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Cadillac Style !

C Carl

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Thank you Carl, we did our obligatory burning of meat on the grill to appease the gods of barbecue.  I am thankful for all of the workers who keep our country running and make or deliver to us the things we need to enjoy days like today. And thank you AACA for this forum to exchange greetings with all our friends!

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Another Labor Day in the books -

a reminder to appreciate American workers,

and the reason Labor Unions were created,

this time with fewer folks mingling 

Hot and dry here in the New Orleans area


Barbecued Brisket and Ribs on the grill,  with Baked Beans in Bourbon Sauce, Potato Salad, and Mac & Cheese with daughter and son-in-law,

along with Apple Pie & Blue Bell Ice Cream-

Drove the '37 Roadmaster Phaeton earlier in the day with son & daughter-in-law, but tomorrow will drive the '54 Caddy convertible first thing in the morning,

and later the '65 Corvair Monza 4-speed convertible (first ride since going through clutch, brakes, U-Joints, rear suspension, steering, etc.)


Hope y'all stay safe-

looking forward to cooler weather,




Club meetings when groups can once again congregate safely !

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it was a nice cool 101* today.

Going to put some ribs in the smoker tomorrow.

Too hot to do it earlier in the weekend with temps topping out at 116*.


Loving the old Cad on the album cover.

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