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  1. I am not sure if the 1949 Super engine would have hydraulic lifters or solid lifters. If the latter there would be no oil in the lifters. Someone on this site will know if the engine came with solid or hydraulic lifters. If solid, the correct valve clearance may be stamped somewhere on the engine. Joe
  2. They were installed to seal the intake manifold to cylinder head. The factory just used these with no exhaust manifold gaskets. To seal the exhaust ports they used a mixture of heavy motor oil and graphite, at least that is what I have read and been told by guys older than me. Joe
  3. I would start by making sure every connection is clean with bright metal to bright metal at each connection. The bolt holding the ground strap to your motor could need attention as described above. Next I would move on to the brushes that may be accessible with motor in the car. Even though you can spin the rotor by hand if the bearings or bushings are worn the high magnetic fields in the motor may cause the rotor to contact the field poles. I think this was the last year for 6 volt system for Cadillac. Good luck and come back with the cause and repair. Joe
  4. I agree with Pete, this is a bargain. A re-core is going to cost well over $900 if not more and you may have shipping on top of that depending on your location and where you send it out. I know because I paid near $900 some years ago. Joe
  5. I have had good luck running all LED replacements in my 53 Buick Special except for the turn signal system. I have replaced the rear turn signal bulb, a single filament 1129 with an LED and left the front park/signal bulbs in place and the original flasher works OK as the front lamps provide enough current draw for the flasher to work at nearly the same flash rate as before. I purchased a new transistorized flasher to go with LED bulbs in the front park/signal but it did not work. I built my own transistor flasher by modifying a hobbyist flasher circuit from the web. It works very well after I changed the value of one of the resistors to get the correct flash rate. It is not obvious how to make a transistor flasher work the way the Buick is wired but I have figured it out. By the way the three prong flasher has a terminal marked X that goes to the battery or the ignition switch that always has +6 or +12 volts on it depending on your battery system. The L terminal goes to the directional switch and when it is set to signal a turn this switch connects the L terminal to the front and rear signal bulb filaments. The P terminal goes to the indicator lights on the dashboard. Joe, BCA 33493
  6. Check on the Post-War site as Old-Tank made a tool similar to that described above for removing and installing the drive shaft on the pinion gear splines. Joe BCA 33493
  7. The use or resistor plugs, plug wires and distributor rotors with resistors were used to reduce ignition noise in the car radio. I would not use all three resistance units. I run resistor plugs with copper strand wires and a non-resistor rotor in my 53 Buick Special with the 263 straight eight and have done so for over 8 years with good performance with no trouble. Joe
  8. My55buick: In your first post on this topic, the person who told you about swapping a later Dynaflow torque converter and bell housing may have been referring to the use of the 1953 Buick Special only (straight eight engine 263 cubic inch) bell housing and torque converter that would bolt up to older straight eight Dynaflow cars possibly back to 1948. The 1953 torque converter was called a twin turbine and had better torque multiplication starting out from a standstill. The 1948-52 Dynaflow transmissions were basically all the same. Joe, BCA 33493
  9. The latest torque ball seal kits provide a new outer torque ball retainer that has a rubber seal bonded to the inside. This seal rides on the torque ball and replaces the older system with the rubber boot. This type of torque ball sealing system came out I believe in the late 1950's and is backward compatible to the early 1950's for Dynaflow equipped cars. You will not need the rubber boot after you install the new outer retainer. Joe, BCA 33493
  10. I believe this is a 6 volt car and 4 blower motors is a large drain on the battery when idling at night with the headlights on. The smaller Buicks (Specials) had one blower on the firewall and one under the front seat. I believe the larger Buicks had one extra one under the front seat for a total of 3 and I think some Cadillacs also had 3. If it were my car I would move one of the rear seat ones under the front seat and leave under the back seat with none. Once these engines heat up you get enough heat with 2 or 3 blowers. Good luck and Happy Holidays. Joe
  11. Glad he found the problem. Since his carburetor start switch has been removed and replaced by a push button switch the starter could not activate even with engine at low rpm or low output voltage of the generator. The driver would have to push the starter button to activate the starter under any conditions. I am not surprised that he found faulty wiring as the cause. Joe
  12. Also: Thanks for your reply on the Guide brochure. Joe
  13. Good information Al. I never have come across a Guide brochure but will keep an eye out for one. Joe, BCA 33493
  14. I never saw a 53 Buick with fog or driving lights that came from the Buick assembly plant or any that were dealer installed. You mention removable cover plates and I think you are referring to the covers on the front bumper bombs or guards. I have seen fog lights installed in these locations but I do not think these were factory authorized accessories. I also do not see them listed on my Buick accessories manual or parts books. I will have to do a more thorough check and if I find fog lights listed as Buick accessories I will get back on this post. The 53 Buick front bumper is not that easy to mount fog lights on as compared to earlier Buicks. Joe, BCA 33493
  15. This is as basic as you can get. Basically a neon flash bulb with insulated leads similar to spark lug wires with possibly a resistor from one lead with the other lead on the resistor connected to one of the neon bulb. Ok for any battery voltage, 6 or 12 volts. If this were a powered timing light it would have likely been made for 12 volt system. Powered timing light gives a brighter flash than this one shown here. Joe, BCA 33493