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  1. There used to be someone on here who sold the rag joints. Does anyone sell them now? Does anyone know someone who sells them? Thanks for your help, Earl B.
  2. What was the name brand of the horn used on a 1922 Studebaker Special Six? Thank you for your help.
  3. I've been away due to health issues, but need to work on the Studebaker now that I am some better. I need rag joints for a 1922 Studebaker Special six...who has these for sale? thanks, Earl
  4. Every time I try to sign in, it flips me to another page and tells me to enter my password, even though I entered it when I tried to sign it. The only way I can sign in is to tell it I forgot my password. I put the same password in every time and when I "change" it, it will let me sign in. HELP
  5. Thank you all, I have bought one from a 1955 car. Thank you all for your replies, Earl
  6. Is a 1955 and a 1956 licence plate holder the same part?
  7. Wanted....Front license plate holder for a 1955 Buick. Pleasr pm me. thanks, Earl
  8. Thanks Old Tank. I have pneumonia so car work has stopped for a while.
  9. Thank you Airy Cat and Beemon. Your help is much appreciated!!! I had yhe nuts and bolts stored on a tray with divided compartments. One day a twithead came to look at the cars and of course, knocked the tray over. He picked up a few and quickly left, never to be seen or heard from again, thankfully. Just to show the stupidity of non car people. A guy put his workboot on the freshly painted chassis of my 1932 Packard. He then pulled out a ciggy and lit up. When he took his foot off of the chassis, he drug it off, along with a wide path of paint. I rarely let people in the
  10. I think there are three screws that hold the starter cover on. Are they all the same size? What size are they? What is the length and tpi. Thanks to all. Earl
  11. New Bushings in and new brushes....finally!!! I've cleaned everything and it's plum purdy.... haha. Now, the big silver thing and small copper thing on the end of the shaft...should I sand on them with a fine paper just to smooth them up a bit? Was the starter painted? If so, what color? Thanks for all your help!!! Earl
  12. No work on the starter. My heart acted up and I was in the hospital a few days, sent home with "DO NOTHING" instructions. I hope I can get to it next week. Doing nothing is the hardest work I've ever done!
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