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On the Road again

kevin b

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Hi Everone Happy New Year

Had to share this with all of you out there in Db land. I have been working on this 1928 victory 6 - 4 door for just over 5 years. On dec 31 i put a 2 day permit on it. I had the week off before Christmas. So as the wife was at work I was in the man cave going crazy. As I am in central British Columbia Canada it is winter here . I have been watching the forcast good no snow temp. -4 c also good. Turnsignals brake lights good. Gas yes Friday the 3oth Plan is working out good. Get temp insurance good. Wife of to work on the 31st plan is still working no snow -5 good.

How about I take you out for lunch today honey? Okay she said yes plan still good. take the car out for the first time around neighborhood. Runs FANTASTIC!!

Can hardly wait till noon. 5 mins to the Store. take the long way. Get to the store parking spot right if front YES. Slowly walk in very cool like nothing is going on I think Im going to Explode. Hi how are ya great I say . Are you ready Honey okay she says and I guess we will walk to the cafe she said. nnoottt. I said look what I drove down and held the Db key tag up. No you didn't she said then she saw it. Tears yesss. What a thrill to drive that old car. I hope this will inspire some and bring back memories to others. Few pics of our day. You can see the snow in the back ground of some and the roads where clear all the way. I also took my 85 yr old Brother in law for a drive. He could not get the smile off his face Well neither could I.

Happy Motoring

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Kevin, here's the whole process (I'm on a Mac, but PCs should be the same):

1. Compose text message.

2. Scroll down to "Additional Options" and click the "Manage Attachments" button.

3. Under "Upload from your computer" click the 1st "Browse" button.

4. In the popup window, navigate to the location of the image file on your computer, highlight the file, then click "Open." (I believe each file must be under 2K pixels in both directions. That's 4MB, but I find around 2MB to be more than adequate.)

5. If you have more images to post, click additional "Browse" buttons for each and repeat step #4.

6. When finished, click the "Upload" button.

7. After the image files upload, close the "Manage Attachments" window.

8. Under "Additional Options, click the "Preview Post" button.

9. If everything looks good, click the "Submit" button.

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Congratulations, Kevin & Brenda . Only those that actually drive their DB cars where the public can see them & giving rides to those that appreciate it the most will understand the thrill a person can get from doing that! It is worth the satisfaction even if it is not always perfect driving conditions. Wish you luck with your car and many happy, trouble free miles, as I know you plan on driving your car to Detroit in 2014. :)

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Kevin and Barbara.

Your beautiful Dodge Brothers makes moderns look simply ridiculous....try not to rub it in, or they will all want one!! Having read your post (more than just once) I am even more deternined to get my 26 tourer on the road. Locals here are used to seeing me with various vintage cars but I bet none of them will have seen a vintage Dodge Brothers car before!

Bet you feel on top of the world! Good for you!!



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Thanks for all the comments. Ray you said it I was on top of the world. Now that I have driven the 28 I will have to wait now for about 4 months until spring really hits. I think that will be harder than I thought. I still have the inside door panels and some trim yet to keep me busy. Bumpers to go to the platers for nickel. Tighten polish look at start,sit in and dream.

Happy restoreing or preserving.

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