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1931 Model A with Lincoln v12 engine

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200k invested.......yes it’s very possible. Maybe.


100k asking........tells quite a story already.


Looks well done, but I wouldn’t assume that it runs well.......probably too much carburation and boost. I bet it would unglue very fast......and yes, I have seen blower V-12’s built with no regard to money.....none at all, and at fourteen pounds of boost the crank came out the bottom.....an a much better and stronger engine. The car is a neat and cool novelty......is it drivable.......need to be proven.


Any hot rod is only worth what someone’s willing to pay........best guess on this car.....market is 50-65.....because of the cool factor and attention to detail.

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So many of the V 12 Lincoln's had the original engine's replaced with everything from flathead V8's to Buick and Cadi engine's it nice to a reversed trend car.

 IMO it's not a $99,000 car, but I don't know the market on these type of modern/retro hot rods.

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Whether it drives is beside the point. This is a show car. Four carbs and a blower on a Zephyr V12? Yeah, just a little excessive.

I'm sure there's someone out there who'll buy it, but with car shows being canceled left and right, not a great time to be selling something like this.

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4 minutes ago, John_Mereness said:

The problem with something like this is that it is one person's vision and to sell it you have to have it also be another person's vision.


I don't do many hot rods anymore, they're VERY hard to sell at any price.  As John mentions, there's no consistency to it and it's all personal taste. I often describe it as a custom-made Armani suit. Yes, it looks awesome and I'm sure it was VERY expensive. But it only looks good on you because it was custom-tailored for you. I'd love to have an Armani suit, but the one that fits you probably won't fit me very well and as a result, I don't really want to give you the full $10,000 for it. I'm going to have to do alterations and I guess if I'm spending a lot of money, I may as well spend a little more and buy my own custom-made Armani suit that fits me perfectly.


They usually get it when I describe it that way.


This subject Model A is kind of cool, I get it, but for most hot rodders, the fun is the build not the ownership, so there are a FLOOD of hot rods for sale at any given moment. Look anywhere on any sales venue and you will see hot rods for sale out-numbering stock cars by a significant margin, like 5:1. They are VERY hard to sell and there are A LOT of them available at any given moment, simply because guys enjoy building them. The fun of Legos is the building and the creating, not the playing with the finished toy, right?


I only do steel rods now with very few notable exceptions (usually for existing customers). Some are pretty cool and pro-built rods can be pretty impressive. But when something like this rolls in and the guy tells me he needs to get $40,000 out of it because he's got "almost $60,000 in it," well, WTF man? There's no way you could sell that, probably not for any price even though it's a steel car with a fresh pro-built motor. It's too much of one guy's vision. I can't tell the owner what I really think, but there's no way in hell I'd let it in my showroom. This is 80% of the hot rods out there:




You think the values on restored cars have tanked and you don't get your money back on a restoration? Then don't build a rod--you'll get buried.

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I am right there right now. Have a top of the line Desoto build but need to give it away.

As Matt says, custom builds are very personal, however I do drive mine and find that it is fun to show and talk about them.

A no reserve auction is kinda scary, but at least it would be gone (Maybe)

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