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  1. Did this become a car owned by BC Hartline ?
  2. That said, your best bet to sell is exactly how the 31 was advertised - put it in the ACD club newsletter (the people reading this page are not all that plentiful) or put it on the Horseless Carriage Club website (I posted the Rolls Royce there with contact infor. and Shawn sold is in no time).
  3. Randy, if your wife is good with walking or dropping you off and taking the car, what she does not understand is the Auburn is a giant town festival for the weekend - they have a downtown festival, house tour Sunday, whole town does a garage sales, and ... plus a ton of other car activities all in a nice little suburban town outside of Fort Wayne. - ie there is something going on for everyone, plus if a nice weekend just grab a chair and sit around. Basically, I rarely hear anyone complain as there is a niche for them to have a good time.
  4. It had been used as a Taxi in St. Louis - the drivetrian was totally incorrect from stem to stern, the doors had substantial wood rot and abuse, there was not one decent piece of exterior die cast trim (or interior door handles/window cranks), and ... That said, it also for some reason had a near flawless dash, beautiful original clock in back seat, not a speck of rust on any part of the car, and ...
  5. Maybe try evapo-rust in radiator - lots of good posts on AACA website regarding.
  6. This 1936 Auburn 852 Phaeton is in the back of the warehouse and probably needs a new owner - unrestored ones tend to sell a little higher than your budget though.
  7. I would have been probably slaughtered by natives with sharp pointy sticks and/or fire if you had seen the quality of the parts car that I used to restore this:
  8. It would have had a bent set of tubes on both the right and left side of the tank - someone has had some sort of other engine in it perhaps ?
  9. Because one lens is missing ? Again, not to offend, ..... and on the flip side of the coin there are lots of rare and valuable parts on this car.
  10. Not to offend anyone, but there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding here about woodwork - the cost of the Ash wood stock and the time to shape/fit alone make this a part car. There is also several thousand dollars of rubber alone in one of these cars too. And, Cadillac parts are not cheap either - you will find the cost of little parts to be staggering. All said though, it appears to have a decent grill,decent bumpers, most of a decent dash, decent fenders, decent ... Example - and if you want a real eye opener try headlamp lenses or perfect hubcaps: Cadillac Tail Light Lense 1934 1935 1936 LaSalle V8 V12 V16 Original Glass RARE Condition: Used “Believed to be an Original Red Glass Tail Light Lense for a 1934 1935 1936 Cadillac V8 V12 V16 and ” ... Read more Price: US $349.00
  11. Someone go take a look at their 1929 Series 137.
  12. No, it is an Auburn specific part - John Bools in North Carolina makes the part for a V-12, but it is longer and would need to be trimmed - John is restoring a V-12 Phaeton and had the chassis on displayed at Auburn at ACD Festival this year - he does top notch everything. I will PM you John's email and contact information. If John Bools has a pair, then Jump on it and eat peanut butter and jelly for a week. As mentioned, when Auburn parts are available today you get them as tomorrow is a whole other story (and if you need to make something you are generally 1K plus in the first whatever). As to the 1/2 round bead - If John makes that part it would be too long and really cannot be trimmed too well - as V-12 are longer wheelbase and length is in both front fenders and running boards. L & L generally makes from aluminum, and if not all is coming from L & L then I would go stainless from Max Merritt
  13. Powder coat on exhaust manifolds is really not the way to go for durability - I do not believe you have a problem.
  14. I can hope, the drivetrain is sitting on a stand and ready to drop in - then needs head and accessories installed (which head is new and all accessories are sitting on workbench next to engine and all ready to go). Hopefully, this weeks project is getting the wooden floor boards back in and all parts around the front seat base; and thereafter the cowl needs everything installed. That said, this car was taken apart to restore in the late 1960's, I have had for several years now, and ...
  15. You can better pinpoint with a 2.5 foor length of heater hose and your ear - basically you are making a stethoscope. I had a odd noise and it turned out to be a worn tappet and every time it rotated to a specific spot you heard a click.
  16. Get on the Phone and order up a set - yes, a two part affair - you have the Auburn specific molding and then over the top of that (he has in black) there is a 1/4 round with tipped ends. You may also want to try here - he use to have them, but it has been a couple of years: 847-987-2928
  17. The fellow has the hose in the proper driver's side location - he is holding the hose so it does not lay across their car. And, yes this is a publicity photo.
  18. Pretty much a parts car - hate to say it, but reality says "pretty much a parts car."
  19. If he keeps at it long enough he will get the fire out too.
  20. Keep in mind too that your leather straps will go UNDER the tire covers (between tire cover and tire)= that will take up some space. And, yes I know the accessory brochure shows over - but, then you need really nice straps, they mess the paint all up on the covers, and ....
  21. Thanks for the runningboard photo - that is a whole bunch of just wrong trim. I have a lead out and one reply back was for V-12, but think the auburn specific part could be shortened, plus they are being made by a good friend - let's give it a few more days.