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Was driving along and spotted this...

Tom Laferriere

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Oh no, a dreaded <span style="font-style: italic">Condition No 6</span> car!

I guess you could buy it for $20,000, then send it to a restoration shop, and simply subtract the cost of the purchase and restoration from the estimated value of the restored car. Then just invest the remainder in some Wall Street hedge fund. eek.gif What year and make is the car? confused.gif

Maybe there's another car in the shed that goes with it, like a Peerless V-16 or a Stutz DV-32...as long as we're speculating.

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Guest 1928Packard526

Tom —

Does the $20K include the vehicle whose steering wheel is visible through the shack window? The wheel doesn't appear to be to a T,(concave design rather than convex, despite the pans on the side of the shack.

There must be something quite precious either about the car or what's in the shack that I am missing to justify the ridiculous asking price. Insanity is the only other easy explanation.

Pete P.

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