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  1. An assembly for a Lindberg parade ! This is a favorite photo - I love all the differences in the cars and especially such as paint colors (not everything was somber tones) and the number of rear mounted spares - which I assume was a movement toward a "modern" car (though equally even a Packard Touring with storage boxes cabinetry and possibly some under seat storage still does not have the wanted space of a luggage trunk out on a luggage rack (and there was a practicality of having and extra spare tire - roads were still pretty bad). The "highest cost" cars are probably the 2nd one from the front in the farthest left row and in the second row over the 5th one back. And interestingly - all are Packards !!!
  2. The 1935 851 S/C Phaeton (4 door convertible) survived long enough post WWII that it should still be around - it had the wheelbase extended and the hood elongated to have an Auburn V-12 installed. It was pretty run down/rough by 1950's and there is a chance that the fenders had more value than the entire car - so it could have bit the dust as a parts car. There are no other known photo's of the Coupe. My guess is that if "they" played with a Phaeton and a Coupe, then they probably played with a Cabriolet as well (maybe not, but ....). Basically: This should still be out there in a very modified form (longer wheelbase with longer hood to allow for an Auburn V-12 installation.
  3. Speedster fenders all the way around. It also has a metal roof on the Coupe body and technically a Coupe is pretty near a convertible with a bolt-on/screw-on wooden roof structure that is fabric covered. Also, the car lacks a metal spare tire cover (which was standard equipment normally). Plus, note it is a Business Coupe and not a Rumbleseat Coupe.
  4. From The ACD Library - a great collection of photos too (and this is not the standard Coupe either)
  5. From The ACD Library - a great collection of photos too (and this is not the standard Phaeton either)
  6. 1950's photo of a Cord from Terry Cockerell - fellow is Gordon Buehrig
  7. And then about 10-12 years you get to do a lot of it all over again. I always liked dad's mentality of car purchasing: "is that a serviceable product ?"
  8. That will make a huge difference in the Lincoln, but (and that is a BUT) I assume it a torque tube driveshaft and easier to deal with it while engine is out, my advice is to have the engine 100% ready to go back in before you tackle any additional/new projects.