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  1. The change occured in 1954:https://classiccarcatalogue.com/RENAULT_1954.html
  2. The factory-built body Sedan version of the Italian 1919-26 Fiat 501 had a similar door configuraton, also the first closed Citroën was equipped with asymmetrically placed doors.
  3. Ad for 1937 Cord in Sweden. Instead of Philipsons it's now Lindblads who is the Swedish general agent
  4. Automobile Corps. of the White Guard, 1918 Civil war in Finland
  5. Prince Carl Johan of Sweden in 1937 with his Lincoln Zephyr
  6. Haven't been posting here so much lately, as I am planning the funeral of a quite close relative. One of the first persons to be buried at the 1829 inaguarated main cemetary here in Helsinki was Countess Natalia Steinheil, born von Engelhardt. Walking up the road to the cementary's main entrance I sometimes have imagined Baron Vladimir Steinheil from Moscow visiting his relatives' tombs in Finland just before WWI, his magnificent 60 hp Gräf-Stift with Armbruster coachwork parked outside the wall.
  7. Baroness Avanzo on an American Classic Car site immediately brings me flashbacks of her driving a big Packard Twin-Six, witch inspired Enzo Ferrari much later on to launch his own V-12 engine. There is also a picture of her behind the steering wheel of an early 20s Buick.https://www.italianways.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/maria-antonietta-avanzo-04.jpg
  8. 1920 Napier 40/50, competitor to the Rolls-Royce "Silver Ghost". A more modern aircraft inspired engine with overhead camshaft. Bodies often by the in house coachbuilder Cunard, as also in the this case, was a drawback compared with RR. Strikes at the factory didn't either help to win back the title "The Best Car in the World"
  9. Front wheel drive 1936-39 Adler Trumpf Junior[1E], 1 Litre engine with 25 horsepower. Twin spare tires non orginal.
  10. Lancia Aprilia & Ardea, the later was introduced in 1939 and had an engine displacement of under 1 Litre. Both cars have narrow angle V-4 cylinder blocks.
  11. Not a wrecked car, but horrible to even think about having an accident in a car with the petrol tank in the engine compartement. 1934-36 Steyr 100, then the entry level model. Pillarless four door body neither mine cup of tea. Quite lovely rear-view with spare wheel cover and split window although
  12. The most beautiful Gläser bodied car, at least from the late 30s according to my opinion. 1939 Steyr 220 Sport-Cabriolet. I think it even looks better in two-tone paint, Ivory and some darker red or blue.
  13. 1933-35 Steyr 430 with Rumble seat, based on the Porsche designed Steyr 30. Only 1250 built, that includes all body styles.
  14. 1925 Amilcar Grand Sport , central gearchange and hand brake as opposite to Bugatti Type 37 etc. Gaspedal in the middle, windshield probably removed for the photo session
  15. Second hand car in Sweden, probably German-Horch or Stoewer
  16. Early 20s British built Rohde, rather sporty and without differential in the rear axle. The fabric bodied saloon i the same company's Meadows engined Hawk, one of the last made before Rhode went under in the early 1930s.
  17. 1930-31 A.J.S. Nine, built by the famous British Motocycle Company. Very short production run for the fabric bodied 4-door saloon, the price was also a bit more expensive than the main competitor's.
  18. The British General Agent Vernon Balls own Amilcar Coupé in 1925
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