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  1. We have been about 3 years on our restoration with a lot of down time here and there. We're almost afraid to work on it now with the cab painted and back on the frame! I would highly recommend getting the Victory Six CD that Meyers Early Dodge sells! It will have a lot of information you will need. Believe me, while the book hasn't had everything Dennis needed, it has had so much that he has!! He refers to it quite often. Again, good luck with the restoration. If you have any questions or get stuck on something, feel free to contact us. We'll help the best we can! Shannon
  2. It is a Victory Six. I've spoken with his cousin about the vehicle a few years ago. Another indicator of the Victory Six is the louvers on the engine hood. 4,4,4,2 I'm glad to see the car is going to be restored! No offense, but the current color just does nothing for the car! lol If you need any help, just let Dennis and I know. We are about mid-way through the restoration of our Victory Six. We may have learned some tricks that will make things much easier for you! Good luck with the car! Shannon
  3. Hi Dave, no not ready for truck. Family matters have taken priority right now. So car has taken back seat for a while. Your friend that does all the miniatures does an absolutely beautiful job. I'm hoping I can get on the internet at the nursing home where my dad is right now so that I can show him all the pictures. He would love looking at them. Hopefully he is feeling good enough to sit up and see them. My step-mom enjoyed them so much that she gave to me two small hot wheels type cars that are antique cars that are my dad's!
  4. Oh my!!! The detail is amazing!! You do amazing work!! Even inside the diner is just awesome!! Thank you for sharing the pictures.
  5. Yes, Ian....we are alive! Work on the car is slow right now, but I would expect Dennis to post some pictures of the motor soon because he was painting that yesterday. Thank you for asking!
  6. I'll third that sentiment!! Those are amazing!! Can he building a train layout for my husband??? Please post some more photos! Shannon
  7. Your car is coming together beautifully Ian!! I can't wait to see it all done! Keep up the great work & thank you for the how-to's you've been posting. It's great info for the rest of us working on our cars also! Shannon
  8. Ian....that red is gorgeous!! I love it! That is going to be one stunning car! Good luck with finishing it! Shannon
  9. Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to bring home our 1928/1929 Victory Six DeLuxe Sedan! I CANNOT wait!! I'm so tired of working on the spare garage, but it needs to be done to get the car home!
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