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brake lining adhesive

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well my brake lining finally separated from the brake shoe on my 46 chevy truck   anyone know how to buy adhesive to put new lining on?  ive googled   tried mcmaster carr    and local brake shop but not found anything yet  im really not into drilling out the hardened shoes to do rivets   any help would be appreciated



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Look up Tuff Bond   clutch & brake facing glue. Found on a web search, I haven't tested it.

Midwest brake bonding company is a company who does facing bonding. I did shear testing of the products for a company I retired from and it was impressive. The brake material sheared before the glue let go!  Also tested Kevlar facing material. great stuff, improved stopping & starting times on large industrial clutches and brakes.

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If Kanter is still around you can buy a set ready to install for a real reasonable price, or try a local NAPA store for new shoes. 


From Kanter: 

Stopping ability is the single most important thing when it comes to vintage cars because even though these cars have curb appeal, there is a lot of weight behind them as well. As with all of Kanter`s products, quality and safety are our number one priority. Our brake shoes are made to fit like the originals but have been engineered with modern material to ensure safer braking and many miles of uninterrupted braking enjoyment.

  • OEM Fit and Finish
  • Modern Materials for Increased Braking Power
  • Modern Materials Allow the Dissipation of Heat Faster
  • Most Shoes are Bonded Instead of Riveted for Increased Surface Area and Longevity
  • For Most Makes, Brake Shoes are New, Requiring No Core Charge
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If those were mine, I would send them out to be relined by a professional.  That is the safest route.


Remember if you can not get it going you can not get into trouble...but.....If you can not stop it you are in trouble.!!


Or you can buy them from RockAuto for $22.00


CENTRIC 11101410 Premium Brake Shoes-Preferred; Bonded Info  
FitsFront; BK; CK; DP
OrRear; BK; CK; DP
Previous Image
CENTRIC 11101410close12_1.gif
Next Image
$21.79 $0.00 $21.79  
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well i cant believe this and it is the best i called napa and they have no listing for chev 46 brake shoes but auto zone had them and advance auto parts   made by duralast and get this 57.00 total for 8 shoes   i just never expected that to happen sorry i made so many people chime in but i was expecting a hard expensive project    wanted to let yall know and thank you

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