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  1. He's being brought up right!
  2. I'm not terribly worried about the energy companies. Some of the fossil fuels they don't sell as gasoline will go to the oil, natural gas, and coal-fired generating plants that produce the electricity needed to charge the electric cars that don't depend on fossil fuels. And now back to our regularly scheduled program (programme for you, Dei): My upcoming trip down a portion of US Route 66 and the return through Auburn will go far toward hitting the 2021 miles goal. I leave on the 22nd.
  3. @38Buick 80CBrian, thanx for your response. now I need to get my registration in ASAP! @JohnD1956I agree that doing only the main car show would miss out on a lot, but I had no intention of limiting my activities to that. My question was only in regard to the possibility of Friday parking on the grounds. I plan to arrive Thursday night, walk the flea market and take in the other activities on Friday, do the Friday evening thing in Auburn, and then take in the show on Saturday morning.
  4. That's exactly what I would have looked like if I was him doing that then. (Meds haven't kicked in yet, sorry).
  5. I'm new to the car show thing, so help me out here. I'm going to arrive in my '64 on Thursday evening. I was planning to register this weekend so that I could park on the show field throughout the event. I will not want my car judged. Now that I know the cars will be on the field only on Saturday I assume that I'll be parking in the spectator lots on Friday. I have to leave for home around Noon on Saturday. Given all that, I see no reason to register at all. Am I missing something?
  6. I think we both know the answer to that question.
  7. I will be there in my '64 Skylark.
  8. I've been driving the Skylark every weekend but nowhere more exciting than to run errands and make visits. More like mini-shakedown cruises before my trip down Route 66 later this month. The road trip will end in Auburn in time for the Buick Meet, where I hope to meet some of you.
  9. Great family photo. I especially like the stink-eye the young lady on the end is giving the photographer. My mother's side of the family is from Reggio di Calabria and my father's side is from Carpino in Foggia. We made a southern variety of cubed polenta with sausage and tomato sauce baked in the oven. Everything else was pretty typical.
  10. Sundays were days of unchanging ritual. Mom would get the spaghetti sauce going while we dressed for church. (Note: I grew up in a divided home. My mother's family from Paterson, NJ referred to the stuff you put on spaghetti as "sauce," whereas my father's family from Hoboken referred to it as "gravy." Italians from NY Metro will understand). Once the sauce was slowly simmering and we were dressed we would get into the '55 Olds (and later the '62 Olds), swing by my mother's aunts' house a few blocks away to pick them up and then go to Mass. On the way back home we would stop at the bakery for fresh bread. After dinner around 1:00 it was time for the Sunday drive. Sometimes the drive was out to the country, which in those days could mean parts of Wayne, Wyckoff, or up by Wanaque. Sometimes we'd venture up the Hudson along 9W. Sussex County, where I currently live, would have been considered the frontier and we never traveled that far into northwest NJ. One of my favorite ways to ride when I was small enough was to lay on the rear package tray and look up through the rear windshield. Many of those drives ended with a visit to one of my other aunts and uncles, of which there were legion. A favorite occasional stop was my Uncle Louie's and Aunt Lucy's place. He owned a monument company and was the only one in the family who could afford a color TV set. Those Sunday evenings were special because we would watch Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, in color! Dad was in charge of properly adjusting the color and hue controls because he was a TV repairman. Saturdays had their own rituals. In the morning I'd accompany my dad on his TV repair calls. At the time he was assistant service manager at the DuMont factory service center and he'd do moonlight TV repair on non-DuMont sets. Right after lunch we'd hop in his car and make the half-hour drive to Jersey City to visit his sister and my cousins. We'd always get home in time for dinner. Happy times, when entire families lived within a short drive from each other and didn't have to hop a plane to make visits.
  11. Is it common in YORK, SC to to park a decedent's car over his grave in the cemetery, or to bury your relatives behind your grandpa's house in YORK, SC? Inquiring minds want to know. Maybe we should start Buick and Graves thread.
  12. I have to hand it to Buick for capturing the spirit of the moment. The beaming smiles of the models are just like the ones my wife and I wear while I'm pumping gas and she waits alone in the car.
  13. Did they say which one the girl went for?
  14. Welcome. It looks like you have a pretty solid car to start with.
  15. Good eye! I had a Professor Pecker while in college, seriously. And yes, being a full professor he was Dr. Pecker.
  16. There's no such thing as a free marriage, financially or otherwise.
  17. Beautiful car in the making, and beautifully done! Best of luck with the restoration. Sarcasm? I'm from New Jersey, it's genetic.
  18. That's a beautiful plastic sheet you have there. Would love to see what's under it 🤪. Welcome to the forums!
  19. @JohnD1956The car has pretty low mileage on it with the odometer showing around 54,000 miles. Judging by the absence of wear on the pedal pads, the condition of the sheet metal and steering/suspension parts, and other indicators I'm inclined to believe that the odometer hasn't rolled over. To the contrary, the same indicators are not at all consistent with a car that was driven 154K. Your suggestion is a good one though, so I'm thinking about it. Not a big cost. @TxBuicksAs I hang my head in shame I confess that I'm not a member, and so I don't have access to the roster. Of course now that you've "outed" me I will join AACA and BCA this week.
  20. I bought new shoes for the Skylark yesterday to finish getting her ready for my trip to Auburn for the meet. The date codes on her old ones showed that they were 16 years old, way out of my comfort zone for a tour. I bought blackwalls because I'm too lazy to clean whitewalls. I decided to change my plans around the Auburn meet. I had originally planned to do Auburn and then return home right afterward. Instead I decided to head west to Chicago after Auburn and take Route 66 from there to Tulsa, which is as far as I can go and still get home in plenty of time for my oldest son's upcoming wedding. I was originally going to do Route 66 next year but I thought hey, I'll almost kinda sorta be in the neighborhood of Chicago while in northern Indiana so why not do some of '66 this year? So that's the plan. In the six years I've owned the Skylark I've been preparing her for a cross-country road trip. Complete new brake system, water pump, power steering pump, electrical system, seat/shoulder belts, carburetor, cooling system flush and hoses, etc. etc. The trunk is stocked with new spare parts that can be replaced on the road along with the necessary tools. I'll have cash and plastic with me to handle anything that won't be so easily repaired in a parking lot somewhere. A very good friend asked me if I thought I was asking for trouble by taking an old car on a long road trip. I told him that it depends on where the road trip will be. Taking a cross-country trip in Afghanistan would be asking for trouble. Here? Not so much.
  21. Such a beautiful car. It brings back memories of the second old car I ever bought, a black 1950 Special that I bought at age 18 for $85. I drove it for a year and didn't have to do anything to it except replace the battery.
  22. I booked my hotel yesterday. I plan to arrive late Thursday and will stay through Noon on Saturday. I'm looking forward to the event and meeting some of you.
  23. I finally got the Skylark out of the garage and on the road over the weekend. First a trip to the car wash, and then a two hour round trip to visit my son and his fiancé in Ulster County. No pics, sorry. There's nothing terribly exciting about photos at a car wash or in my son's driveway. You'll just have to take my word for it that I took the car out.
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