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1920s taillight assembly need ID


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Here is a late 1920s taillight that came out of an estate. Looks a lot like '29-30 Studebaker, but there appear to be some slight differences. The taillamp bucket appears to be embossed with DEPA(? ) STANDARD.


Thanks to all who take their time to help ID parts here!


1920s Stude? T:L Assy.jpg


1920s Stude? T:L Assy2.jpg


1920s Stude? T:L Assy3.jpg


1920s Stude? T:L Assy4.jpg


1920s Stude? T:L Assy5.jpg


1920s Stude? T:L Assy6.jpg


1920s Stude? T:L Assy7.jpg

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22 hours ago, keiser31 said:

The bucket is identical to the 1929-31 Chrysler product item.


This one is larger than the standard FILITE '29-31 Chrysler product. The front would be about the same diameter as a '29 Model 75, or '30 Model 77, but this bucket tapers more toward the back. The top part Chrysler product beehive lenses also go all the way down to 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock position. This bucket and lens appears to be very close to a '29-30 Studebaker.

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The legend in your pic above indicates: "Similar... Deray Standard" which is how your lamp seems to be marked.


While a 1928-31 Stude owner could certainly use it, I'm still of the opinion it's most probably an aftermarket unit not supplied on a production car.


Perhaps a 1928-31 Stude owner with a known to be original lamp could comment regarding the markings on his lamp.

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On 5/12/2018 at 7:54 AM, ron hausmann said:

Al - could be a 1931 Desoto? Looks like the one I have.





I have a '31 Desoto roadster. The taillight is smaller and is stamped FILITE. The top section of beehive lens on the Desoto also is completely horizontal.

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