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LED turn signal lamps with a 6 volt system?


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Has anyone tried installing LED turn signal lamps (or any other 12v LED lamps) on an old 6v car?   Planning on adding turn signals to my 1931 Buick.  I know you can buy flashers for LED lamps.  If run on 6v, will a LED lamp setup for 12v not work at all, be dimmer, or perform exactly the same as on 12v power?   This is an example of a lamp I am considering.  Thanks!





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They make 6V LEDs that are a better choice for your car. Don't shop Amazon, get them from real LED suppliers. I've used both of these and they have been very responsive to my questions. I'm extremely pleased with the LEDs in my taillights, brake lights, turn signals, instrument lights, and dash indicators for my turn signals. 








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>> If run on 6v, will a LED lamp setup for 12v not work at all, be dimmer, or perform exactly the same as on 12v power? 


I can answer this. It will work, but when the brakes are used the brightness increases very little over the running lights. Also not that much brighter than the original bulbs. Get the 6V ones, you'll thank me later. (Sorry, watching Monk reruns).


Cheers, Dave

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I used 6volt led on my tail lights and turn signals with good success. As for your choice of adding new turn signals from Amazon, I would just ask if you have thought of looking for original parking lights that mount on the fender.  I have one from a 1930 and have seen others on ebay. If interested I'll send a pix. I concur with Daves 1940 56s comments, Mine is a 32 96s.



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Steve- I was not aware parking lights were available in 1931 on Buicks.  Please do send pics.    I'm not keen on drilling holes in the tops of my fenders to mount them there, if that is where they are supposed to go.  Also I only have one tail lamp and can't easily add a second OEM one, so was going to add two independent turn signal lamps for the rear.   Thanks.

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This post has inspired me to set up my turn signals as well.   There were some already mounted on the car, but nothing else (just some cloth wires with about 1' pig tails).   They appear to be color matched to my car, but I know nothing else.    Does anyone have any idea what these are?     What's most typical for the setup in the car itself (I have 27-54).   On the column?  If so, do you run the wires through the column?   I see these 6 Volt column mounts on e-bay using a hose clamp and cringe.   


IMG_1165.thumb.jpg.33b77593313d7a0408f06654e0a568fd.jpg IMG_1166.thumb.jpg.e643028d299e5d8fc928c0a9a10d4ac2.jpg

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I converted all the bulbs in my 1953 Buick Special to LED bulbs except for the headlamps and the front park/turn signal bulbs (#1154, a 6 volt bulb).  I retained the front incandescent 1154 park/signal bulbs so the original flasher would function.  The currently marketed flashers for LED bulbs will not function on all model cars without some rewiring.    I designed and built two transistorized flashers so I can replace the front incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs.  

I purchased all the LED bulbs from LED bulb suppliers as recommended above by Matt.  

I prepared an article on this conversion for the Bugle and perhaps Pete will publish it.  I am working on a second article to deal with the issue of using LED bulbs for the turn signals. 

If you are adding turn signals to a car not originally equipped with them then try to purchase a solid state system that will function with  LED bulbs.  

Finally, use 6 volt LED bulbs in a 6 volt system.  You will be happy with the reduced current draw and the brighter output.   For taillights or brake lights be sure to purchase red LED bulbs. 

Joe, BCA 33493

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I too replaced all my 1929 globes with LED ( except headlight, haven't been able to find yet )

I'm especially happy with the SUPER bright brake light which is a big bonus because of having only one tail light and for modern traffic.

I installed 12V bullet LED turn signals ( motorcycle units off Ebay )

I also purchased a 6V - 12V electronic converter ( Ebay ) and a 12V flasher unit that must be suitable for LED ( Ebay )    You can't use the old style can type with LEDs

They look great and are really bright.  It's not original stuff I know , but I put safety and reliability before originality.


LED indicator.JPG

6 - 12V.jpg

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