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  1. Today project was making things shine. I fired up the powder coater and powder coated the rear brake backing plates and spring shackles black, and the aluminum wedges for the front axle clear. It is so nice to powder coat an object and have it ready to install in minutes after coating, no waiting for the paint to cure, just wait long enough for the part to cool and you can use it. I am getting so close to putting the axles on the chassis and having it rolling around in the garage.
  2. Today I did some sand blasting of the rear backing plates and one rear drum. They took several times in the cabinet to get all the crude off them, they look pretty good now. Another day of sand blasting and I should have the other drum done and any other little things that need blasted for the chassis to get back on the ground. I also added some of the pictures from yesterday. Lots of detail pictures so I know how it goes back together again!
  3. Did some work on the rear brakes this afternoon, took the emergency brake cables off and also the wheel cylinders and wire brushed the backing plates and shoes a little to get the heavy crude off them. Ready for the sandblast cabinet now. Speaking of the sandblast cabinet, the left hand glove has had holes in it for awhile and I had bought a new glove along time ago so I thought it was a good time to change it out. It was a simple job and is now ready to blast away without sandblasting my fingers and getting sand all over my arm! I have several parts ready to hit the blaster in the next couple of days. Rear brake backing plates and shoes, rear drums, front drums, and U-bolts and nuts for rear springs. I also made a list of parts that are needed to get the chassis back together, several hundred dollars worth of goodies!!! Hope to order them this week.
  4. The hanging parts now have a new set of clothes, nice shiny black paint to go with the rest of the chassis parts already painted. Will be so glad to get the chassis together enough to get it back on the ground.
  5. You got it Keiser, but it is actually the outside of the fender that is high by about 1/2". Quality control at it again! Remember the frame welds?
  6. Just thought I would show the front end to see if anyone can spot the problem with the right front fender?
  7. Look at the picture of the door and door handle, the body looks to be fiberglass... And phillips head screws?? And the pin stripping going under the door handle and the brackets for the top?? Oh boy........
  8. Just hanging around waiting on some new clothes!!!!! That's the look of the day. Getting ready to spray some of the suspension parts soon. Once I get these parts painted and installed on the chassis I will only need the brake backing plates and drums to be finished and installed to get the chassis back on the ground and rolling. Hoping to get it rolling by the end of March! Then on to the body... Also moved the body back out into the work area as I finished a customers truck that was using the space. Was checking it over to see what the plan of attack will be on it. I did notice a big error in the right front fender that was done at the factory and no real way of fixing it, I guess it will stay that way.
  9. Paul they are about 1 1/4" -1 1/2" wide. Same shoes that are on the 1950-1952 Crosley cars. Thanks for all the good comments!!! Looks like everyone will be having Forum withdraw for a few days!!! Good time to get out and work on the cars!!!!!
  10. If you can't find a replacement I would think that a good welder could repair that for you.
  11. Today's project was to get some primer on the rear end and the shock brackets. Done! I didn't prime the areas inboard of the spring mounts on purpose as that is where the hitch mounts and I didn't want to build it up with paint. I am also working on a customers truck so I got her truck spot primed also. Slow progress is better than no progress!
  12. A few more rear end shots for Valentines Day! I got the rear drums and backing plates off and did some more cleanup on the rear axle and rear springs. More things added to the table for finishing.
  13. I have been cleaning up the rear end and got the drums off today, they were tight but the drum puller did its job. Will now take the backing plates off and get everything cleaned painted and powder coated and ready to go back together. I have to order some parts soon as I will need to get the new wheel cylinders installed before I can put the drums on, both front and rear.
  14. Work continues on the FOR. I cleaned and painted the front springs and attaching hardware, and also started cleaning on the rear member assembly. Then the next step was to start assembly!!! The front springs were attached to the frame and now await the front axle and brake backing plates. I hope to get it into a roller and then move it out of the way and start on the body soon. Lots of pictures for those that enjoy looking...
  15. Mark, Most cars are over restored, just thought I would bring that up as there was a thread running about "Bling" and over restoration. Most cars are over restored and I feel, as well as other, that this hurts the cars during judging that are not quite as perfect as those over restored cars. I was always told to judge the car like it would have appeared on the showroom floor and in my eyes that could be with blemishes, orange peel paint, runs, unfit panels, very light mist coats of paint on engines, frames and other items, etc. It is very hard to remember that these cars were not made to be displayed on a show field and judged, but to be driven and used to get from point "A" to point "B" and they could have minor imperfections and that is "OK" The engine may have some spots that have no paint on them, chassis parts may have nicks in the paint, there may be orange peel in the paint finish, but this is they way that they went to the dealer and then on to the customer. But, if I was paying for a restoration, would I accept some of these imperfections and still pay top dollar? Heck NO!! That is what has happened to the restoration of cars in my opinion. OK, off my soapbox... Flipped the FOR frame over this morning and sprayed the bottom side and now will wait till it dries thoroughly and then put it aside and work on the rest of the chassis components. There is over one quart of black paint on the frame!
  16. Mark and Martin, both were good Ideas but I decided to paint it on the horses. I will flip it over and paint the bottom side and it will look better than new, oh darn, I have over restored the frame... LOL Looks pretty good, once i get it flipped over and finished I will have to find some place to store it while I work on the rest of the chassis and then start bolting it back together.
  17. Thanks for the positive comments! Got the frame flipped over this am and began the sanding on the bottom side. Go it finished this afternoon and now I need to clean it for paint. Lots of scrubbing and cleaning to get all the sanding dust out of all the holes and crannies. Maybe this Saturday I will be able to get the black paint on it. I have been trying to decide how to go about painting it to get into all the tight spots. I have thought about hanging it but it would be even harder to flip it while hanging. Or leave it on the horses and paint one side (top up), then let it dry, then flip it (bottom up) and paint the other side? I plan on using single stage enamel paint. Does anyone have any ideas?
  18. Sand, sand, sand... As my wife says "You have more paint on the floor than on the car." There are a lot of nooks and crannies that make it hard to sand. The sanding process is about half way done on the top side of the frame. Then I will flip it over and finish sanding and then clean it thoroughly and prep it for gloss black. Anyone want to help sand?? I am happy with how it is looking and will even be happier when it gets color.
  19. The frame has another coat of primer, and hopefully the last. Looks pretty good, will need a complete sanding and then on to black paint!!
  20. More work on the battery box today. I got some 1" angle iron and cut 4 pieces 6 7/8" long and began the welding process. I wasn't sure if I wanted to clean the welds up after I was done or leave them as finished. I think I will leave them as finished so they match the rest of the welds on the frame. I didn't have to try to hard to make crappy welds. Now it is ready for a coat of primer!!!
  21. Some progress to report on the FOR. I have been prepping the frame for a coat of primer, hopefully the last, and I started making the battery box. I have the front and rear of it cut out and have the bends in it, now I need to get the angle iron and get it welded together and weld it in the frame. I have also cleaned out all the filler from all the bolt holes. So maybe by the weekend it will have a fresh coat of gray primer on it and be ready to final sand. Maybe...
  22. Thanks. Drag links are naturally snakey! Same with the Crosley Hot Shots and Super Sports, they look like a wet noodle!
  23. No work to report on the FOR as I have had paying jobs taking up the space for the FOR frame, It is now leaning up against the wall. I hope to get it back on the horses right after Christmas and get it primered again. Just wanted to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and remember the reason for the season. Happy Birthday Jesus!!!
  24. I jumped down to the thread you have on the Lagonda Rapier to see why you had pulled the head. You are probably right about the bad petrol. Hope you have it up and running soon. The Humber will wait patiently till you are done with the Lagonda Rapier.
  25. Mercury Marquis 1984-1986.