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  1. After reading all the posts I realize that I created a monster converting my side opening hood (51 Super convert) using 53 hinges to front opening. It fits and functions ok but I would like it to be “perfect” but realize that isn’t possible especially when you drive it regularly as everything moves.
  2. I had same problem with my 56, strong vibration at 30 mph. Trans fluid flowing down torque to rear end left bushing in torque un lubricated.
  3. Send an email to I have a 39 that is complete (disassembled) in inside storage I have no title for car owner passed before we got that done but in my possession
  4. I purchased ready made interior from Autocrafters and it is beautiful. Ready made with foam backing, Installed it myself and it was easy, door materials were foam backed and oversized. I chose burgundy to go with my Sequoia Cream exterior. Bought a black top from The Convertible Top Guys and installed it myself, very happy. Interior was under 500.00 and top about the same. That’s the good news, I tried to find Autocrafters and believe they were bought by Lebanon Bonny (which raised prices a lot) and now I believe they are both gone. I think their workers were retiring and could not find skilled replacements. By the way the interior material I believe is called Plethera, looks like leather, very soft. I believe McDonalds used it on there booths a few years ago. Good Luck! Please share what you decide.
  5. Thinking about this overnight finding the stainless may be impossible, I do have the capability of machining from solid stock if I would go this route. I have printed the rendering so I can “admire” it.
  6. That is beautiful! Something to dream about! My 51 convert has 53 hood hinges and is front opening, this car has linear actuators and hood goes straight up 2 feet. I’m not a fan of the side opening hoods.
  7. Thanks, that is almost the same shape that my 52 was in when I rescued it but it was in junk yard so a lot of parts were gone. I will send you my email.
  8. Thanks for the info, the car is in Goodyear Az in my shop. I believe the gravel pan is the same width on all models, I know this car will never be correct to the purest but will be fun to go down the road in. I have some side view pictures and by using them and trigonometry I think I can come up with a good number. I am taking pictures as I go and will post later.
  9. The sedan is being remade into an estate wagon, the dimension or angle in question in the rear of the wagon.
  10. I may be doing the unthinkable, but here is my question: I am combining a 52 Super 4 door sedan and a 52 Super wagon, the sedan is solid and runs like a new car. The wagon was found at French Lake Auto Parts in Mn back in the woods about 15 years ago and I needed the top and there were a few other usable parts. I know the sedan is 4" longer wheelbase than the wagon but what I need is the dimension from center of rear bumper (where the license plate is) to rear of top at center of car. Before I cut the top off the wagon I measured from pin in antenna to rear of top and got 104.5 inches so maybe just adding 4 inches to 108.5 may be correct but to me it looks like there is too much angle to the tail gate which I need to build from scratch. I have tried to scale up from photos but want to be as close as possible. I already cut the top off the sedan and once I weld the wagon top on I'm committed. My son said I won't get this project done in my lifetime so I have to prove him wrong! Thanks in advance. Dennis Hagen 763-238-7115
  11. I did my black top on my 51 Super last year. Worked out well, it was easy to stretch as it is in Az just put in out in the sun for awhile. One word of caution protect the paint surfaces really well. I did the top after paint was done and stapler slid off top and dinged the paint even though I had it covered. would do it again.
  12. I used a 1/8 pipe tap, screwed in a nipple with clear tube attached pointing up and can monitor level easily.
  13. All good info! I put in a rebuilt vacuum power booster from a early 50’s Cadillac in my 51 Super and did the shoes and drums as Tank suggested, stops well but I stay off freeways. Another comment on the torque tube: I drilled a hole tapped for a small fitting and put on a clear plastic tube turned vertical so I can monitor the fluid level.
  14. Have some leakage at manifolds and considering tackling removing. Any tips?
  15. Thanks for the reply, looking for a 56 setup.
  16. Does anyone know if a 57 Buick V8 power steering setup will fit in a 56 Buick V8? I found a 57 but not a 56.
  17. Does anyone know if power steering set up from a 57 Buick V8 will fit on my 56 Buick V8? Can't find a 56 but found a 57.
  18. Thanks for confirming, I'll keep looking.
  19. Does anyone know if the mustache trim from a 53 Buick will fit on a 52? I know the script is different but wondering if fit up is the same.
  20. Have been considering EFI for my 51 Super. Would like any info on system you used. Thanks
  21. I purchased the interior for my Buick Super convert from Autocrafters which I believe was taker over by LB. They did a great job but are gone. I think age of a skilled work force is an issue.
  22. That is impressive! I was a pattern maker by trade, started making patterns with bandsaws disc sanders and hand tools. Built a tooling/foundry business which I have since sold the business and did in it's time Sterolitography, LOM and 3D printing transitioning to 3D machining. After 40 years of in that business I can say I loved making patterns but dreaded the business end of probably because I focused on fast turn prototype and pre-production machined castings. Fairly new on the scene is 3D printed sand molds with the coring and gating built in, I think the future is printed sand molds even for production.