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1934 Chrysler CA in Garage Sale No Price Corvallis OR

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7 hours ago, supercub said:

Alot of good stuff for sale, including the car.

Estate sales have a sad feeling to them. The end of another couples dreams. 

Finding that Chrysler on the other hand could cheer up a pretty dreary setting. 

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OK, So I went to take a look.

Trailer and cash in hand.

Lady says yes, it runs.

Me: Ok, lets start it up. (I could clearly see that it hadn't been run in some time).

She says: Well I cant do that. 

A bystander: Here's my bid. (hands her a piece of paper)

Me: well I have cash and a trailer, is it for sale?

Her: We are taking bids. (It has a $9500 firm tag on it)

Me: Well I'm here ready to buy but need more particulars. like running and driving like you said.

Her: The guy that owns it isn't here but might be in an hour or so.

Me: Well that was a wasted two hours each way. Se ya.

She: We have a lot of interest in it.

Me: Yes, I'm part if that and have cash with me, But ........ Well, Thanks anyway.


There was a lot of good stuff there, I was there pretty close after opening time and they weren't ready to sell. (the car at least). A large sign did say we will entertain offers and get back to you Sunday. I didn't see this as a very good sales tactic for a garage sale. 


The other item I was interested in was that three point auger. It was marked sold.

I was a bit disgusted so when I saw an opportunity to get turned around I left.

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"We have a lot of interest in it."

Translation: The people who are buying the plastic fruit and broken hummingbird feeder off the "Everything Here 50 Cents" table, wandered over to look at it.

I think you made the right call as well Jack.

If they had time to run a listing for a week ahead of time, they should have had the courtesy to see that "the guy who owns it" was present for all potential buyers.   It's been my experience the serious and realistic buyers are usually the first to show up.

Makes them look like dopes hoping to win the lottery with this one.

Let's just hope karma serves them a bad burrito at Taco Bell this afternoon so they have to spend all of Sunday "real close to home".

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