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  1. You are so fortunate that happened there instead of out on the road. I had a similar experience a couple of years ago while backing my Skylark out of the garage. No damage, fortunately. That was the day I decided to convert to a dual circuit brake system.
  2. I'm game. Not sure yet if I can swing it, but if it happens I'll see if I can get down there with my '64. We sold our camper years ago but I'd stay in a local hotel and hang out for the day.
  3. That looks more appetizing to me than other dead stuff they lay on a bed of rice and wrap in seaweed. I might actually eat that (without the blanket, of course).
  4. Here's the shot of my Winter Buick. It's the same every year.
  5. Going to try again since 2020 was a bust. Hope to get to South Bend and Auburn, IN sometime this year with a possible stop in Warren, OH for my auto museum tour. That trip combined with my normal driving should put me over the 2021 target. Shown odometer reading as of 01/01/21.
  6. They look like party animals for sure! Clever idea, though.
  7. Looks like it flooded out, that's what happened.
  8. Nice car Derek. Welcome to the forum. My son spent most all of 2020 in NZ on a holiday work visa and got to tour both islands from top to bottom. He absolutely loved the place. The only downside was that he was holed up in Auckland for the last few months because of the pandemic.
  9. Isn't that just like some people? All that cleared roadway and they still drive in the snow.
  10. My college girlfriend had one of those at the same time that I had my '73 Rallye. Fun cars, good times.
  11. Regardless, to which of those two would you rather say "You're doing it wrong?"
  12. Looks like they're both having a blast.
  13. Nice! Just like my old 1950, except mine had a license plate.
  14. Perhaps to control wind buffeting at speed? Any convertible owners out there care to do a windows up/down comparison? You want odd? Check out the 1950 Nash convertible coupe.
  15. One cannot help but admire the time, money, and craftsmanship that went into ruining that car.
  16. I don't know how MA handles these things but as long as the VIN on the car and the title match I would think that correcting the model would be relatively simple. In NJ a photo or pencil rubbing of the body plate usually suffices if the VIN matches. That you inherited the car makes it worthwhile to go through whatever trouble it takes to get it corrected. However, I would never buy a vehicle that had an incorrect title no matter how seemingly minor the discrepancy; it's the seller's job to produce a correct title, even a color change due to a repaint. A mismatched VIN is a deal killer right out of the gate, which is why I always ask if the title matches the vehicle before I even go look at it, and then I ask to see the title before any money is exchanged. You can't be too careful with that sort of thing because even if you sweep discrepancies under the rug and register the vehicle chances are you'll want to sell it one day and someone like me will come along and give you grief about it. The only way I'd be willing to deal with that sort of thing is if someone offered me a Duesenberg for $200. Title mismatches are more common with older vehicles than I thought. In 2020 alone while searching for an older pickup truck I found one on Craigslist that had a 1960 body and grille, a 1958 hood, a 1960 VIN, and was titled as a 1959. Had I been in better physical shape I'd have run away from that one faster. Then there are the Model A Fords whose engine numbers were used as the VIN. Try and find one of those whose engine hadn't been swapped out over the past 90 years. I passed up three of them in 2020 because there was nothing on any of those trucks that would tie them to the title. Perhaps the Model A community lets sleeping dogs lie.
  17. Yes, the same in Paterson where I grew up. We were lucky because my parents owned the house, and we had a driveway and a garage. Felt bad for others in the neighborhood who had to park on the street and dig themselves out. You probably remember seeing kitchen chairs and garbage cans that people used to reserve their spaces while at work. Probably still a common practice in cities.
  18. I took the Skylark out yesterday for its final ride of 2020. They'll be salting the roads today as we're getting our first taste of Winter precipitation. This year was a bad news/good news year for the mileage challenge. The bad news is that I didn't make the mileage goal. The good news is that I put more miles on the Skylark this year than in any other single year since I bought it in 2014: 1,099 miles.
  19. Reminds you of your grandfather? What, you trying to make me feel old? It reminds me of me when I used to roll out the pre-mounted snow tires every winter.
  20. Welcome to the group, Fabian. Where in NJ do you live? I assume somewhere near Montvale where some European manufacturers have US offices. I live in Sussex County and would love to see your '59s some day. I'm particularly fond of the 1959 and 1960 style.
  21. A worthy impersonation of the Buick!
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