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The $500K Essex

Dan Marx

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He must have gotten some advice since it first went up. It was listed as an Esix in the title, I believe, with some other misspelling as I recall.

Boy, lucky that he was able to revise the listing title before he got a bid, because ebay won't let you change it then smile.gif

And notice there is a revision/addition where he says the price IS 500k. He must be getting lots of mail smile.gif

The part I like in the ad is where he says: "i don't know what to do with it"

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that will get you there

according to:


1927 ESSEX Super Six Dsp/HP Eng Fair Good Exc Show Loan

SEDAN 1927-29 153/50 6C 4,000 6,500 9,000 13,000 6,000

SEDAN 2D 1927-29 153/50 6C 4,500 7,000 9,500 14,000 6,500

COUPE RS 1927-29 153/50 6C 6,000 9,300 11,000 16,000 8,500

BT SPEEDABOUT (12 lft) 1927-29 153/50 6C 18,000 24,000 35,000 47,300 H 22,000

so according to the above he is ONLY a decimal point off IF IT WAS A SPEEDSTER ... smile.gif

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I told him he was about $485,000.00 off of where the price should be and that his interior hardware is nickel plated....NOT STERLING SILVER. He probably won't post my comment.

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Guest Gary Hearn

When will people learn.....? It is this very type of listing that makes e-Bay rich. If you have a car that is worth $500K (or even $5K):

* Get it out of the garage and give it a bath

* Take the spare tire out of the back seat

* Take many high quality pictures of all aspects of the car

* Give more than a five sentence description

* Learn to spell (or use the free spell check on your computer)

* Research your item to get a understanding of its value

* Look at the odometer to find out the true mileage

Apparently another kid with B-J visions dancing in his head...

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Guest Johnpaul Ragusa

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Dave Fields</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I offered him 450,000 and he turned it down </div></div>

In all fairness the car is being sold without reserve. He wants to roll the dice and wait for a snipe at $750k or so smirk.gif

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