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  1. thankyou Looks like the right ballpark
  2. Hi I just got this housing this morning . I have no idea what it fits. Carburetor inlet is 2 5/8" and over all if it had a filter it would be about 21" Thanks Pat
  3. Hi Inside drums are 11 7/8 and shoes are 2 1/2" . I should have thought of that . Sorry Pat
  4. Hi I think I took these from a 1935 Standard Eight but I am not sure. I appreciate any help Regards Pat
  5. Good morning Any ideas on this horn? It has 870 stamped inside. I am pretty sure it had a tag at one time but it is missing Thanks again Pat Colleary
  6. Good morning I got this with a bunch of other carburetors . I appreciate any help Thanks Pat
  7. Hi everyone, I just got this distributor thinking it was '32 Buick but now I am not sure. Thanks in advance. Pat
  8. hi I am pulling out bins this weekend and will look Thanks Pat
  9. Some but not much. I stopped dealing with her after I spoke with you
  10. I also have a lot of Rolls Royce and Bentley , Used and NOS
  11. You can look on eBay for a small part of it. There are about 900 listings . The user ID is Brassandgas. I will take some general pictures over the weekend. Its a 4 car garage , Basement , 2 small barns and a 40' shipping container to give you an idea. Some 1920s Pierce parts . Mid 30s Packard , some model a and T along with some Brass parts. Mid 30s caddy there is a lot for. 40s mopar trim along with some NOS. I have been buying collections and cars and parting them for about 20 years now Thanks Pat
  12. Hi This is a used 1937 1940 International truck Headlight Stand Unknown Sides. I am not sure of application but that is what it is marked. Its listed on ebay for 55.00 . If anyone here wants it I will take 30.00 plus shipping Thanks Pat 516 305 9787 location box 74