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  1. Oh Ron, I'm so sorry to be reading this. Hugs to you and Kerry! My heart goes out to the two of you! The loss of a parent is such a hard thing to deal with! Again, hugs to you and Kerry!! Shannon
  2. Taylormade.....the chromer is Atlantic Coast Chroming (I think that's the name). They've done a really nice job so far. Actually, I can't believe how good some of the pieces have come back considering what they looked like when we sent them!! With adding all the chrome pieces, the car is starting to look pretty classy now. She's getting some bling on! Shannon
  3. Dennis roasting head nuts over an open fire!! Bahahahaha
  4. Thanks guys! It has been a while! It's been slow because of being too damn cold to work out in the garage, Doug!! I do have some rubber door pieces that we're going to ship over to you to see if you can help with them. I should probably get off our butts and do that!! lol Ian....I hope you got the pictures I sent to you! Let me know if you have any problems with them! Taylormade....The engine paint was rattle can that we purchased from Romar. I believe Dennis used an epoxy primer first, but he'll have to verify that. Have a great day guys! Shannon
  5. OH my!! Dennis found evidence of mice in our garage when he was cleaning it the day before yesterday!! Glad I hadn't done anything with the interior of our car over the winter!! We may have had the same issue!! Shannon
  6. Sorry for delay in posting anything lately. Here is the progress today. Finally done with antique snowmobile racing and it's starting to warm up enough you can be out in the garage and not freeze your hind end off!! February average temperature for us was 2.9 degrees Fahrenheit!! Let's just say it was stupid!! JTF..... Sorry for not answering your questions sooner. We've been a bit busy and have had family matters to attend to also. I'll be working on the interior myself. Haven't started yet as I'm still trying to learning the commercial sewing machine we have. I have the mohair fabric and vinyl that I want. Still have some other supplies to get from local upholsterer that has been really awesome about advise. Dennis restored the sending unit himself. He's hoping it will work, but won't know for sure for a while till we get it running. Anyways, enjoy....don't give Dennis too much hell for the engine color! He doesn't think it's correct!! Be gentle!! Shannon....aka MISpasticGirl (in honor of nearchoclatetown )
  7. We have been about 3 years on our restoration with a lot of down time here and there. We're almost afraid to work on it now with the cab painted and back on the frame! I would highly recommend getting the Victory Six CD that Meyers Early Dodge sells! It will have a lot of information you will need. Believe me, while the book hasn't had everything Dennis needed, it has had so much that he has!! He refers to it quite often. Again, good luck with the restoration. If you have any questions or get stuck on something, feel free to contact us. We'll help the best we can! Shannon
  8. It is a Victory Six. I've spoken with his cousin about the vehicle a few years ago. Another indicator of the Victory Six is the louvers on the engine hood. 4,4,4,2 I'm glad to see the car is going to be restored! No offense, but the current color just does nothing for the car! lol If you need any help, just let Dennis and I know. We are about mid-way through the restoration of our Victory Six. We may have learned some tricks that will make things much easier for you! Good luck with the car! Shannon
  9. That's very cool John! My step-mom still has my dad's 25 & 35 year pins from GM. Those will be coming to me after my step-mom passes away. Here is a picture of my dad getting this wall clock from GM for 25 years. I have this clock. I've always like it. I just need to get the clock mechanism replaced because it's not keeping time so well!! My dad is the one on the left of the first photo. He is the one in the middle of the second.
  10. Ken, that is really an important way to look at it! It was not my original intention, but is a good lesson to learn. Thank you Ken! And I love your photos!! The kids are too cute!
  11. Thanks Bob. That is a good question!! I never thought of it like that! How exciting to find your dad's ring in your car!! That must have been like Christmas when you found it! I know it was for me when I found the pin!
  12. Thank you Mike. That's a wonderful picture of you and your dad. I'm sorry to hear about your loss too! Thank you all for the kind words. I was totally floored when I found that pin in a little trinket box. I found all kinds of his UAW pins and different things. Buick pins for 10 years, 25 years, etc. GM pins. Even his plaque from when he retired from GM. I did not expect to find this pin!! Unfortunately, I cannot ask him when he got it. And my step-mom wouldn't be able to remember because of her dementia.
  13. Hi Guys. I thought I would share this with you all. My dad passed away last month and while going through some of his stuff, I found this lapel pin. Now, you have to understand, my dad worked for GM for almost 40 years before retiring. He was not a big fan of Dodges. So, for me to find this pin in his possession was so amazing I can't even explain. Because my dad had it, makes it that more special than it already is. I had no idea he had this! I was able to show him the big poster from the Centennial Meet and he said "I'm not a Dodge guy, but even I can say that that is cool!" I had hoped to have been able to bring him down to the meet, but his cancer was making him too tired to drive and he didn't live near me to be able to pick him up & bring him. He would have loved to have been there that week. Sorry the picture isn't the best. Shannon
  14. To give you guys an idea of what we have gone through, here is a picture of our house. All the snow on the roof....that came in one day. There was no snow on our roof before yesterday! It is wet, heavy snow and we got probably a good 18" in less than 24 hours!! Dennis has had a hell of a time plowing. The picture just doesn't do it justice!! The snow is deeper than it looks!
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