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  1. And (get some ceramic exhaust wrap and fold it in half over the fuel lines - use brass or nickle plated old school binder clip pins to hold it on https://www.staples.com/OIC-Brass-Plated-Round-Head-Fasteners-3-8-Head-1-Capacity/product_378814?ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=378814&KPID=378814&cid=PS:H2H:GS:SBD:PLA:OS&gclid=CjwKCAjw87SHBhBiEiwAukSeUQNUKnnS3zP9xgQVZXNBQs7HFI2m_isG5KF3NSYd8o_YTMnXAM7SSRoCow8QAvD_BwE.
  2. Oh, I believe you can put the vacuum advance in backwards
  3. Try another another new condenser - some are bad right out of the box
  4. There is some story with this photo as they probably could have gone anywhere but the mudhole they took this car to (my guess is some window from the factory or headquarters).
  5. Awesome and note it is front and center (and RR too for that matter) even though a 7-ish year old car
  6. It is a 906 Twin Six in a 7 passenger sedan - a very respectable original car in Aztec Olivine Brown Light and Dark - painted undercarriage, Trico accessory Horns, and metal spare tire covers (which had been separated from the car for a number of years to be found hanging in the garage the car came from - at least most all the parts for them that is), plus I added a set of accessory tire mirrors, NOS Stoneguard (right out of the Packard Shipping crate and shredded wood packing material) and a Tropic Aire heater - in addition to fixing countless things, restoring wheels and adding a new set of Bedford Double Whitewalls, replacing a fair portion of the the die cast, finding most all of the missing parts, and ... . It made it to one CCCA event circa 2014-ish as a running/driving car.
  7. The Michelin tubes are most likely better construction
  8. 1950's to perhaps 1970's - unfortunately no detail other than can attest 100% to car existing in back of someones garage today.
  9. Last set of Double Whitewalls I personally bought and installed were Bedford Brand and I put on a 1932 Packard Twin Six - a wonderful tire. I had universal make the proper tubes with bent metal nickle stems (as a sidenote: I was standing next to the car one evening and sounded like a gunshot - it blew a new tube just parked there - Universal could not have been better to deal with, though was a project you do not want to do more than once) - aka why I have no objection to Michelin tubes if Universal or .... is back-ordered.
  10. Fingers crossed for good luck - my guess is a solid choice in tube that gets the job done and ... (and with the RR PI, I became very use to ordering from overseas).
  11. Matt, that was very generous of you. As to "cannot fix stupid" - yep, that is correct and you cannot. As to driveability - MGTD's do fine in the winter, but I would stay away from salt and ice with anything of the vintage (as well as with any collector car "worth its salt" to begin with). The cars were used by plenty of people as daily transportation when new - this is how British cars received "bad names" as Americans really tried to use them and someone from Europe would never even imagine using one for much of anything. Negatives 1. They are wood body framed car like a 1930's vehicle 2. They are fairly low horsepower matched to marginal gearing 3. They have a 55 mph speed "tops", though will go as fast as you are willing to pay to repair them Plus, It is a lot of non-SAE hardware, hard to get in and out of, and .... Advantages: 1. They are a blast of fun to drive 2. They are a blast of fun to drive 3. They are pretty close to the Model A Ford of England and parts are readily available and .... Plus, they are a blast of fun to drive and ....
  12. Probably right around its value + or _ 10K at most as long as not some giant visible engine issue
  13. Spiffy Packard Touring there - technically could have survived and should be easy to ID if it made it through the War.
  14. The window shades are a bit touchy - I use to order via such from Lebaron Bonney and just replace with a shade of approximate width (regardless of end being Ford), but that really is not an option anymore. Any good fabric store should have the material (a satin of decent weight) in a choice of colors, but you need to do the ends of the fabric as obviously the original shades were woven to a specific length. Last one we did we used a product called Stitch Witchery to fuse the seams on the ends. We also used Sobo Glue on the mechanism. By the way - I would have shades done by someone who knows how to do craft sewing verses an automotive upholsterer.
  15. Email them and ask them where to turn to get: A RR PI or PII tube should do the trick
  16. AJ is correct on that statement as to "Well Sorted" verses not - owning a Cord is a commitment, though a very worthy commitment.
  17. AJ is correct on tubes, though as to tubes - have we tried for Michelin tubes out of Europe via one of the tire suppliers or such as Fiennes that deals in Rolls-Royce and Bentley parts.
  18. A period correct Firestone blackwall with diamond pattern on tread (or a whitewall or double whitewall preferably over a single sided whitewall) and my second choice would be a Bedford brand tire. Example (not sure of your size though): https://www.jegs.com/i/Coker+Tire/257/761401/10002/-1?gclid=CjwKCAjwzMeFBhBwEiwAzwS8zBhNme9lTg4261XoloW2PGmGSIsZJzlyORn2r0RAwelbtTWLk6U_YRoCBRgQAvD_BwE or example in a double whitewall https://www.jegs.com/i/Coker-Tire/257/77262/10002/-1 This is a nice example of a Stutz with a whitewall, but it was not the place to scrimp and save a penny via buying a single whitewall (which there was really no such thing as a single whitewall unless you bought an off brand such as a Dayton brand tire or .... https://hymanltd.com/vehicles/6942-1930-stutz-model-m-monte-carlo/ This is a Bedford tire tread pattern: YOU DO NOT WANT THIS TREAD PATTERN: https://www.jegs.com/i/Coker+Tire/257/761401/10002/-1?gclid=CjwKCAjwzMeFBhBwEiwAzwS8zBhNme9lTg4261XoloW2PGmGSIsZJzlyORn2r0RAwelbtTWLk6U_YRoCBRgQAvD_BwE
  19. Spotted a post referencing "Forest Park, 1952" by TG57Roadmaster Senior Member Members 350 4,498 posts
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