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  1. Took the Hotshot to the local festival about 10 miles away and it ran great! They have great food, fresh squeezed apple cider and lots of craft booths, was the biggest I have seen it. The weather was great too. And I forgot to take pictures.?
  2. I got the Hotshot carburetor all together and it runs good again. Hope to take it to a local fall festival tomorrow.
  3. Crank and intake are sold, thanks Jack. Other parts still available.
  4. A little Crosley work to report tonight. Was having some problems with the 1949 Hotshot not running right, stalling, not starting. I replaced the fuel pump as it was bad, but still had problems so I took the top off of the carburetor and found a problem. The one float was still floating in the bowl. I think that might cause a problem... Now to get the torch out to weld it back on. Lol
  5. Sounds more like you have no spark at #1 cylinder. Have you changed the plug?
  6. Not much going on with the FOR lately. Shop has been busy, in fact I got a nice 1956 Thunderbird to get it up and running again. New fuel tank, lines, gauge, brake work etc. Also getting things ready for that show over by Harrisburg, I think it is called Hershey? ? Been going almost steady since 1980. If you need anything Crosley, 1957-59 retractable, 1957 hemi parts, or anything else... (lol) let me know. Dad has a lot of parts from various vehicles that he had.
  7. It is almost all in primer! I sanded and preped the top side today for primer and got it primer, all but a small section on the front end where some of the original green is that I want to match to the new paint. Hope this keeps it from rusting with all this humidity!
  8. Primer!!! I wasn't planning on putting any primer on yet, but the bare metal couldn't wait any longer with the high humidity we have been having. It surface rusted overnight?, so I sanded the rust off, prepped the metal and put a coat of primer on the bottom. Now I can get it back on the cart and sand and prep the top for primer.
  9. Selling a crankshaft for a 390 engine, looks good. $100. obo. Located SWPA, could bring to Hershey if you are interested. PM me.
  10. My dad bought a 1957 Chrysler 392 Hemi engine years ago and the block was bad so he got another engine. The block is for sale in another ad. He has the crankshaft for $100, the intake manifold for $100, exhaust manifolds for $200, water pump core for $25, generator for $50. oil pan for $50. Who knows what else he has for it, if you need something ask me. I know the heads, pistons and valve covers are gone, sold them last year at Hershey. Parts are located in SWPA, could bring to Hershey if you want them. PM me.
  11. Is anyone interested in a 392 Chrysler Hemi block with a bad cylinder. My dad bought the engine several years ago and had a bad score in the one cylinder. He took it to a machine shop where they were boring out the cylinder and broke through. I didn't look real close at the rest of the bores but I think they are ok. If someone is interested in it we could deliver it to Hershey. He would like to get $150.00 for it. SWPA area here if you want to pick it up. Also have several other items for the 392, check other parts for sale ads. PM me if you are interested.
  12. Yes the youth project is an amazing thing for the youth of our hobby! A little progress to report today, I laid the first filler on the underside of the rear portion of the tub and smoothed it up some. Now to get it back up on the cart!
  13. While the rain was falling, and falling and falling outside (over 8" of rain since Sat. am), I got some work done on the FOR today. I cut and removed the last piece of bad metal on the front panel near the grille area. Then cut and welded a new piece in and smoothed it all out. Then I lifted the body off the cart, all by myself, and stood it on its nose so I could use paint stripper on the foot well area. Now all the paint is removed except for in the engine compartment area. I also cut and spot welded a stiffener plate on the lower right side of the side panels where the spare tire bracket will mount, just as a precaution. I also run the wire brush some on the inner fenders to clean them up a little. And the winner is Jeff for guessing what was the good news. Fellow Crosley club member Jeff Ackerman sent me a PM stating he had a hood latch but it needed a spring, but I could have it. He shipped it to me no charge and told me to just make a donation to the Crosley club for our "Youth Projects". A check will go in the mail soon!!! For those of you that don't know about our Youth Projects, the Board of Directors of the Crosley Club select youth and mentors to restore Crosleys and then when the project is completed, the title for the vehicle is transferred to the youth who completed the project. The club, Crosley parts suppliers and its members donate money and parts to restore these cars(which are also donated to the club), the youth supplies the labor and sweat-equity. We are now on our 3rd and 4th Youth project!!!
  14. That looks almost like what is on a Crosley.
  15. What are you hauling back to Florida this time Dave?
  16. Just a small report on the small FOR today. I was able to almost finish the hood for the FOR today, added the side support metal and the alignment tabs at the rear of the hood. I also notice that my FOR must be different than my brother in laws as the tab on the passenger side wasn't doing anything so I had to add a small piece to the body so it could help align the hood. Next project will be to attach the front part of the hood, I will have to use the mig welder to weld some of it on as the spot welders arms are not long enough.? I also got some good news today from a fellow Crosley FOR guy, can you guess what that good news is?
  17. This week has been nice and busy for the shop but that doesn't leave much time for work on the FOR. I'll take it though, because it pays the bills... Along with being busy it has been exceedingly hot and humid around here making it hard to work. But I was able to get a little work done on the FOR today, I started stripping the paint from the front fenders and lower dash area. Fenders look pretty good now, a little sanding and should be ready for primer and filling. The lower dash area will need more stripper applied to get the paint off. I also did some measurements on the front latch for the hood, looks like I will be fabricating it also as I put out a feeler on the Crosley web page and I haven't got any responses yet. I didn't expect too either. If anyone has a hood latch that looks like the one pictured let me know.
  18. Last bunch of pictures from the weekend. The 1957 Chevrolet was a beautiful car! Owner just bought it at Mecum auction in Hershey.
  19. Had a very relaxing holiday weekend at car shows and cruises! Took the 1958 Continental to the Western PA Region car show in Latrobe on Sunday, it is always a great show and even though it was hot it is in a nice park with plenty of shade trees. Lots of nice cars too Then on Monday evening took the 1966 Mustang to a car cruise in the Greensburg Kings Restaurant, again it was hot but we sat in the shade of the building and enjoyed the music and company.