flash, and the indicator inside will stay on solid.
  9. And also one bad plug/wire/coil affects the firing on both cylinders that runs off that coil, so you may be running on 4 cylinders with a big loss of power.
  10. I think they should of soldered the wires, or at least use some wire nuts on those connections. It may be the reason for your key not working intermittently.
  11. Looks like time to swap with the spare.
  12. Could it be a bad transmission modulator? I think the transmission fluid burns white when sucked thru the modulator to the engine.
  13. http://reattaowner.com/roj/repair-tutorials-a-information/category/64-brakes-mechanical
  14. You might try pulling up on the parking brake pedal to see if that turns the light off.
  15. I would try these tests first http://reattaowner.com/roj/component/content/article/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&catid=61:digital-dash-panel-a-crt&id=181:instrument-panel-lights-troubleshooting
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