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  1. Correct... per parts book, the p/n 689755 is for the gearshift lever housing, with remote control. Fits P7, D12,P8,D11, D13, S6, C22, LHD.
  2. Chrysler Airflow had OD for '34...not sure about Desoto.
  3. I can help you with the visors. I originally got these for my car, but was lucky enough to find a much better set, so these are available if you want them. PM your address and I'll send them to you.
  4. Just saw your edited post above a few. Glad to hear it came out!?
  5. No, I have not ever replaced the valve guides, I always had the machine shop do that.
  6. It's been quite a few years that I removed one of those plugs, and it was on a '23 block, which had a retainer beneath the distributor bracket that held the plug in place. Did your generator bracket have such a feature? If not, it must have a different type of retainer. Do you see any set screws from the bottom or inside the block?
  7. Screw a bolt into being sure you have at least 4 or 5 threads in and use either a slide hammer or a couple of pry bars under the head to pull it straight out. It should come out pretty easily as it's not a press fit.
  8. Note round plug behind generator mount...
  9. Looks like the '26 has the two unit starter/generator, so if the plug is in the same block location, it would be behind the generator mount, not behind the distributor as in the single starter generator cars.
  10. It has a square end on it that fits into a groove in the middle of the cam, which controls endplay.
  11. I believe the thrust plug is located behind the distributor mounting bracket. It has a small plate that holds it into the block.
  12. That's a good find...adding to my list of suppliers!
  13. Andy Burnbaum has a few different sizes, but nothing listed for '32. I think I used the one listed for '35-'36 on the DK, but you should check with them for approximate size.