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  1. Wow, surprised to see my post from 10 + years ago! I'm no longer looking!
  2. That would be for '33 based on the horizontal mounting holes, '32 had vertical mounting holes, otherwise look the same. Very hard to find piece!
  3. Correct... per parts book, the p/n 689755 is for the gearshift lever housing, with remote control. Fits P7, D12,P8,D11, D13, S6, C22, LHD.
  4. Chrysler Airflow had OD for '34...not sure about Desoto.
  5. Whoops...didn't see your last post...glad you found the gasket!
  6. Checked my DK stuff and it's gasket is way too large and has 6 holes. Have you tried Olson's Gaskets? http://www.olsonsgaskets.com/
  7. Knobless...I assume you no longer need the cowl vent assy photo?
  8. Here's the pages that deal with Lockheed brakes:
  9. Here's a drum thickness chart from a 1935 Handbook for Brake Service
  10. Finally had time to take a few pics of what your tailpipe bracket should look like. This from a '32 DK. I had this revulcanized by Antique Auto Parts Cellar, who does excellent work. Looks like you're missing the u-shaped inner plate with the 2 studs that's part of the vulcanized assembly, which the tailpipe bracket bolts to, as well as the tailpipe bracket. Love the work and documentation you're doing!
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