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  1. Regarding Oldsmobile curved dash:initially they came with wire wheels, artillery wheels became optional in 1904. The Franklin is a 1902-03 Model A. Cadillac, not Ford. The clue is the latter also had longer front springs
  2. The second and third cars from left are Brush "Everyman's car":s. The nearer is an earlier version produced 1908-09, you can clearly see the coil springs. Other interesting features were one-cylinder engine and wooden axles and frame.
  3. Isn't it Stockholm Olympic Stadium in the background of the second Photo? It was constructed in 1911-12.
  4. Wrong, instead we have here two of Carl F.W. Borgward's products. The first car is a 1938-39 Hansa 2000, 6 cylinder 2-litre engine. The second car is a Hansa 1100 introduced at the 1934 Berlin Motor Show. It was Borgward's first car with four cylinders and four wheels. A kind of Third Reich Borgward Isabella, but not that common even in Germany. Exported to States like Sweden and Estonia, I never heard of anyone here in Finland though. However, in the public domain is a film made by the Finish Automobile Association in the early 50s. The subject is buying a car, a warning to buy such an odd ball used car as a Hansa 2000. The car in the short movie had probably been left over by the German Troops when they retired from Lappland.
  5. Yes, 1st generation M-B 170 with conventional ladder chassis. Introduced at the 1931 Paris Motor show, in this form produced upto 1934. Rear swing axle and hydraulic brakes; 13775 were made including the improved 1935-1936 Model. Rare today.
  6. I don't think it's a Reo, at the time America entered ww1 they had a characteristic and strange looking radiator.
  7. The Rolls-Royce 40/50 of 1907 had platform rear suspension; from 1908 it was equipped with three quarterback elliptic rear springs witch were superseeded in 1912 with cantilevers.
  8. A kind of 1935-36 Pontiac without Silver Streaks...
  9. Six cylinder 1935 Hupmobile Series 518 Sedan? The larger eight cylinder Sedan seems to have had opening boot lid.
  10. Didn't Virgil Exner design the first generation Valiant besides the Early 60s Chrysler with it's freestanding head- and rearlights? But only the last one is remembered of pioneer retro design, although the cheaper earlier one had a mocck pressed spare wheel in the rear deck lid. I have always thought that it's pity Exner passerar away in the early 1970s, before the interest in his creations caught on.
  11. Surely about three years younger than 1925. The oldest car seems to be the Ford Modell T Centerdoor with its oval rear window, made before August 1923.
  12. The Dutch importer van Polanen (sounds almost Finnish!) took part in the 1909 Gothenburg-Stockholm Winter Race, probably to get hold on the Swedish market. The weekly magazine Hvar 8:de Dag thought that it was a very strange looking machine indeed. Eventhough he won, at least the small capacity class, I doubt any Sizaire-Naudins were ever sold new in Sweden.
  13. Sizaire-Naudin, built in France from about 1905. Single-cylinder engines of upto 1,5-litre capacity, racing models had even more. Sorry, not actually tandem-seating in the first photo, taken at the 1906 Coupe des Voiturettes. Instead the ridning mechanic tries to get a better weight distribution. But the voiturette did in fact have only one pedal controlling both the clutch and the transmission brake BTW the second photo is probably taken at Brooklands track in England Please take a look at the British broschure from 1909-1910 History:
  14. Interesting as Swedish engineer Hörstadius accompanied with a teacher from Denmark that also was a high ranking Boy-Scout leader drove cross USA in a similar Chevrolet 490 Touring at about the same time or more exactly 1922. Hörstadius wrote about the trip in a multipart feature in Svensk Motor Tidning 1924.
  15. Last row, 2nd from left:1930 Indy car, survives to this Day. Du Pont rann in Le Mans in 1929, first photo and probably also third in the second last row is from this event --. Third row, second photo Model G Speedster by Merrimac. First photo in last row 1924 Du Pont Limousine, the last photo is Mrs. E. Paul du Pont at the wheel of a 1919 Model A
  16. Fiat it is, but I am more thinking of 521 made between 1928-31. Since it has disk wheel insted of spoked ones I am leanig towards a late version
  17. I think it's a Stoewer R 140 too. Definately smaller than a Horch, also notice the painted radiator in the original photo
  18. It' s a 1937-38 Ford 7W. It was never called Anglia, at least here in Europe. In 1939 this (of actually the cheaper 7Y) was replaced by the Anglia with the Bustle as you mention. But both the 7Y and 7W had rear mounted spares, the later one covered.
  19. 1929 Steyr XX with 2-Litre six-cylinder and swing-axle at rear, made in Austria