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  1. Hello all in Hupp land, I am looking for a front window crank handle for my Hupp. If you have one and want to sell it, PM me with picture and price. Scammers need not reply. Thanks, Dale
  2. I am looking for an inside window crank handle for a 1929 Hupmobile Century M Sedan. It has splines on the inside and also has the escutcheon built into the handle. If you have one, or think you have one, PM me with pictures and price. If you are a scammer, no need to respond. Thanks, Dale
  3. Took the Hupmobile to its first show in about 20 years! Was quite the hit at the memorial Day car cruise to benefit the Children's Hospital Free car fund that our club runs. Lots of other nice cars there too. Hupp ran good to and from the cruise. Also had the 1949 Crosley Hotshot and the 1977 Covette there.
  4. Well, it happened!!! I got the Hupp out and took it for a short run down a side street today! Wasn't a long run, but it ran pretty good!! Felt good to be behind the wheel and driving it. Now to get it to it's first car show in years.
  5. Looks similar to a Hupmobile. I'm looking for the fitting that mounts to the filter.
  6. Still working on the Hupmobile and Thunderbird. I got the hood and fender installed on the Thunderbird today and freed up the cart, so I hope to put the FOR back on it and start back on its restoration. I installed a new generator cutout on the Hupmobile and fired it up and the generator is charging as it should be so now it is time for a test drive. Will be the first time behind the wheel of it and I am excited!! Installed one more hubcap, so now the passenger side is complete. And I am in charge of making the dash plaques for our car cruise on Memorial Day so the wood is on the running boards, any flat surface in my garage gets stuff laid on it.
  7. Just to finish off this thread: I bought a replacement cutout and now the generator is charging as it should. Now it is time for a test run out on the road for the first time in years and my first time driving it. Thanks for all the help. All is well in Hupp Land!!
  8. Looks like it has been repainted, or at least parts of it have. Look at the picture of the passenger side door handle, I see masking lines, and the trunk lid is missing the letters as others have said...
  9. Crosley or Corvette??? If your looking for driving fast and being with the "in" crowd, it is the Corvette, but if you are looking for fun all around it is the Crosley hands down. Everyone has a Corvette, go to a car show/cruise and they are everywhere. Not everyone has a Crosley and at shows you can't see the Crosley for all the people flocked around it!? I speak from experiance, I have a Corvette and a few Crosleys.
  10. More work on the Hupmobile and the Thunderbird. Finally got good enough weather to paint the hood and fender on the Thunderbird. Now to repair the bumper cover and put it back together. Once I get it back together I can resume working on the FOR as the cart will be free from Thunderbird parts. Was working on the Hupmobile trying to get it ready for a car cruise this weekend. I drained the transmission and refilled with grease and topped the rear end off. I put a filter on the fuel line ahead of the fuel vacuum canister thinking there would be rust and dirt in the fuel tank, well it seems to be spotless as the filter is clean after running it for about 30 minutes, but the car would stave of fuel and after checking things out the fuel bowl was empty. After checking out a few things I discovered the vacuum canister was rusty inside, so apart it came. cleaned it up and now it seems to be running good. I am slowly installing the hubcaps and it is looking pretty good. Unfortunately, I don't think I will have the Hupmobile at the cruise this Saturday as I need a generator cutout and will have to order one. I did find the oil filter but there is a problem with it, the fitting on what I think is the bypass value is broke off. It would be nice to have the filter on the car, just so I can show off the old style filter, so if anyone has a fitting like in the picture let me know. Otherwise I will mount the filter just for looks and bypass it as it is now.
  11. Yes it is a 3 brush generator. All I know is it was working when the car was put away about 15 years ago.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. This cutout has two connections, one from the generator output and one from the wiring harness. So, with the cutout off the car and base of the unit grounded, if I momentarily put 12 volts to the generator input side of the cutout it should close the points?
  13. I am working on a 1929 Hupmobile and can't get the generator to charge. I think it is the cutout, but I can't seem to find any testing data on it? I have closed the relay and then the gauge shows that it is charging but I have to hold the relay down. The car is 6 volts positive ground. Is there a way to test it to see if it is defective? What makes the relay close? What makes it open when the engine revs up? Any help is appreciated, Dale
  14. Paul, I have bought the Hupp from my dad, couldn't see to let it go from the family after being a part of it for almost 50 years. Just doing a few things to it to make it mine and then I plan on driving it some.
  15. Put the first hubcap on the Hupp today. It is an original that was in pretty good shape and the chrome wasn't too bad so I just painted the cap and installed. One down 5 to go. Looks pretty good... On a side note, if you look at the spare tire that the hubcap is on you will note that it was made at the Pennsylvania Rubber Co. in Jeannette, PA, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Vandergrift PA.
  16. What is the correct color of the block for a 1929 Century 8 cylinder engine? Was the crankcase painted also or was it left natural Aluminum color? What about accessories and water tubes, spark plug cover and the like? Same color? There was a article on a 1928 Hupp with a 8 cylinder and it was painted black, it that what a 29 would be? Thanks, Dale
  17. The Hupmobile is now at my garage and it moves under its own power. I just filled the vacuum canister with fuel, none in the tank yet. The carburetor leaks out of what looks like the bottom of the bowl. Huppy day!
  18. The Hupmobile is now at my garage resting comfortably. It even moved under its own power into the garage. Huppy day!
  19. Thanks Paul. Went down to dads building and moved the Hupmobile out into the outer section and then put a battery in it and cleaned the points, put some gas in the vacuum canister and put the choke on and within a few cranks there was life, the Hupmobile fired up and sounds good. Today I will go down with the trailer and load it up to bring it to my garage, a BIG day!!! It is getting close to plowing time with the FOR, have to get a few little jobs finished up and then I will begin working on it again. He has some cars yet to sell and we are working to get the 1969 Cadillac running and will probably be posting the for sale list soon. Thanks for your interest. Dale
  20. The weather is finally getting nice in SWPA and I will get getting the 1929 Hupmobile out of my dads building this weekend. I am so excited!!! I have been working on the hubcaps, I had found 3 hubcaps and my stepdaughter and her husband bought me one on eBay. I have powder coated them and hand painted the trim in them, they are looking pretty nice. Not the original colors in them but it matches the radiator badge. Then dad was moving things around the other day and found 4 more hubcaps, some are pretty rough but I only need two more and with a little body work they came out pretty good. I am leaving two in the original chrome and will put those on the spare wheels in the wheel wells.
  21. Dean, I didn't know you were parting out your Hupmobile. I just got an email saying you were parting it out and selling the hubcaps and taillight for $300.00. Damn scammers!!!! LOL Dale
  22. I was looking for parts for my 1929 Hupmobile and he responded with the same email and just to mess with him, I responded and he sent me pictures of this car. . Funny as I have followed this restoration thread, from the beginning and I didn't know that Dean H. was parting out the car now!!! Here is the email that he sent me: "Great! I am currently tearing out my 1929 Hupmobile project with a set of original hubcaps and tail light in excellent shape and condition, ready to mount on. I'm asking $300 and happy to arrange delivery via USPS or Fedex ground to your door step and would acknowledge a Walmart to Walmart payment. What's your complete shipping address? Many thanks again and regards, John"
  23. I think the AACA Club should open it's own "AACA Museum"!!!!!
  24. I would like to know what the framework is that the aaca Museum speaks of? It was OUR Museum, bought and paid for with AACA CLUB members money, they stole it from us! Don't use OUR name if it is not ours anymore!