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  1. That is a nice 37 ! Welcome to the Pre War Club.
  2. Very cool pictures! I love seeing the Oklahoma Dust Bowl background. Also they have 1940 plates on a early brand new 1941 model year. a happy couple indeed.
  3. It's not photoshopped , those UFO's are real !
  4. Sounds like a happy ending and a happy new beginning. What a Christmas present !!!!!!!!
  5. I also agree with Matt. Good luck.
  6. I thought this was cool. Figured this was the best post to put it in. Its from a 1980 Topps sticker set called Weird Wheels.
  7. I would say the one with the wider deer and the cross with the shorter bottom leg is correct for a 1940 trunk emblem. Here is a picture of mine. I would bet its original.
  8. You're not old just experienced . 😄
  9. Notice no white wall on the rear. Snow Tires! Reminds me of my Grandfather rolling out the pre mounted snow tires on extra rims every winter.
  10. WOW ! Great story, great work and a great Buick .
  11. Nice pair of plates! People enjoy seeing those on a car. At least you can put them on at a show.
  12. I couldn't of said it better ! That seems to be a trend in all aspects of life now. sad.
  13. Reminds me of the movie A Christmas Story .
  14. Nice work ! Looks appropriate now and good choice of color.
  15. Yikes! Those girls are serious about protecting their Buick.
  16. Lookin good! Cant wait to see the finished product.
  17. Lookin good! Congratulations on everything. When the dust settles it's time to have fun.
  18. Wow great picture! I was at the Crazy Horse Monument but had no idea you could get that close or I would of taken a similar picture. Where the car is there was nothing but construction equipment. Unless this guy had connections to let him in. Again, great shot!
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