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Steve Moskowitz

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I've committed to Judge and to work at Stowe,

Still trying to get free for judging at Homestead and Charlotte

Haven't decided about Santa Rosa -

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A followup at Stowe. At Judge's Breakfast Saturday morning, there were a few extra judges to fill out the empty positions. Everything went well, then on to Judging school which also had good attendance. Thankfully, it stopped the morning rain showers as the schools finished up. Using the gondola as transportation to the field was cool, too.

We had a few minutes to check out the show field and take pictures before the judging started. We had a great team and really had fun working the cars and cycles in our classes.

After judging, we all went to the rec building on the small hill before us and did our tabulations. This was handy as the food concession was in the same building. Met lots of friends, old and new, as we waited for Team Captain, good ol' Art Bolton, to bring our judges chips back to us.

While waiting, this mother and daughter in period costume walked by. Sharon Lee and I ran up to her to give her a little "judged" sticker for her black dress. Sharon got a picture of her. I hope it's suitable for the AA magazine.

Really great day judging at Stowe.


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