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  1. Exactly what Aaron said. I've had mine for about three years and couldn't be happier with it. They sell extensions for vehicles that have additional length between jacking points, so I'm pretty confident that you'll get a QuickJack to properly lift your car one way or the other. Having said the above, I offer two comments: First, if I didn't lift my cars very often I'd probably not have spent the money on the lift. Getting a car up on four jack stands is a PITA, and the QJ is so much more convenient for me. However, if I lifted a car only a couple of times a year I'd use jack stand
  2. The carb arrived on Friday, and I installed it yesterday morning. It performs perfectly. The vacuum-operated choke release works as it should, and the car accelerates from a dead stop and also while at speed without stumbling, two issues that I had unsuccessfully battled with over the four years I've owned the car. The only issue that came up is that the thermostatic coil assembly that the coolant runs through leaks inside the choke housing. I contacted the seller to request a repair or replacement of the part. I swapped it out with the one from my old carb for the time being so that I can kee
  3. Jon: I decided to buy the other carburetor that you pointed out to me. I chose that one over the Delco rebuilt unit mainly because it's a newer rebuild, and so it's less likely that I'll have to do anything to it like replace old gaskets or the accelerator pump. It also comes with a 60-day warranty, for whatever that might be worth. I think that one is a lower risk overall, and the seller accepted a lower offer. Thank you and Beemon for the thoughts on the older gaskets, something that I hadn't considered. Regarding EFI, I have mixed feelings about it. It's a very attractive option
  4. Wow, this got complicated! First, I'm going to remain neutral in the Great Electric Choke War of 2018 ?. Second, my car doesn't have a heat tube because the choke thermostat is water-operated. I had the choke piston out last year and there wasn't any obvious crud on the piston or in the bore, and there was no binding as might result from a burr. Because there is no possibility of exhaust gases entering the choke housing, warpage of the bore seems unlikely, assuming that exhaust heat would be the only cause of a warped bore. BTW, one of the reasons that I was considering picking up
  5. Thanx for the replies guys. @Ben: I very much like the idea of EFI, but regardless of the relative merits of EFI over carburetion, my budget won’t accommodate a conversion. @Jon: Whether the older rebuilt has a leather accelerator pump doesn’t worry me too much because I bought a rebuild kit from you about two years ago, so I know that I have a proper leather pump and gaskets out in the garage! See below for what’s up with my carb. @NTX: The carb has been a royal PITA since day one when I got the car. The accelerator pump link on the outside of the carb was
  6. My '64 Skylark V8 has a Rochester 2GC that was installed by the previous owner. It's one that he got from one of the auto parts store chains and was rebuilt by Autoline. It wasn't working right when I got it, and although I got it working fairly well right now, it has some issues that have been annoying me for the past four years. I was thinking of sending it out to a reputable rebuilder, but the core is pretty messed up and so I want to replace the whole works. There's a Delco-rebuilt unit for sale that I'm thinking of picking up. By "Delco-rebuilt" I mean that it's in a Delco box and has a D
  7. Final report: The conversion to the '65 style mounts is done. Everything bolted up to existing holes. Cost of the complete set of engine and frame mounts was less than the cost of rebuilding the old mounts. The oil pan gasket, which started this whole affair, was replaced at the same time and the car no longer makes a mess wherever I park it. Thanx again to all who offered suggestions.
  8. I was never able to find '64 mounts, as apparently it was a one year only design that no one reproduces. Steele will rebuild your old mounts, but the turnaround time is measured in weeks and I couldn't have the car tied up like that at my mechanic's place. I forget who, but someone mentioned that mounts from '65 thru '67 would fit, but the frame mounts would have to be changed out as well. Reproduction mounts for the '65 thru '67 model years are readily available from a variety of sources, but the frame mounts not so much because you have to find a set from a parts car. I found a salvage yard
  9. The Skylark is back on the road with new motor mounts and oil pan gasket. Ran it up to church yesterday, and then around the area for various errands. After about an hour's run in hot August weather I parked it back in the garage. I went back into the garage sometime later to find a dry floor for the first time since forever. What a pleasure it's going to be not having to worry about leaving a mess wherever I go.
  10. That's exactly what I've used on all of the cars I've added seat belts to.
  11. Hi Mark: Thank you for the suggestion. I knew that Steele restores mounts, but in my case that wouldn't be practical. I'm not able to do that work myself and so I have to farm it out. My mechanic can't lay up the car for the three weeks time that Steele takes to complete the job. Anyway, the frame mounts arrived on Tuesday and the engine mounts are on the way. Jim
  12. I realized that my only practical option is to convert to the 1965 style mount, as suggested by some in other threads. I found and ordered a pair of '65 frame mounts that are due to arrive today. I sure hope that they bolt right up to the existing frame holes. If all goes well I'll order the matching rubber motor mounts and get that job behind me. This whole thing started when I wanted to replace my badly leaking oil pan gasket, which requires unbolting the mounts and raising the engine. One of the mounts is so bad that I wouldn't dare touch it without having a set of replacements
  13. Near as I've been able to determine, new motor mounts for a '64 Skylark with the 300 engine are not available from anywhere. I also understand that the mounts are unique to the '64 model year, which explains why no one bothered to reproduce them. It looks like my only options are to have my mounts rebuilt by Steele Rubber Products, or else find a good used pair. The issues I have with the rebuild option are that the car will be laid up for about three weeks while I wait for my mounts to come back, but more important is the fact that Steele will only rebuild the non-interlocking type. I'm not s
  14. The point about having to remove the exhaust Y-pipe coincidentally relates to the suggestion of having a mechanic do the oil pan job. I have an appointment on Wednesday to have my exhaust system replaced. I have a new stainless exhaust system whose installation I'm farming out because I don't have a torch to break the bolts free from the manifold. I don't want to take the time and effort to rent a torch and then go through the rest of the process. I may very well do the same with the oil plan gasket. I'll ask the guy to have a look at it next week while he's under there working on the exhaust.
  15. Guys, thank you all for your replies. OK, I guess I'll have to man up and do it right. My main problem right now is time, so the oil pan project may have to wait until the fall. Fortunately the leak isn't so bad that it has to be fixed before I use the car during the summer. I just fixed oil leaks from the rocker cover and intake manifold seals, which were practically vomiting oil from the top rear of the engine. The car practically created a Super Fund site wherever I parked it, but the top end is nice and dry now. Anyway, as simple as those fixes were, they took me weeks to compl
  16. I have an oil pan gasket leak that I want to fix. The engine is the 300 c.i. V8. A prior owner apparently over torqued the bolts to the point where two had sheared off, and the gasket needs replacement anyway. My question is whether the motor mount bolts have to be removed and the front of the engine raised in order to get the pan out, or not. The factory shop manual indicates that has to be done, but the Mitchell repair procedure does not indicate the need to do that. My problem is that I'm not in a position to raise the engine, so if I follow the Mitchell procedure and find that the engine d
  17. It wasn't the weekend, but I finally took the Skylark out on the road yesterday for the first time since parking it in the garage last fall. It had been leaking oil pretty badly from the rocker covers and the intake seals, and I finally got around to replacing them. I still have the oil pan gasket to deal with, but things are vastly improved and the car will see a lot of road time this weekend.
  18. Beautiful car! It brings back memories of my own Opel, a 1973 Manta Rallye that I had while at college. Mine was the same color as yours, except that mine had the flat black hood. It was a blast to drive. I wish there were more of them around.
  19. We still have one about 15 minutes from my house: http://www.warwickdrivein.com/.
  20. There's nothing particularly exciting about this one, but I'd love to have a 1969 LeSabre four door hardtop with the 350 engine. My dad bought one new and I'd get to drive it around every so often. I always loved the look of the '69 Buicks. If only I had a larger garage...
  21. Grew up in a city (Paterson, NJ) where it was always a crap shoot as to when your street was going to get plowed. It wasn't necessarily on the same day that it snowed, which made it interesting. In those pre-snowblower days you had to shovel out your driveway and hope that you got out before the plow came through and doubled your workload. Worse yet if we had one of the cars parked on the street that you had to dig out. Of course if we got out before the streets were plowed the drive was pretty interesting in our '69 LeSabre or later '73 LeSabre, which were pretty terrible in the snow without
  22. The second photo brought back memories of when I stayed at the Deauville in 1965 with my parents. I'm surprised it's still there.
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