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  1. Hi This came with a bunch of 1929 Marmon 68 Parts . It is 4 7/8" long. Thanks pat
  2. Good afternoon Please help ID Studebaker Mount or Bushing Thanks Pat
  3. Good Morning Any ideas on application . It is made by Motometer Thanks as always Pat
  4. I got these brass parts at a Packard auction . The bulk of what was there was 1920s and 1930s . I appreciate and help Thanks Pat
  5. Hi I just realized its the lower panel of the front suspension crossmember on a PIII Rolls Thanks for looking
  6. I thought maybe Rolls Royce PIII because I had some of that but it would be aluminum if it were Rolls
  7. Good morning Please help ID Timing cover V12 ?. I really dont remember what we took this from Thanks as always Pat
  8. Happy thanksgiving . I have no idea what this was taken from. Thanks for looking Pat Colleary
  9. Hi Please Help ID Large Tail light housing. Its about 4 1/2" in diameter Thanks Pat
  10. Hi I got these about 15 years ago and forgot about them . Any help is appreciated Pat Colleary
  11. Hi Please help Id Thermostats . They came with a bunch of thermostats from a Packard auction . Thanks Pat Colleary
  12. Hi Please help Id these Water Pump Bushings ? I got a bunch of these at a Packard Auction. I appreciate any help Pat Colleary