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  1. Yes, congratulations and thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  2. This has the potential to be a lot of fun, do we need many more to make the required 15 members? I agree the name of the region is important so it catches the eye and interest of perspective members.
  3. I guess you need a name for the application so maybe just what you already have, " V8 Era Chevy Region". I think 25 dues is a little high for a region too. Thanks a lot for starting this, could be a lot of fun.
  4. Sorry to hear about your condition, my prayers are with you. I wasn't looking for an Olds but the post caught my eye. Yes, it would be a shame for somone to turn this into a Hot Road. It's a little much for me right now considering it needs an interior. Where is this Oldsmobile located? Was the engine rebuilt too and does the engine run? I am just north of Harrisburg. Thanks for your time.
  5. Same to you Dave and all our AACA friends, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  6. Where are you located and do you have the title?
  7. This car was restored 30 years ago, how long was it in dry storage? Is that the correct interior color, thanks for your time.
  8. My neighbor left me drive and taught me how to speed shift his 53 Mercury with a three on the tree when I was 14, had a ball.
  9. Wow, where did you get that picture of the Clicquot Club truck? When I was a kid my family had the distributorship for Clicquot Club in the Harrisburg, Pa area. Do you have any more pictures? Where was that pictures taken from, thanks?
  10. Ron, what is the deadline for getting flea market spaces and is it already to late, thanks.
  11. Wow fantastic, I knew there were alot of vehicles manufactured in Pa but did not realize there were that many. I hope a number of those show up, should be very nice. Thanks for the info, Ron.
  12. Thanks for the information Ron. I plan to attend and judge so I am interested in where the judges breakfast will take place, assume that will be at the Hotel Carlisle. Will there be judges parking at the fairgrounds? I'll keep checking back for updates as I know you guys are working on all the final details. Thanks for all your hard work, take care Ron.
  13. Yes we will also pray for Mason and hope all goes well.
  14. Thanks for sharing Steve, As many have already said, God Bless you John.
  15. I always do the final torque with tire just touching the ground without all the weight on it using the star pattern.
  16. Already completed, good reminder Wayne, thanks. It did take a little time selecting seven as there are some very good folks running.
  17. Great pictures, thanks for sharing. It was a great meet and the weather is great as well.
  18. I was thinking about buying bumpers from them for my Chevelle but something was telling me they might not really be any good. Thanks for the information. I wonder if the bumpers Ausley's and similar vendors selling Chevelle parts are any good, might be the same as Bumper Boyz. I know Paul's Chrome is good as he did my buddies Nomad, just pretty expensive.
  19. I liked the Chevy commercials too, my son in law likes his new Cruze which seems to be selling very well.
  20. Thanks, I never heard of it but will try it out, sounds pretty impressive.
  21. Yes, I'll drink to that, I beleive your right Rick, Happy Birthday Chevrolet.
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