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  1. With everything that's going on right now I'm not sure if and when I'll be able to make my road trip to South Bend and Auburn. Being optimistic about it I'm posting my "official" starting mileage. I plan to head west as long as there are hotels and restaurants operating along the way.
  2. Had the Skylark out on Saturday and Sunday mostly running errands around town and taking a one hour round trip to my daughter and her husband's place. Weather permitting I plan to take it out every weekend on small shakedown cruises to make sure that she'll be up for the road trip to IN this summer. Sorry, no photos. The Acme parking lot isn't very interesting.
  3. Thanx for the suggestion John, I'll look into that option. I got another idea from one of the seat belt vendors that involves using a painted metal plug to cover the hole where the backing plate goes in. As with most things I do, I'll analyze it to death before taking any action.
  4. I want to install front shoulder belts in my Skylark. It will involve cutting a hole in the B pillar in order to slide in the bracket. The problem I have is that the Skylark doesn't have any trim on the B pillars that would hide the work, it's only painted metal. I guess I could glue some headliner-like material to the pillar but I'm not sure how that will look. Before I go that route, I'm looking for any alternate suggestions that the more creative among us may have to offer.
  5. That's one machine shop I can cross off my list.
  6. I'm planning to take up the challenge this year with my Skylark. I upgraded/replaced the brake system last year, took care of a carburetor problem a couple of weeks ago, and am now in the process of dealing with a cooling system leak that I hope to resolve shortly. Once that's done the car should be ready for a road trip. I plan to drive to South Bend, IN and then back to Auburn before driving home to northern NJ. No interstate highways, US highways only. Time permitting I may take a side trip to Indianapolis to visit a friend before returning home. The round trip to South Bend al
  7. I'm not personally interested, and I don't know of anyone who is. I can understand the owner's concern about posting his contact information publicly, but he needs to understand that the market for what he has is very limited and the more exposure he gets the more likely the cars will be put to better use than being melted and repurposed. Given that our correspondence on this issue is nearly six months old there appears to be no urgency on the owner's part to be rid of the cars. If the owner is serious about offering the cars to the collector car community I suggest that he sign up to the Opel
  8. Good point. I'll check to see if there are any good radiator repair shops left in my neck of the woods. The tank is pretty ratty looking, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's not in good physical shape.
  9. Took the Skylark out yesterday for a somewhat successful drive. One day back in November I started it up and almost immediately fuel started spewing out the bowl vent. I finally got around to taking the carburetor apart to fix the problem, which I expected to be either an issue with the float needle valve or a float full of gas. I found neither. The float valve and seat were in perfect condition with no signs of damage, dirt, or anything else that might account for what happened. I immersed the float in water and found no issue there either. Float travel is unrestricted and was set correctly.
  10. Just post the information here, and I'll post the link to this thread on the Opel forum. That way people on both forums can have the information.
  11. I don't like this particular picture of a Buick because it's a Pontiac. 🤪
  12. Here's another vote for Waldron's. Beautifully made, fit perfectly on my Skylark.
  13. I'm sure that many of us remember Amoco gasoline back in the day. It was lead-free decades before lead in fuel became an issue. I don't recall any of their competitors warning about how Amoco gasoline would destroy engines because of the lack of lead with its valve "lubricating" or "cushioning" properties. Countless Nail Heads ran on the stuff.
  14. It indeed appears to be that, but the shadow it casts on FDR's shoulder seems to indicate that the object may be something else, or at least not being worn as a collar by another person. Note that there appears to be something like a cord attached to it leading to the center of the windshield frame. Perhaps the military in WW2 hung rank insignia from their rear view mirrors, inspiring the post war fuzzy dice craze.
  15. I started up the Skylark, and as soon as I backed it out of the garage it started running rough. Popped the hood expecting to find the choke stuck and instead I saw the carburetor vomiting fuel out the bowl vent. Float needle not seating properly or a float full of gas. So, does driving the car out of the garage and right back in count?
  16. Guys, thanx for all your suggestions. I've considered each one of them and have decided to go with a modern aftermarket radio. My reasoning: Conversion of my AM radio: Goofy operation (no FM display, method of selecting AM-FM, etc.) Requires the destruction of a perfectly good AM radio Very pricey compared to other options Modifying the dash: Not a reversible modification unless I buy a second overlay and destroy it (I hate to destroy original parts). Relocating the FM converter: Puts it out of reach for tuning around. Yeah, I'm
  17. I'll bet you're right about the radio size. I'm confident that the AM-FM chassis would fit in the available space behind the dash, but there's no way I could bring myself to cut the dash. It's become obvious that there's no single option that will get me everything I want, so I've decided that the best compromise is a modern aftermarket radio that will fit into the dash opening without modification.
  18. This forum is still active: https://www.opelgt.com/forums/forum.php. Despite the name, they deal with all Opel models. If you can provide specific information on the car such as its location and owner contact information, I can post it to the forum since I'm a registered member.
  19. Apart from the color, this is exactly what mine looked like. Boy, what a fun car it was!
  20. Thank you for asking, but I'm not interested. If the car was closer and I was younger I'd probably look into it, but not now. It's a shame, really. A few years ago I tried to find one and eventually gave up. I have no room for another project, nor am I interested in taking one on at this stage of my life. Anything else I buy from now on has to be something that I can drive home, and that needs little more than an oil change and a tune-up. I do hope that someone rescues it. There are a couple of organizations like the Opel Motorsports Club and the Opel Association of North America that would li
  21. So sad to see. Manta Rallye models are scarce as hens' teeth. I had a '73 back in college. It was a really fun car to drive.
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