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  1. I agree, that's what makes it questionable to me. I even edited a picture to take the width out and it looks spot on. The underneath, if you cut that ugly patch out and put it back to the width it came, the radiator cap hole would be perfectly round.
  2. It's been widened and filled. Work is ridiculously poor, not recent, but who knows how old. I'd sure like to see some photos of the back of the real deal, since I have one opinion yes and on another site two opinions that it's not even Ford. I didn't pay much for it and don't expect it to be worth a hell of a lot -
  3. I never got my set ID'ed either. This era stuff is tough.
  4. Looks like a spinner for a Dodge Lancer clone aftermarket hubcap. They were also sold separately to put on any cap.
  5. I don't know how you tell real from repro. I presume the rear edges are where they would differ the most. Anyone know? Anyone know where I can find photos to compare with?
  6. I found the link eventually. Didn't see the sense in cross posting though
  7. wire brush on a grinder would bring out numbers. That's hardly rusted at all.
  8. It's nothing new, I used to get lowball offers on project cars all the time. I got one a few weeks ago on an old dealer promo car, so I raised the bid price on it. I spend some time researching what they bring before I set a price. eBay doesn't get the flakes it used to, but it still gets some. And I'm not going to lower the prices on things like brand new $150 retail items I have listed for $110, that are already the cheapest ones on eBay, either.
  9. Parts car or have fun building a hot rod, rat rod, custom with it on some other frame. Couple of S10s with low miles sold up here at auctions for the exact same $200. Hone up those welding skills on it. Would never be worth a lot, but it would be something you built yourself.
  10. Looks like it might be a universal type. Any markings, name stamped into it?
  11. Sometimes these cars are donated to auto tech schools as trainer vehicles. Some 20 years ago the school I went to had a decent fleet of them; a 91-ish S10 Blazer with the roof scraped down flat, a '95 Chevy extended cab pickup with just very light scrape marks in the cab top; a 91-ish 454SS pickup with a maybe both fists sized dent in the top cab back... a 91 Corsica that had blown it's engine up, threw a rod with like 62 miles showing... a 90-ish Buck Lesabre sedan with the roof and back thoroughly mangled... a 90 or so LeBaron made for French export and apparently just never exported... there were more I don't remember. They had purposely cut one '86 Buick Regal down to little more than a frame with engine, cowl and one seat. The body lab would rebuild insurance company totals to sell, which would pay for new equipment and the car they redid was a Corsica also. While the donated cars were not supposed to be parted out in any way, just scrapped when they became obsolete, parts from at least one of two very similar maroon Corsicas made it into the rebuild - the blown motor IIRC was rebuilt in the engine lab even though it was so bad inside it needed a sleeve on one cylinder. Probably the only one in the world that had that much work put into it.
  12. Best bet would be to see if it has any numbers stamped into it anywhere.