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  1. NASCAR has got boring. I agree with all the comments about STOCK cars and I think they need to get back to that. I think that would lower the speeds (no need for restrictor plates) and make it more competitive also. One thing I would like to see is to stop the yellow flag pit stops completely. In my opinion, yellow flag stops drag out the yellow flag laps (pits closed, then lead cars pit, then lap down cars pit then several laps just to line everyone up). Clean up the track and get back to green flag racing as fast as possible. Make them do all pit stops under green flag racing. If you have damage you could go to the pits but couldn't work on the car till the green flag drops. Also, I don't like the caution after this new segment racing, keep making the race longer time wise and less and less people will watch it. I record the race and buzz though it in about one hour, fast forwarding through lap after lap of roundy round, and watch the first ten laps or so, the wrecks, and the last ten laps or so.
  2. Yesterday was filled with stripping the old wiring harness from the body and removing bolts and clips and such. It is now ready for a major overhaul. And look what came in the mail yesterday, the brake parts and mounts. Unfortunately, some parts were not in the box that I ordered so a call was placed to the supplier, phone tag was the name of the game last night. I was missing the master cylinder, one wheel cylinder and 4 brake springs. Hopefully we can get that corrected and get the needed parts. The weather is to start warming up over the next few days so I hope to get a lot done to the body and chassis soon.
  3. Those brake lines are a PITA! When you go to connect the front ones and the rear lines to the ABS unit it might be easier to disconnect the lines you already put in from the Master cylinder... I hate doing those brake lines on those Chevrolet Trucks!!! I wish you luck! Dale
  4. Mount that body to the rotisserie and begin the final bodywork on that Continental! Are you sure that is not a real body there?
  5. I started working on the body as I wait for the brake parts. First thing I wanted to do was work on the grill area, there were several areas where the grill was cracked and waving in the breeze. The mig welder made short work of the cracks along with some grinding. Some dollie work to all the dents and bent areas and the grill area looks pretty good already. Next project on the body is either the floor area or the sides? And hopefully the brake parts will make it from the snowy east coast so I can finish up the chassis. Choices, choices...
  6. More parts fresh out of the powder coat oven! Still hot! First picture is the clutch and brake pedal arms and mount, second picture is the brake and clutch linkage, and the third picture is the bed latch pin brackets. I'm still waiting on the brake parts so I can get the brakes all buttoned up and the chassis back on the ground. Ted is probably still digging out from all the snow last week!
  7. Jim, Here are a few detailed pictures of the spring blocks. In the first picture you can see the spring mount unit with the block for the spring block tab towards the center. The second picture shows the notch in the spring mount shock mount, also towards the center of the vehicle. The third and forth are before and after paint, I didn't remove the shock mounts and the last picture is Alan's with the spring mounts installed correctly. The last picture is also of mine before major teardown.
  8. Jim, I think it is just the weight off the springs. If you look real close at the top rear axle mounts they are on the wrong side. The spring block pads are inboard instead of being outboard. And I believe they were installed that way from new. I didn't remove the shock mounts from the top mounts.
  9. Roger, I run the drums though the blaster one more time to clean up the remnants of rust remaining. The bearings have been removed and all the grease cleaned out prior to sandblasting and powder coating. The drums have now been powder coated (front drums still warm!) cast iron and now I wait for the wheel cylinders and springs to get the brakes buttoned up and the wheels. Then I can put it on the ground! Jim B. or any other Crosley guys, can you notice anything wrong with the rear axle mounts? Note, it is put together the same way is was torn apart!
  10. Thanks for all the positive comments, makes posting this all worth it. I do hope everyone enjoys all the restoration post that are on the AACA page. Hursst, I would love to bring it to a AACA show if one gets close to me once it is done. And the Blast goes on... Well sand blasting that is, on the brake drums, three done, one to go. Hope to get them powder coated today. They will be cast iron finished.
  11. Todays project was to install the rear axle. I got new nuts and lock washers for the rear axle U-bolts and put the rear axle in place and it bolted right up! I also installed the rear shock upper mounts, but the hardware didn't have enough of the bolts, so I have to get more at a later date. Now the FOR is ready for a brake job and drums and wheels. I am waiting on the parts from the Crosley supplier, he is digging out from all that snow the eastern shore got on Monday. It is so nice to see both axles on the chassis and know that it is so close to sitting back on the ground.
  12. A small milestone was reached yesterday afternoon, the chassis was flipped over and is now closer to the floor! Now to get the rear U-bolts ready to install the rear axle and the wheel cylinders and brakes installed. Then powder coat the drums and it will be rolling on the floor. I might make my goal of having it on the floor by the end of March! On the weather front, we were supposed to get 1-5" of snow over night but luckily we missed it and only got a dusting over night. It is snowing now but we missed the brunt of the big snow!!
  13. I am making progress on the chassis today. I installed the front axle and then installed the backing plate to the hubs. Then I installed the rear springs less a few nuts and lock washers. Soon I will have to flip the chassis over and lower it close to the ground as it will be too heavy to flip and lower if I put too much more on it. I am trying to figure out how I will support it till I get the rest of the suspension and wheels on it? I don't want to scratch the paint! I am happy with how the chassis is coming out!
  14. Today project was making things shine. I fired up the powder coater and powder coated the rear brake backing plates and spring shackles black, and the aluminum wedges for the front axle clear. It is so nice to powder coat an object and have it ready to install in minutes after coating, no waiting for the paint to cure, just wait long enough for the part to cool and you can use it. I am getting so close to putting the axles on the chassis and having it rolling around in the garage.
  15. Today I did some sand blasting of the rear backing plates and one rear drum. They took several times in the cabinet to get all the crude off them, they look pretty good now. Another day of sand blasting and I should have the other drum done and any other little things that need blasted for the chassis to get back on the ground. I also added some of the pictures from yesterday. Lots of detail pictures so I know how it goes back together again!
  16. Did some work on the rear brakes this afternoon, took the emergency brake cables off and also the wheel cylinders and wire brushed the backing plates and shoes a little to get the heavy crude off them. Ready for the sandblast cabinet now. Speaking of the sandblast cabinet, the left hand glove has had holes in it for awhile and I had bought a new glove along time ago so I thought it was a good time to change it out. It was a simple job and is now ready to blast away without sandblasting my fingers and getting sand all over my arm! I have several parts ready to hit the blaster in the next couple of days. Rear brake backing plates and shoes, rear drums, front drums, and U-bolts and nuts for rear springs. I also made a list of parts that are needed to get the chassis back together, several hundred dollars worth of goodies!!! Hope to order them this week.
  17. The hanging parts now have a new set of clothes, nice shiny black paint to go with the rest of the chassis parts already painted. Will be so glad to get the chassis together enough to get it back on the ground.
  18. You got it Keiser, but it is actually the outside of the fender that is high by about 1/2". Quality control at it again! Remember the frame welds?
  19. Just thought I would show the front end to see if anyone can spot the problem with the right front fender?
  20. Look at the picture of the door and door handle, the body looks to be fiberglass... And phillips head screws?? And the pin stripping going under the door handle and the brackets for the top?? Oh boy........
  21. Just hanging around waiting on some new clothes!!!!! That's the look of the day. Getting ready to spray some of the suspension parts soon. Once I get these parts painted and installed on the chassis I will only need the brake backing plates and drums to be finished and installed to get the chassis back on the ground and rolling. Hoping to get it rolling by the end of March! Then on to the body... Also moved the body back out into the work area as I finished a customers truck that was using the space. Was checking it over to see what the plan of attack will be on it. I did notice a big error in the right front fender that was done at the factory and no real way of fixing it, I guess it will stay that way.
  22. Paul they are about 1 1/4" -1 1/2" wide. Same shoes that are on the 1950-1952 Crosley cars. Thanks for all the good comments!!! Looks like everyone will be having Forum withdraw for a few days!!! Good time to get out and work on the cars!!!!!