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  1. I agree with first born, I did 12 volt generator an gauges as he said. 6 volt starter worked for awhile then switched to 12 volt hi-torque starter. Bright lights fast crank over then did Affordable EFI and all Is well would drive across country maybe not on freeways.
  2. Hey First Born you asked for an update: After install started right up, did not have to do any adjustments. Removed vacuum line to wiper motor as I now have electric wipers, I thought idle was a little fast and instructions said to check for vacuum leaks and that did it. I have put on about 200 miles and runs cool in 90+ temperatures. Temperature gauge stays below center even after long idle, very happy. I’m heading to Mn and 51 will rest in Az till fall. I plan to convert my 56 this summer.
  3. Yes, had to give up the pedal switch couldn’t figure out how to keep it. May convert my 56 Century also, had the carb rebuilt put would be nice to leave the choke issues behind.
  4. Attached 3 pictures, it is a 51 super converted hood to front opening. The aluminum duct you see is connected to a 4” fan to cool the carb in hot weather to prevent vapor lock. I can remove the duct now as cool gas is circulating from tank to throttle body and back to tank. Affordable called this system: 1900-1 Custom TBI For Buick l-8 263 Engine. Total cost delivered was 885.00.
  5. I will check on what I put on and post some pictures ASAP
  6. Recently added Affordable EFi to my 51 Super convert. Starts and runs great, added aluminum radiator also. Will update as I put on some more miles.
  7. I called Norm at Affordable EFI , he said they were very busy but is working on it. Looking forward to getting it installed. Thanks
  8. My units were made by Newport Engineering, I thought I bought them Julianos but that may be wrong.
  9. Bruce “aka” first born sent me a notification and I can’t find it. My email is: dh6345@frontiernet. net Sorry, don’t know my way around this site very well.
  10. Took the 51 convert for a nice drive Saturday, was not starting very well realized my big 12 volt battery was 5 years old and not spinning it over fast enough. Put in a new battery and it starts right up. Waiting for my efi setup to come and hoping it make the starting and running of the old car much better.
  11. I need mustache grille bar, main center casting and ends, let me know if you have parts that are good. Email: dh6345@frontiernet.net
  12. I put electric on my 56 and not real satisfied with the sweep, think it should be more, but don’t know what the vacuum sweep was. Bought kit from Julianos. Put same kit on my 51 and is ok. Have not driven either in the rain.
  13. I have used Blue Magic carpet cleaner with great results. Example: I spilled battery acid on my boat carpet and it cleaned it completely, also worked well on a off white headliner in my 56 Buick.
  14. Thanks Ben, I called Norm at Affordable and he said he could build me an efi setup for 1000.00. I assume this is the setup you have, I have already converted to 12v and put in a Pertronic ignition. Just don’t like the vapor lock issues and carb choke issues.
  15. Could you give me info on your fi setup.
  16. I had same vibration at around 35 mph on a 56 Century I bought, bushing in torque ball was worn and looked like It was run dry. U joint was ok and I don’t know how it happened but drive shaft seal was bad and fluid getting into rear end. Replaced torque ball and seal solved vibration problem, still getting small amount of fluid in tube so maybe shaft seal is not sealing completely. I drilled a hole in rear bottom of tube and put a clear plastic tube directed up to monitor fluid so I know I am getting a small amount of leak by.
  17. Thanks for the replies, I have tools needed to make spacer.
  18. I removed the power steering parts from a 1952 Super I found in a junkyard in Mn about 15 years ago, car and yard are both gone. My intention is to rebuild and install in my 51 Super convert, I thought I got everything I needed but realize I didn’t get the water pump pulley which I assume is a double pulley like the crankshaft pulley which I do have. Now I think I can fabricate a double pulley from 2 singles, am I on the right track?
  19. Thanks for responses, these vehicles got mixed up in a nasty legal battle over business sale, transfer to a minority share holder and and the person that should be holding titles refuses to talk to anyone. I am a bystander but have possession for what it’s worth. Haven’t given up yet.
  20. Thanks for the reply’s, I haven’t done anything with car just take a few pictures for the dmv. The body is setting on the frame and the dmv said it needed to be more complete. Don’t want to put money or time into it without a title. Shame to try to just sell it for parts, make a great project for someone, I have other projects to work on.
  21. I have a 1964 Electra convert complete but disassembled in storage that I have had in my possession for a few years. It was given to me by the owner in lieu back rent. My dilemma is he never got me the title and passed in a sudden accident. His estate was a mess with former wives and running a business with a live in girl friend. This is in Minnesota and have applied for a duplicate but have gotten nowhere the dmv is in total disarray with computer system problems. Anyone have any ideas? I also have a 39 Buick four door, same story.
  22. Does anyone have any good experience with a dynaflow mechanic in Mn? I am just west of Minneapolis.
  23. I had a not so bright idea of putting my 51 Super on the dolly backwards for a trip from Mn to Az, after a 5 mile test drive I realized it was a bad idea and had it shipped. I bought a 56 Century about 25 miles away and could of used it but called a flat bed instead. I was concerned about the torque ball but when I got it running found I had to replace the torque ball anyway. Think I will try to sell the dolly. Thanks for the reply’s.
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