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  1. I work on the car when I can, with heart and back problems, some days are slower than usual. I've largely got the body primed and about half of the chassis cleaned and primed. I'd send pictures but due to a breakin, I have no longer have a camera or phone...
  2. Well, it's been over a year since I added to this thread. In adding on the new section of the garage, I slipped two discs and tore my rotator cuff. I've had surgery on the rotator cuff and I'm dared to touch anything in the garage for another 2 months. I do piddle on small things, like the vacuum tank, since it's so light. I'm ready to drive it!!!
  3. I hope to find that out if I ever get mine back together!!!
  4. Sean, I'm still working on it... haha.... everything around here is sloooowwww.... please send me your phone number again by pm..thanks
  5. Original paint, top, everything there is original... amazing!
  6. Arn, the seller isn't on very often, but he'll answer when he sees your message.... You do know it's only a body and interior, nochassis and no motor? Right?
  7. Thanks, Don, It's getting a good going over now at the mechanics.. I shingled more today, and I can tell you one thing.... I ain't as young and spry as I used to be...
  8. Well, it's been quite a while since I posted on here, but things have been going on. Parts had to be made and found for the motor, which is being rebuilt now, and the garage is finally getting shingles. I've had some medical problems, but I've got some great new doctors who have me on track. I also purchased a new, well new to me, 1955 Buick Roadmaster, so that has taken some time also. More to come when it happens, B
  9. Bernie, don't carve this in granite, but as best as I can remember, the cars kept here didn't have the nameplate, but for whatever reason, the cars shipped overseas had a nameplate...another bright idea from Packard...B
  10. I'll be leaving from Pennsylvania station on track 29, so be sure to be there on time!! Now, Seriously... I wish I were there to help, If I were, I'd be more than happy to lend a hand.... Best of luck with a beautiful car and paint job...B
  11. Bernie, I'm happy to go by train. I didn't know they had the rail bridge finished.... see you soon......B
  12. Bernie, send us some tickets, I'm sure several of us would be glad to go over and help!!.......B
  13. Bernie, don't make it too shiney...Packard used a semi or satin gloss on chassis and mechanical parts. Don't forget, too, that the underside of the hood is black... Keep up he good work, B
  14. Welcome to the forum!! Always great to have someone else interested in old cars. I sent you a private message... take care,B
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