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  1. Hi Please help ID Large Zenith Carburetor. There are the numbers 0883a on the little dial Thanks Pat
  2. Thank you. I looked at 34 and didnt think to go back. Have a good Thanksgiving
  3. Hi Any thoughts are appreciated. There are no numbers that I see Thanks Pat
  4. Hi Here are the timing cover , mag and water pump
  5. That definitely looks like it is the block
  6. thanks . I can't find a picture of anything close. I only bought it because I have never seen one like it
  7. Thank you all. It was built for a sprint car, No starter
  8. Yes I do. I also have the magneto , water pump and Timing cover
  9. Hi I got this morning. I never saw a head like this . Any Thoughts. There are no markings on it Thanks Pat
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