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  1. Hey Bill, thanks for sharing the home made paint booth information as well as how to paint and color sand/buff. I want to try this some day myself. Looks like you did a very good job. I really enveny you guys that can paint a car in your home garage and hope to be able to do the same one day. Thanks again.
  2. Good idea Jim, I will be checking this thread often as I wondered about doing the same to an older Chevelle some day. Hopefully there will be a lot of good responses. Stay warm in the cold north.
  3. I thought I remember a Gast Musum on 896 between route 30 and Strasburg. They did have a Tucker just do not remember the time frame but thought it was 80's.
  4. Yes I agree, sorry it did not work but thanks for the effort Peter G I am sure you will get it in the very near future. I would not even want to attempt such a job. Thanks again for the effort we all do appreciate it enjoy the upcoming holiday weekend.
  5. I already signed up and can't wait for the meet. Looking forward to it.
  6. Now that sounds real interesting and something I would love however work gets in the way again. I could not afford to be gone that far for that long. Sounds like a nice program.
  7. I got mine yesterday in Dauphin, Pa as well Dick.
  8. Thanks for sharing Wayne, I do remember seeing this before and forgot about it. It is great seeing it again. Take care.
  9. I was not aware of this show thanks for sharing. I will defintely check it out.
  10. I agree as I too want to thank the Hershey Region for a great job. I spend two and a half days at the show, judged on Saturday and really enjoyed everything. You could not ask for better weather. I was able to judge the classes I had asked for and was placed on a team with really nice guys. Thanks again Hershey Region for a job well do.
  11. Will do, I guess I am getting anxious for spring and car shows thanks.
  12. Ok thanks Rick I guess they are not going to have one this year. I like to attend that one because there region is very close to me. Thanks again.
  13. Does anyone know if the Hershey Region will be having a judging school this spring as they had in the past. If so has any date been set yet thanks.
  14. I was there on Saturday and saw alot of nice cars mainly street rods. It is a different show and really can not be compared to Hershey. The flea market and vendor areas were very small. I enjoyed the show but did come with my neighbor who had a car registered in the show so I did not have to pay the 15 dollars to get in and 8 dollars to park. Again no comparison to the Hershey October show.
  15. Thanks again Rick. I will plan on taking a CJE on one of those afternoon sessions. That is great news.
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