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  1. Agree! They work well with the wheel covers. Nice to see Buttercup on the road.
  2. I am a big fan of this car. If only this were a few months ago, before I added a car to my garage. I hope you find it a good home.
  3. I ended up doing an 8’x 10’ shed for the mower and yard tools. Some overflow parts storage too.
  4. Took the 60 LeSabre convertible over to a small gathering at a friend’s garage yesterday. It was the only non-Mopar classic there. Today, we attended a small informal cruise-in in town. It was a beautiful top down day for sure!
  5. Took the 60 Lesabre convertible out for its first outing of the season with my youngest. She said the backroads were like a roller coaster ride!
  6. I brought in an 8’x10’ shed and placed it behind the garage to keep from having to share space. Except in winter, when I bring the snowblower out and park it in the attached garage. Didn’t even use it this year!
  7. I should add...I have been considering adding a Reatta to the mix. That would fit nicely in the house garage and leave room for my wife to park comfortably nearby.
  8. Yes, we went with 24x25 to max out the Zoning limit of 600 square feet. Doors are 8’ H x 9’W. I placed deeper piers in locations for a future lift when I get to that point. The 20’ deep garage on the house is why I had to build this as a condition for moving here. My 72 Electra literally fit nearly front wall to door with no room to walk by, let alone maintain it.
  9. Primer and paint went up and now I can begin focusing on some cabinets and getting things organized. I installed one side mount garage door opener, the other door is still manual.
  10. With the break for COVID, I was able to take the time to put up OSB interior walls.
  11. As spring came we were able to get the driveway and sidewalk concrete in place. I could begin rolling my tool boxes in.
  12. Electrical and insulation took us into January where we took a break to wait for the driveway apron in warmer weather.
  13. Siding, concrete, the drywall ceiling, and garage doors followed closely after leading up to Christmas 2018.
  14. I never kept up with this. So, I will have to post a few photos now that time is back on my side with all family activities cancelled. The framing came together pretty quickly during an extremely cold December. I brought coffee and donuts to the crew on several occasions.
  15. Have some time to go through the forum a bit more these days. Figured I would share my Christmas gift, even if a little late.
  16. Sorry for the delay. It is for my grandfather, he said its for a 1951-54 235. He is looking for one in good working order. Thanks
  17. Looking for a single barrel Rochester for a Chevy 6 cylinder. Let me know if you have one laying around.
  18. Thanks for all the positive feedback. This is a great car and there seems to be a decent amount of interest.
  19. 1990 Buick Reatta Collector Limited Edition - $999 (Dorr, Michigan) 1990 Buick Reatta Limited Edition 3800 V6, runs good, newer tires, 128,000 miles, new tune up, new battery
  20. 1988 and 1990 Buick Reatta's - $2800 (Battle Creek) 1988 and 1990 Buick Reatta's The Red 88 runs and drives the black 90 is a parts car. $2800.00 B/O or trade ? Tim 269 788-265 one
  21. 1989 Buick Reatta Rare Clean - $1800 (Lorain) This is the get it out of my garage price. This car is worth $2,500 EASY. It's just been sitting in my garage for a little over a year now not driven and the little work it needs I don't know how to do so to someone who wants to do some basic tinkering this is a steal.Will sell FAST1989 Buick Reatta116,000 milesAutomatic TransmissionClean TitleI purchased this car while I was leasing another car. I used this to keep the mileage down on the leased vehicle. Since then, I've financed my new car and I don't need to worry about mileage.First off for a 1989 Ohio car this Reatta is EXTREMELY clean. Little to no rust. It must have been garage kept and stored in the winter.The good. . .Clean Carfax! No accidents etcLittle to no rust.Only 116,000 miles.Runs greatClean interior, nice leather.Work done. . ..When I purchased it (from a Cadillac dealership) it needed some work. The head gasket needed to be replaced. I had pretty much every gasket replaced and the engine was looked at 100% top to bottom job. Got the problem fixed and this engine is ready to last you another 100,000 miles. This GM engine is a beast and I've seen them reach 300,000+ miles.New plugs, new coils, new battery.Work needed. . .Front passenger fender, it has a chunk taken out of about the size of a Dorito chip and cracks. It needs replaced. I do have a brand new OEM fender (unpainted) ready to be put on. Paid $250 for it.Paint is okay. Faded in places and the clear coat has seen better days. It's coming up. Chips on hood from rocks etc.Small oil leak (common oil pan gasket problem) I have the gasket for you.Random little things. . .Cassette player is broken (extremely common)Power antenna works but no longer goes up and down. (The motor kept running one day so I unplugged the power and kept it up works fine)Cigarette lighter not working. Probably a fuse I just didn't care if it worked or not.If it's raining water does slowly drip in the passenger window. Never affected me too much I kept car in garage.That's everything that I can think of right now. It really is a great car.Have questions? Interested? Contact me via email. I'm much better with emails than phone calls.
  22. Buick Reatta - $5900 (New lenox) Buick Reatta, 1989' red, with buckskin color, leather interior. 73,000 miles. Mint condition. This is a must see, luxury car. Please No text! 815 260 5955. 815 462 0950