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  1. Still working on the FOR, lots of little things that need to be done. Headlight switch-check, throttle linkage-check, hood latch-check...
  2. The headlight dimmer switch is temporarily installed. It will probably be taken back out to connect the wires to it. I dug out the stash of cloth covered wire, six different colors, all 14 gauge. Will have to buy some 10-12 gauge for a few circuits.
  3. Both headlight buckets and parking lights are now in. Also installed the oil sending unit rubber hose on the block. I also changed out the clutch fork as the one that was in it was wrong. The correct one has a dog leg on the lower end to line up with the linkage.
  4. Two rows I think. Yes the top tank is huge... And the FOR has a shroud on it. Other Crosley's don't have the shroud.
  5. The radiator is now in and I can now measure for the hoses. Also got the few remaining body to frame bolts in the engine bay area in. They were slightly misaligned and needed drilled out. I also got some white paint to paint the insides of the parking and taillight housings, painted them then sprayed the outside black. One step at a time. Soon I will be able to drive it!!!!!
  6. On page 3 last picture the taillight about the middle of the cabinet. Has 4-5 lenses in it, a staub? Do you still have it?
  7. 1929 Hupmobile Century M 8 cylinder. Been in the family for over 50 years.
  8. I filled the radiator with water yesterday and it held all night, a good sign. I will now paint it and get it ready to install. Here is the painted radiator bracket.
  9. Today I dug the radiator out of the FOR parts pile, getting smaller all the time. Looks in pretty good shape, I hope it holds water! Clean it up some and then I will check it out. Also cleaned and painted the support bar for the radiator today.
  10. If I remember correctly in one of the pictures you showed in another thread it was worn quite a bit where it goes into the transmission arm. Check all of the, each one needs to be wiggle free.
  11. A few pictures of the Crosley meet. First picture is our President David Anspach eating ice cream at Tiny's after the road ralley. The next picture is of the Crosley "put together" car. Teams were formed and the car was put together three times in under 14 minutes each. The record of 8 minutes still holds from Macungie PA a few years ago. Next is the row of roadsters, around 20 of them. There were 133 cars on the show field and another 35 cars for sale or just running around. A record for the largest show on record for the 50th anniversary of the Crosley club and the 80th anniversary of the Crosley car. The FOR class was a little light this year. The spotlight class was Prewar and there were something like 33 cars in that class. The most ever in one spot since production. Last picture is of my brother in law's FOR that I restored about 8 years ago. He got first place in the FOR class.
  12. Spent Thursday through Sunday in Wauseon Ohio at the National Crosley meet. Picked up a lot of the parts I needed for the FOR. Now I can get back to work.
  13. I would bet that if this car was on an AACA show field it would have more lookers than corvettes, mustangs and Packard's combined! Variety is the spice of life. If the price is right and a title can be obtained, I say go for it!!! Wouldn't car shows be bland if all the cars were the same?
  14. The wife and I took some time tonight to clean up the 1949 Hotshot in preparation for the Crosley National Meet in Wauseon this weekend. We will be heading there on Wednesday night. The Hotshot hasn't had this much attention in years. Our beagle Barney wanted to go for a ride.
  15. Emergency brake handle brackets are now powder coated and ready to install. I also installed the in/out shift handle and the hi/lol shift handle, and the braces for the passenger side seat.
  16. Painted a few small parts this afternoon. Seat braces, windshield frame supports and hubcaps. I see green! First two pictures are with just basecoat.
  17. I forgot to post this on Saturday. I fabricated the plates for the emergency brake handle. Things were going good until I found out I needed to make the big hole bigger. I put it back in the press and sheared it right off. Made a replacement and now they just need powder coated.
  18. Today was back to primer day. I put a light coat on the bed and a few small pieces. Now tomorrow I hope to put color on a few things.
  19. If you are using one of the newer battery chargers on a completely dead battery you have to trick the charger to get it to start charging. The new chargers will not start charging until it gets voltage from the battery. What you need to do is get another battery and connect the two together to give it that voltage, then once it starts charging you can disconnect the good battery. Dale
  20. It is hot! 88 degrees and humid. Worked on the FORs today. On mine I installed some rubber around the edge of the hood to keep from scratching the paint on the fenders. The original didn't have this but it works well. We also mounted the new tires on the freshly powder coated wheels for my brother in law's FOR. Note the agriculture tires mounted on the bud wheels in the bed.
  21. I spent some time today powder coating parts. First it was my brother in law's wheels, then I powder coated my shifter rods and brake and clutch pedals. A full day of work. I also have been working on the FOR bud wheels, I had to find a set of wheels from my stock and grind the rivets off and now I can install the outer part of the rim on the bud centers that I bought years ago.
  22. Not seeing too many antiques in Scotland and Ireland. But did spot this Caddy convertible at a rest stop on the way to Galway from Dublin.
  23. Today I spent some time helping my brother in law get his FOR ready for the national meet next month. He hasn't had it out in 3 years and the brake cylinders were bad. He had new ones already so it was a matter of swapping them out and cleaning things. Also changed the fluids in the engine, transmission, transfer case and differential. Tomorrow my wife and I will be leaving for Scotland to see our daughter and son in law and check out the sights! Will also be going to Ireland.
  24. Yesterday I got some cleaning and blasting done on some small parts. Windshield frame brackets, seat brackets, and brake and clutch pedals. Also sanded the wheel covers and long seat brackets. Next step, primer and paint.