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  1. If an engine hasn't run for some time, particularly pre modern multigrade oils, I always drop the sump, clean out the sludge and check the oil pump prior to starting. Cheap insurance in my view.
  2. Hi, I’m looking for a 1951-53 Hornet Coupe, 2 door Post, manual with overdrive. Twin H Power not a requirement but would not be rejected🙂 Car needs to be original, prefer unrestored, would like a car with history and documentation, must have an original interior. I’m in Australia, have imported six cars from the US so don’t be concerned, will pay a proper price for the right car. Send me a PM if you have something that might be of interest. Thanks John
  3. 69 degrees and a beautiful Spring day here in Sydney😎
  4. I’d have thought the last true production car with a rumble seat was the 1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster.
  5. Interesting sales strategy, based on a $900 price increase in 7 days, in another month it will cost an additional $3,857. If it takes a year to sell the price could be $60,928. Better get in quick.😃
  6. Might be a test, if you offer market he might give it to you, if you nickel and dime him you might end up paying market anyway. I know what I would do.
  7. Fascinating thread. I know nothing about these Studebakers, however I notice compering the Indy Pace Car roadster photo with this car that the front fenders on this car appear to have a different shape and shallower crown than the cars in the other photos. They don't follow the tyres the same or come down as low at the front. Anyone agree?
  8. Thanks Dodgebrother. If the purchase goes through I will ship by covered transport to Vancouver. Then by 20’ container to Sydney.
  9. Thanks for the help everyone, much appreciated. Craig, thanks. I’m aware of the asbestos issues, I believe I can deal with them. Cheers John.
  10. Hi everyone, I live in Australia. I’ve previously imported cars from the US, four from Long Beach and one from Savannah GA, all for my own use. I’m interested in a car located in Quebec, the owner knows nothing about shipping and, to be fair, probably doesn’t care. My question is should I attempt to ship it from Canada or bring it into the States and ship from, say, New York? Can anyone assist? Many thanks, John.
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