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1971 LeSabre 23k miles


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Adam, you're too modest!  I didn't realize it was

your car until I saw the Ebay user-name matched

your forum user-name.  I thought this nice example

was simply one that you were pointing out.


It's safe to say that this 1971 LeSabre 4-door hardtop,

in such nice condition, is 100 times scarcer than the

commonly seen 1975 LeSabre convertibles.  The former

have gradually disappeared, while the convertibles were

cherished and saved.


I hope it goes to a caring home.  Here are a few pictures

copied for everyone's reference:


Image 6 - 1971 Buick LeSabre

Image 2 - 1971 Buick LeSabre

Image 10 - 1971 Buick LeSabre

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13 hours ago, EmTee said:

This is what families who wanted something a notch above their Ford & Chevy neighbors rode around in.  ;)

Even though it's not heavily optioned, this is well above the "notch" above their Ford & Chevy's, they still had to bump up through Pontiac & Olds in the GM hierarchy before getting to Buick.  Those Chevy and Ford buyers in general (certainly there were exceptions) lived in a totally different part of town or better street 



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8 hours ago, Y-JobFan said:

Even though it's not heavily optioned, this is well above the "notch" above their Ford & Chevy's,


I left the door open for a more heavily optioned Pontiac or Olds.  That said, even though no power windows, A/C was not what I consider to be a common option in a car like this back then (though more likely in a Buick for sure).  This car reminds me of the '70 Catalina our family had, but with vinyl upholstery and no A/C...

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It's actually very rare to find a 71 LeSabre without AC.  Even the lightly optioned ones like this one.  My first car was one that was similarly optioned.  It also had AC.


And I will tell you that these 71+ big Buicks had WHOPPER AC systems.  My first LeSabre, the 72 Riv I recently sold, and this car all blow absolute ice cubes.  And the blowers themselves will peel your skin off, too.  Better AC systems than any modern car I've been in.

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On 10/8/2021 at 11:18 AM, Smartin said:



I admired your car.  Did it go to a good home--

a collector who will cherish and preserve it?


It would be a shame if someone didn't see its

value and wanted to make it a "daily driver"

or even put it in a demolition derby.  Under-appreciated

cars are rarer than the convertibles by far!

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How did you manage to keep the cloth interior

so clean, Adam?  That cloth, so light in color,

would show the slightest dirt.  If you have a 

cleaning product to recommend, we can learn.


In my 1957 Buick's black-and-white interior, for

example, the black is cloth, and the white is

easily washable vinyl.

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I didn't have to do anything to this interior except vacuum the carpet and scrub the floor mats, thankfully!  It would scare me to even get a drop of water on cloth like this because it stains so easily.  So when I was moving or driving the car, I would either have clean clothes on, or a clean towel to sit on.

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