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  1. On my 26 Buick Sedan and 27 Woodie I had everything chromed. I know its not the way it came but plater said the nickel doesn't last as long as chrome. I'm not a purest as I built both cars the way I wanted them. just my thoughts.
  2. I'm still having problems with the wiring on 26 Buick. I connected hot wire from starter (also hot wire from battery to left side of ammeter (charge side). On the right side ( discharge side) I connected the ignition switch, wire to voltage reg. and directional lights and stop lights. The more gas you give it the more it discharges on the meter, when turning lights on it starts to show charge. Thanks for any help.
  3. Somehow I deleted a message from someone on a 1928 Buick Clutch. Please e-mail again. Steve
  4. I had my chrome plater do the nickel on both my 26 and 27 Buicks and then had Uvira do their thing. Came out very good and a lot brighter.
  5. I'm working on the headlights for my 27 Buick. I need parts that go on the ends of wires that go from one connector to another inside the headlight housing. They are inside the light socket and look like they are soldered on but are actually a tack that is soldered to the wire. I have lost two of them. Thanks for any help.
  6. I'm looking for a couple of directional flasher holder. I'm using the round flasher that takes a bracket that mounts to firewall with one screw. I bought one some years ago at NAPA # 535 6volt that came with a nice holder. bought another today with no holder. Thanks for any help.
  7. My 27 Buick Woodi Wagon had the same type of gas gauge that was way beyond repair. I know its not orginial but I used a earley 50's 6 volt Jeep sending unit in my new tank and the dash gauge from a Jeep. It works fine but has a black plastic rim around gauge not chrome. It fit in the hole where my old gauge was. I can e-mail details if anyone wants info. Good Luck Steve
  8. I installed a 28 Buick dist in my 27 Buick. I also used the end of a 28 dist. so the gears would be correct. I just got it running but having problems with setting the timing. After I get a new exhaust system I'm going to check to see if the internal advance works. It doesn't seem like it works now but too hard to tell with the noise with no exhaust system. One thing nice about the 28 dist. is that NAPA carrys all the parts for it and cheap compared to 26-27 parts. If it works out well I'll convert my 26 Buick also. Good luck
  9. Can a 6 volt horn relay be used also as a headlight relay. Will it handle the load of two 6 volt headlight bulbs. I'm having a hard time fining a 6 volt headlight relay. I bought two on ebay and they don't work. I think they have got rusted inside. Thanks
  10. I recently bought a AMPCO 6 volt headlight relay. # LR 609. There was no wiring diagram with it. I need help wiring it. Thanks
  11. Roger, You'll have to remember Buick didn't use circuit breakers in 1927 just glass fuses. Steve QUOTE=Roger Walling;948679]I prefer the circut breaker part # 782 3028 at a cost of $32.77 (NAPA)
  12. I was looking for a fuse block for my 27 Buick woodie. Napa sells a nice ne with brass terminals and uses glass fuses. They come from one to 6 fuses. I bought a 6 fuse block. Their part number 782-3213 for $16.74 and made in USA. My woodie has not much wiring so this will work out fine. Hope this helps someone else out. Steve
  13. I finally started my 27 Buick but itdoesn't run good at all. it skips and backfires. I did install a 28 Dist. and 28 gear on rear of Gen. Could I have put something back together wrong?? Thanks for any help.
  14. I'm getting ready to install new matting and runninboard moulding on my 26 Buick Standard and my 27 Buick Woodie Wagon. Is the moulding to be cut at a 45 degree angle or butt fitted. I have seen it both ways. Thanks
  15. I'm trying to figure out the wiring for my ignition switch on my 27 Buick. The wires were all missing when I got the car. It has an ignition switch with light switch and key lock on the front. On the back it says KELLOGG S&S CO. # 1133. It has 7 terminals. The # 7 terminal is wirerd so no problem, but can't figure out the rest. Thanks for any Help.
  16. Barry, Thanks for the info. I'll order a couple and see how they work. I'll also find an electronic flasher Steve
  17. Has anyone used 6 volt LED tail light bulbs?? I'm thinking of installing them in my 48 Ford Car. Thanks
  18. Thanks I did have to get the drive gear off the 28 Gen. It seems to fit good although I can't seem to get it to run good.
  19. I have installed a 28 Buick distributor in my 27 Buick. I did this so I could put modern points in it. What should point gap be? Also does the 28 Distributor have a built in advance for the timing? Mine doesn't seem to want to advance very well.. thanks Steve
  20. Can you e-mail me I have a few that need to be chrome plated. Steve
  21. John, Thanks for the answer. I installed directional lights for safety and have modifield engine with down draft carb and electric fuel pump. Runs super. I built my cars the way I WANT THEM> Steve
  22. I'm rewiring my 27 Buick woodie. I need to know what size fuses to use for: Electric fuel pump Headlights Parking lights stop light directional lights Thanks, this is 6 volts.
  23. Working on my 27 Buick. Bought the Hood Lacing and split rivets for rad. shell from BOB'S. How do you open the rivets? Do i need a special tool? Thanks
  24. I'm re-wiring my 27 Buick Woodie Wagon and am going to install a fuse panel up under dash. It is 6 volt. What size fuses should I use for: Directional lights Stop Light Head Lights Parking Lights Electric Fuel pump Horn. Thanks for any help Steve
  25. I found some 28-29 Ford truck mirrors that will work fine.
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