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Where do you find a mechanic who does restoration work?


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I'm looking for a mechanic who can help me to finish my 48 DeSoto. It just needs to be put back together really. Most mechanical parts have already been rebuilt. I'm looking for someone who will work by the hour with me as assistant, since I know the car well. I'm in Temecula, CA which is 60 miles north of San Diego. Any ideas? Marc C.

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Word of mouth is best. Go to a local car show and ask around.

Word of caution - there are plenty of hacks out there.

On or off site repairs? If on your site: Do you supply tools, lift, solvents, etc.

These are questions that you will be asked - and charged accordingly.

On the subject of retirees: most will be like a turtle on its back if it involves the use of a creeper, - a younger one is better here...

Good luck.

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Marc....maybe I need to move back to San Diego and help you out....

yeah that'll work. I think I can do most of the work, but it just doesn't seem to get done. I need a catalyst to get going. I contacted the local Fallbrook chapter of the AACA to join and get some help with this. Looks like most of the old marque car clubs like the WPC and DeSoto have mostly dried up and gone away, at least in So. Calif.

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Guest exbcmc

Just my two cents.....if you get a referral from a car show, get multiple references. I got burnt on a mechanic from a car show referral.

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