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  1. Here is two pictures of my challange.
  2. I have just started to dismantle my Reo 1929 Flying Cloud engine and need some advice. When I remove the nuts that hold the flywheel to the crankshaft the flywheel is lose. But I cannot figure out how to get the flywheel out. The clearers between the flywheel and the part that sounds it is just +/- 1/4” so I cannot get the flywheel off the bolts on the crankshaft. The part of the engine that’s surrounds the flywheel is bolted to the engine block, but I am not able to reach them. Hope you understand my problem?
  3. Thank you, Mark for the pictures. This is helpful
  4. I'm restoring a 1929 Reo Flying Cloud with Bragg Kleisrath brake booster and a vacuum control unit. I have never worked on Bragg Kleisrath product and need all the information I can get. Google did not help much (found some parts at straight-eight.com), so I hope someone here in this forum can help. Looking for drawings, parts list and other relevant information. Pictures of a Bragg Kleisrath brake booster and vacuum controler installed in a Reo Flying Cloud (or othes) would be greate. Thanks.
  5. Still for sale? Interested in pictures and pricing. Please send to atle@tolcon.no thanks, Atle
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