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  1. thankyou Looks like the right ballpark
  2. Hi I just got this housing this morning . I have no idea what it fits. Carburetor inlet is 2 5/8" and over all if it had a filter it would be about 21" Thanks Pat
  3. Hi Inside drums are 11 7/8 and shoes are 2 1/2" . I should have thought of that . Sorry Pat
  4. Hi I think I took these from a 1935 Standard Eight but I am not sure. I appreciate any help Regards Pat
  5. Good morning Any ideas on this horn? It has 870 stamped inside. I am pretty sure it had a tag at one time but it is missing Thanks again Pat Colleary
  6. Good morning I got this with a bunch of other carburetors . I appreciate any help Thanks Pat
  7. Hi everyone, I just got this distributor thinking it was '32 Buick but now I am not sure. Thanks in advance. Pat
  8. hi I am pulling out bins this weekend and will look Thanks Pat
  9. Some but not much. I stopped dealing with her after I spoke with you
  10. I also have a lot of Rolls Royce and Bentley , Used and NOS
  11. You can look on eBay for a small part of it. There are about 900 listings . The user ID is Brassandgas. I will take some general pictures over the weekend. Its a 4 car garage , Basement , 2 small barns and a 40' shipping container to give you an idea. Some 1920s Pierce parts . Mid 30s Packard , some model a and T along with some Brass parts. Mid 30s caddy there is a lot for. 40s mopar trim along with some NOS. I have been buying collections and cars and parting them for about 20 years now Thanks Pat
  12. Hi This is a used 1937 1940 International truck Headlight Stand Unknown Sides. I am not sure of application but that is what it is marked. Its listed on ebay for 55.00 . If anyone here wants it I will take 30.00 plus shipping Thanks Pat 516 305 9787 location box 74
  13. Hi This is a used AUTOLITE TYPE GH Distributor Drive GENERATOR 1917 1922 Chevrolet. Sold as a core for rebuilding . The gear for the distributor drive is stripped . Generator turns. This is for sale on ebay for 100.00 but if someone here wants it I will take 70.00 plus shipping Thanks Pat 516 305 9787
  14. Hi Here is a list of the numbers I have. Please let me know if you need anything. I have (3) 1402ca (1) 2104D (8)2105C (1) 1402da (2) 1407G (4) 1407F (1) 1402CA (1)2104D (1) 2108d (1) 2103A (1) 2100a (2)1407 II (1)2105F (1) 1402DA (1) 1407F (1)1402CA (1) 1402DA (2) 2106A (1) 2103F (1) 2105A
  15. Hi I am looking to sell all my parts . You can by 1 part our a couple thousand. I have been accumulating parts over the last 20 years and have parts for many many prewar cars. You are welcome to come look and pick through and we can come to a deal . Weekends are best. A lot of what I have I dont know exact application. I am located in Huntington Station NY 11746. These pictures show the gargae and 2 small barns . The basement I will add later . The storage container is 16 miles away Regards Pat 516 305 9787
  16. Hi Please help with these mounts . Any ideas are always welcome. If someone needs them let me know . Everything I have is for sale. We are selling my house and I have thousands of parts . 516 305 9787 Thanks again Pat
  17. Hi I just got this and thought it was Ford but I cant find a match. Handle is 8" long and shaft is 5 1/2" Thank You Pat
  18. I have this gauge. The numbers are 1510648 best I can make out . Thanks Pat
  19. Other numbers are 5302330 r3 and on the cover is 4-c-6