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Reo Flywheel

The Norwegian

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I have just started to dismantle my Reo 1929 Flying Cloud engine and need some advice.

When I remove the nuts that hold the flywheel to the crankshaft the flywheel is lose. But I cannot figure out how to get the flywheel out. The clearers between the flywheel and the part that sounds it is just +/- 1/4” so I cannot get the flywheel off the bolts on the crankshaft. The part of the engine that’s surrounds the flywheel is bolted to the engine block, but I am not able to reach them.

Hope you understand my problem?

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You may have to have the pan off and push the bolts out to get it off. I know nothing of Reo's but have seen the issue.

It looks like there is a notch in the bellhousing behind the flywheel. Try lining up a bolt and tapping it into that space.  I assume the engine turns. 

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There are a few makes that the crank and flywhell have to be removed in one unit.

Pull the oil pan,remove the bearing caps and keep any shims and bearing caps in order and marked for propper orientation.lift out the crankshaft and fkywheel together.

Remove flywheel..

Try to keep its placement marked or indexted to original mounting postion on the crank,unless you feel the need to repostion it due to worn ring gear teeth.

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If your gonna get seriously involved with this Reo..it maynot be unreasonable to invest in the shop manual. There is a reprint for 1927-33 Reo Flying Cloud -Royale manual  on Ebay for $49.00 plus like $5.00 shipping..

If your not into Ebay (and many are not),I'm sure you know some buddy who is ,to help you.

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