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  1. I see vintage spark plugs on ebay too -- $5 to $50. I see someone selling this same one for $15 now - just 1 and no box. Someone will want this - especially since you have the box.
  2. This post has inspired me to set up my turn signals as well. There were some already mounted on the car, but nothing else (just some cloth wires with about 1' pig tails). They appear to be color matched to my car, but I know nothing else. Does anyone have any idea what these are? What's most typical for the setup in the car itself (I have 27-54). On the column? If so, do you run the wires through the column? I see these 6 Volt column mounts on e-bay using a hose clamp and cringe.
  3. thanks for the info. I'm in the process of correcting my 'issues', but I want it to be drivable also.
  4. I was surfing around looking for ideas for my 27-54 and found this add. They are claiming 4310 produced, 7 remaining? I'm thinking the 4310 seems right, but not the 7. Is there a place they would have gone to look for these numbers? Any truth that the 54 was 'the Doctors Roadster'? I thought that was for coupes.
  5. I found this in the compartment that runs along the back window of my 27-54. Seems to be left on purpose. Does anybody know what this is?
  6. I'll probably put my transmission jack up front sort of like Rod does above.
  7. Thanks all. I thought it should be fine. Looks like I should be careful in that it could be front heavy.
  8. I have a lift in my shop and was planning to elevate my 27-54. A friend cautioned me about doing so, saying the frame may not be stiff enough. Anybody here have any trouble using a lift on the older cars? Seems like it will be handy given all the grease fittings under there.
  9. That's good guidance. Mine has very little movement of the distributor - not ever enough to notice by ear. BTW - this is a beautiful car - with beautiful pictures - but I'm not learning too much about hand throttle setup on this picture {right hand drive --- sheesh} https://www.favcars.com/buick-master-six-sport-roadster-27x-54-1927-pictures-353163.htm
  10. Yes - a good read. Seems I learn something on every post.
  11. Thanks again all. For the hand throttle, I found this - a little more expensive but should be easy to install: https://www.amazon.com/Climax-Metal-H2C-018-Collar-Finish/dp/B000P0OE6Q/ref=sr_1_29?dchild=1&keywords=two+piece+shaft+collar+3%2F16&qid=1586448578&sr=8-29 On the timing advance, everything is free enough - my disty turns fine. I think there is something off about the linkage between the base of the steering column and the shaft that runs along the firewall behind the engine. The arm on that shaft is pointing down on Hugh's picture above, and mine poin
  12. Thanks all. The A-pillars were off a little before I added the pads. Now they measure perfect. Distance at the top is exactly the same as the board in the top - and the diagonal and the distance from the center of the cowl to each tip are all exactly the same. The window measures 1 1/4 " different in the diagonals - which I confirmed with the paper cutout. All a bit hard to communicate, and I'm probably not doing a good job. One side of the window seems to follows the contour of the a-pillar very well with a consistent gap - although perhaps a bit larger gap than the layouts above.
  13. Thanks again Hugh. Makes sense now. I need the item labeled 'back clam'p'. I can come up with something to make that work. My setup is a bit different for whatever reason. My throttle rod has a much bigger curve in it. Note that it runs above my add-on fuel pressure regulator, so that's not the issue for the sharper curves. Seems to work so I'm OK here. Also, it seems my spark advance rod connects much differently. However, it doesn't seem to rotate the distributor very much. I think this is wrong too, but perhaps something f
  14. Inspired by Hugh's note on another thread that the hand throttle should make the floor pedal go to the floor, I thought I'd take a closer look. My hand throttle seems to move nicely, but doesn't more the floor pedal do anything. Shown here seems to be the most logical point the linkages should be attached in some fashion - and I assume I'm missing a part. If someone has a pic or diagram of how these are connected, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
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