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  1. Found this postcard in my late uncle's belongings. Nordwijk aan Zee in Holland. Prewar Hanomag Rekord, FWD two-stroke Aero Minor (CZ), Fiat 500, Vauxhall, 1949-53 Ford Prefect (GB), 1946-48 Ford, Buick and 2 x Tempo Matador three-wheelers... The somewhat battered two-door to the right on the other side of the road is a Skoda 1101
  2. 1929 Renault, when the radiator finally was moved to the front
  3. In my newspaper this morning was a brief mentioning about a car accident here in Helsinki almost 83 yeas ago. Two pedestrians were killed, the car was a Ford "of sporting type". That sounded interesting I quickly found a newspaper clipping. It was a 1934 Ford Model 40 De Luxe Coupe that was involved in reckless driving.
  4. The smaller car on the left is a German Wanderer "Puppchen" with tandem-seating
  5. Sleeve-valve Minerva for sure
  6. Both cars are techincally Fiats, albeit the latter correctly is a 1936 NSU-Fiat 1000 with body by Drautz. Berlin licence number on that car.
  7. German 1921-24 Szawe. To my knowledge only one is preserved, a rather spectacular mahogany "boat" in Danish Techical Museum in Helsingör. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZjGm8y51Xs
  8. Not a Tracta but an Austrian Steyr XII built between 1926 and 1929. Rear axle of swing type à la Trumph Spitfire
  9. The car in the original posting by Leif Holmberg has a coachwork built in Sweden, the radiator got a peak at the same process. At leats Gustaf Nordberg's bodies were sometimes equipped with those Brooklands-style windshields
  10. West German Goggomobil, introduced at the 1954 Frankfurt Auto Show. Produced right up to the summer of 1969, the version with the smallest 250 cc engine, was aimed at those with and old German Motorcycle licence.
  11. No, the early Volvo Sedans were Weymann-bodied
  12. Years ago I saw a photo on "the Swedish Ebay", Tradera, of a 20s White tank truck. With Swedish licence plates, if I remember correctly registered in the southern part of the country, propably the province of Malmöhus. A period photo of a 1920 Truck from the more northern part is found on Automobilhistoriska Klubben Mässing & Nickel (massingnickel.se) In Svensk Motortidning's feature in September 1924 about ball bearings in automobile engines the American White is mentioned, as a marque that aspires for the title "the finest Truck of the World"
  13. 1926-1927 Steyr Klausen Sport, factory body to my knowledge. The pointed tail section contained the fuel tank.
  14. Strange looking late model Ford phaeton, probably European coachbuilt. Front end as 1937 US Ford, but suicide front door. Doors are also smaller than normal as they doesn't reach down to the running boards. Notice also whitewall tires! Standing in car is Éduard Daladier, Prime Minister in France at the outbreak of WWII.
  15. The Packard of the U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom of Sweden:
  16. The change occured in 1954:https://classiccarcatalogue.com/RENAULT_1954.html
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