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Vapor lock


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So its seems that my 53 Roadmaster Riviera has an issue with vapor locking. It runs fine as long as the car is moving even in the heat  of the summer here in South Florida. 

I'm considering doing a couple of things. 1  swap mechanical fan for electric. 2. Install an electric pump  at the tank to be able to flip on in traffic and push past the vapor lock to the diaphragm pump. 


Looking for thoughts and input. What have you done and what did you use?

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I would setup an electric Pump as a backup with a switch to turn it on when needed, I did this on a Packard and it worked well having vapor lock issues also when first start up after sitting for awhile.Mount it close as possible to the tank , the ones I had work better pushing fuel than pulling, also add a in line filter. Also check the existing fuel lines and flex hose   for leakage ,sometime the will suck air .

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14 hours ago, Dennis Hagen said:

Thanks Ben, I called Norm at Affordable and he said he could build me an efi setup for 1000.00. I assume this is the setup you have, I have already converted to 12v and put in a Pertronic ignition. Just don’t like the vapor lock issues and carb choke issues.


 You will not be sorry.   Yes, that sounds like the one I have at that price.  They have a newer one that the "computer" can mount under the hood and probably will be neater. For another $500 or so.  Having said that, the system I have has been bullet proof.


  I will be glad to help any way I can.




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