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Period images to relieve some of the stress

Walt G

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1 hour ago, LCK81403 said:

I have been a licensed amateur radio operator for 56 years and in that time I have never seen HAM equipment like those women HAMs are using.  A female HAM is either a unmarried "YL", or a married "XYL".  Perhaps some of my HAM buddies can I.D. the equipment.  It is pretty low power equipment judging by the antenna, probably well less than 5 watts.  The unit on the ground would radiate a unique pattern while sitting so close to the steel car body.



The piece of equipment sitting on the car is a Hallicrafters S-39 general coverage HF receiver. I do not recognize the thing on the ground. Maybe 2-1/2 and/or 5 meter rig?




What is the car?



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