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  1. Thanks Old Tank. I have pneumonia so car work has stopped for a while.
  2. Thank you Airy Cat and Beemon. Your help is much appreciated!!! I had yhe nuts and bolts stored on a tray with divided compartments. One day a twithead came to look at the cars and of course, knocked the tray over. He picked up a few and quickly left, never to be seen or heard from again, thankfully. Just to show the stupidity of non car people. A guy put his workboot on the freshly painted chassis of my 1932 Packard. He then pulled out a ciggy and lit up. When he took his foot off of the chassis, he drug it off, along with a wide path of paint. I rarely let people in the garage more than a foot now.
  3. I think there are three screws that hold the starter cover on. Are they all the same size? What size are they? What is the length and tpi. Thanks to all. Earl
  4. New Bushings in and new brushes....finally!!! I've cleaned everything and it's plum purdy.... haha. Now, the big silver thing and small copper thing on the end of the shaft...should I sand on them with a fine paper just to smooth them up a bit? Was the starter painted? If so, what color? Thanks for all your help!!! Earl
  5. No work on the starter. My heart acted up and I was in the hospital a few days, sent home with "DO NOTHING" instructions. I hope I can get to it next week. Doing nothing is the hardest work I've ever done!
  6. How do I get the bushing out of the rear cover without destroying the cover? Many thanks, Earl
  7. I'll get it ordered tonight. Thank you Bob!
  8. My NAPA store can't find the solenoid boot. The salesman wanted to know if any of you could get the part number for him. He searched and I've searched at home, and can't find anything either..... Thanks in advance, Earl
  9. Willie, I carried the starter to a starter/generator repair shop. He bench tested it and it ran great.
  10. Well, I got the starter off the car and tested it....works like a charm. Where can I get the rubber piece on the end of the solenoid? What do I check next????? thanks to all, Earl
  11. Bob, I looked for my shop manual but could not find it. I picked up another one on ebay Hopefully I can check the starter and solenoid on Saturday or Sunday.
  12. I know I don't know things, but have enough sense to ask before I goof something up---What, where is the S terminal.
  13. How do I test the solenoid? How do I test the starter? I have it off the car.
  14. Beemon, I've been under the car. I only got a spark and nothing else.