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  1. Hi I just got this and thought it was Ford but I cant find a match. Handle is 8" long and shaft is 5 1/2" Thank You Pat
  2. I have this gauge. The numbers are 1510648 best I can make out . Thanks Pat
  3. Other numbers are 5302330 r3 and on the cover is 4-c-6
  4. Hi I am reasonably sure I took these off a 1935 Standard 8 that we parted out . The numbers are 240039 and 240040. The drums are 12" x 3" . If anyone needs parts please let me know Thanks as always Pat
  5. I will look and post it later Thanks Pat
  6. Hi I have an ash tray and a bezel that i cant ID . I am sure they are from different cars . The ash tray is metalcraft and the numbers are RE-21118 which seem to be generic to the tray. The bezel numbers are 26h 5604640 Thanks as always Pat
  7. Thanks , Its not there. Closet I see is a 1940 Chevy pickup
  8. Hi I just got about 40 what look to be nos delco lever shocks . This one is # 5302330 with 2106B stamped in the cover. I always appreciate your help and if anyone needs something send me the numbers and I will look Regards Pat
  9. Thanks , I was kinda thinking that