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  1. What class mail were the card sent out?
  2. We had one across the isle that was mounted in a box trailer that was charging up several mobility carts inside the trailer. The people were staying at a motel and the generator would run till it ran out of gas...
  3. The one that was in the green field had no graphics on it. I saw a picture of the one on the show field and at first thought it was the same one, then noticed the graphics. Unless they were magnetic decals?? It sure did sound nice coming past our space every day!
  4. First off I want to thank Hershey Region and all that helped make this another great year at Hershey!!! A huge undertaking that seems to go off without a hitch every year. My question concerns the running of generators at night, it used to be the generators had to be shut off at 10pm. This year we were told by on official that it was 11pm? I looked in my vendor information and I didn't see anything at all about generators??? Has the rule of 10pm shutoff time changed and if so why is it not in the vendor information? By 10pm, I am tired and ready for bed and some of the generators are quite loud. Whatever the time is it should be posted in the vendor information. Thanks, Dale
  5. Steve, I understand about parking problems and I know about the stickers. We will check on local homes but we are trying to get things lined up before we go. As for HE&R, I commend them for the job they do. It is a big undertaking and they, Hershey Region, AACA and HE&R do a fabulous job. I just thought that if there was a place that someone could park a car for the entire week for a smaller fee than RV parking, that maybe it would free up some flea market space as some vendor would park there vehicles in the weeklong area? Again, thanks for the ideas and we will check into those options.
  6. Thanks for the offer Dave. My brother lives about 1 hour away too, but we were hoping for something right in the area. It is really a shame that someone doesn't have a place just to park cars for the week at a reasonable cost. Might even free up some flea market space and make the flea market better? Does anyone have any room on there space for a car(modern day midsized) for the week? Message me and we can work out the details.
  7. I have checked with the Museum and they want $120.00 to park a car there from Tues. to Sat., RV parking rates apply whether you are parking a car or a RV. Does anyone have a spot we could park this car for the week for a small fee??????????? Has anyone had any luck parking at a shopping center long term?
  8. Check that upper rad hose. In the one picture it looks like there is a mark from where the old battery was rubbing on it??
  9. Is there any place you can park a car for the entire week of Hershey for one fee? We have a friend coming and need a spot to park a car from Tuesday till Saturday. It wouldn't be moved the entire week. Thanks, Dale
  10. Awww man! I was working on a deal with Reed to get some parts for my Thunderbird!!! He had just what I wanted. LOL I just looked at the time he joined and the time he messaged me and said that he is scamming. Wish there was a way to fry their computer when you ban them!
  11. Do to someone's carelessness I am now looking for parts to repair my 1990 Ford Thunderbird and need a NOS headlight assembly for the drivers side. I need a New Old Stock headlight or one that is as close to new as possible. I have found the parking light assembly. If you have one you want to sell, let me know. Send me a private message or post here. Thanks, Dale
  12. I am working on a customers 1937 Chevrolet truck and looking to install the wiring harness and have a question as to where the harness goes through the firewall. There are two holes in the firewall, one on the passenger side that is about 1 3/8" diameter and one on the drivers side that is about 3/4" in diameter. Pictures below show the two holes, the passenger side has a grommet that I just installed. Which is the correct hole to run the wires through? I believe it is the larger hole on the passenger side, but want to ask those that may know. Thanks for your input. Dale
  13. Thanks for checking out my ad for a 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe. This is one of dads collection that is for sale. It is a 1948 Lincoln Continental Coupe with the original 292 cubic inch V 12 engine. It has a 3 speed standard transmission with overdrive. There are 63K miles on this beauty! It was repainted many years ago, somewhere in the 1960's I would guess. It has it's bumps and bruises, but overall it is in good shape. The chrome is fair, glass is all good. The interior looks fair, some areas need some attention, while I was taking pictures of the interior I heard the clock working!!! It has power windows. He hasn't driven it much in the last few years but it is running and driving. The car is complete and a survivor and would fit very nicely in the HPOF class. Production for the 1948 Lincoln Continental was limited to 1299. This car is a full "Classic" and can be bought for only $22,000.00. One of the cheapest Classics going! Car is located in Southwestern PA near Pittsburgh PA. Message me for more details. Dale
  14. If Popeye and Brain are in Carnegie PA, that is not to far from where I am located. About 30 miles from me.
  15. Brian and Popeye must be in my neck of the woods. Nice car!!!!
  16. Taking some time off the FOR to sell my dads collection of cars. He has decided it is time to let his collection loose and let others enjoy the hobby. I have been quite busy showing and moving cars the last month. Several cars have sold but have lots to go. If you are interested, check out the buy/sell forum "Lifetime car collection for sale (pictures posted)" and buy a car.
  17. Curti, Yes that is the gas filler in the tail light. It is a 1953 Nash as it has the over riders on the bumpers.
  18. Just a short update on this, I received a refund to my PayPal account from eBay. I also received a survey from them, I hope they see how disappointed I am in them.
  19. I have been fighting with eBay and Paypal for about 3 weeks on a purchase I made with an e-paypal gift card. It withdrew money from both the e card and my paypal account, which overdrew my bank account as I keep very little in that account. I called Paypal, who said they know there is a glitch in eBays system but it was not their problem, transferred me to eBay, ebay says they can't see where it took money from both card and paypal and there is no glitch and transfers me back to paypal. After several calls, eBay says, "Yes, I see where it took money from both the card and your paypal account", but we can't fix it, it is paypals problem... Back to paypal. Paypal says they can fix it, it was a glitch in eBays system and they know about it and they have to initiate the refund. Several more hours on the phone and back and forth between the two because neither one can initiate a 3 way call. Finally a "teammate" from eBay says that paypal will be issuing a mass refund in a few days, I should have the money by Friday April 7th, maybe???? NO money yet!!!!!! This week I called on Monday and it was almost like starting over, but I think????, I might have gotten somewhere, again back and forth between the two until I said I want to speak with a supervisor, he was able to 3 way call and I actually have a conformation number. I even got a phone call from eBay yesterday confirming the call that I made on Monday. I might get my money back this week??? Overall I have spent about 5 hours on the phone, been transferred back and forth too many times to count, have killed the battery on many cordless phones and still am waiting. I have really got a bad taste in my mouth from this experience and the lack of desire to fix it on eBay and paypals side.
  20. Starting to work on the body by clearing out the passenger area, removing the seat braces and such. It really is amazing that most of the bolts once loosened turn right out. I have a couple nut/bolts that are rusted enough that I can't get a socket/wrench on them and will probably need a little heat to loosen them. The next thing to decide is whether I want to replace the entire floor area or just sections of it??? I replace the entire floor on my brother in laws FOR and it wasn't that hard, with the exception I had to add some to the 4'X3' sheet of metal to make it big enough. Also a couple of pictures of the sides, the drivers side is good with one small hole at the front. The passenger side will get replaced as it is pretty rough. And one hole on the lower cowl panel on the passenger side. Well back to work!