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  1. I'm painting my 27 Woodie Washington Blue and Black, same as my 26 Standard. Napa Paint Number for the Washington Blue is 57311. The 27 came back from body shop and is an exact match. Just incase anyone is interested.
  2. I'm looking for an ignition-light switch for my 27 Buick Woodie. Thanks
  3. I have had the clutch discs and pressure plates rebuilt on both my 26 and 27 Buicks by Fort Wayne Clutch. Very nice work and quick turn around. They also did the clutch on my 48 ford Conv. Good Luck
  4. I need to get the Martin senior Paint number for Washington Blue on my 27 Buick. I using base coat-clear coat. thanks
  5. I'm looking for a muffler for my 27 standard. I found some Walker tractor mufflers but don't know how they will sound. Thanks for any help.
  6. I need to remove the guide pins on Bottom of 27 Standard bellhousing. The ones that match bottom half of bellhousing. I did a stupid thing, I forgot to put bottom bellhousing on, now I have trans and rear end all bolted up. Do these pins screw in or driven in?? Should I just try to drill out and get new pins? Thanks
  7. I'm looking for a Ignition switch lever for my 27 Buick woodie. IThe lever has a hole that a cotter pin holds it on. thanks
  8. BEN, I finally just figured that out. With the spring holding push rods down I can see why they won't turn. I did have engine completely rebuilt. New 030 pistons, all rods babbitted, and crank checked and balanced. Thanks for your Help, Steve
  9. I'm also looking for one. I think i saw it in BOB'S
  10. Rebuilding my 27 Buick Standard. I notice after putting everything together the valve push rods don't turn when the pressure is off them. Are they suppose to turn or not??. I just check my 26 standard and only one would turn. I took rocker arms assem off and lossen the nut that hold the cage between the valve push rods and rods would turn. once I tighten them up they wouldn't turn. Also engine turns over very hard with crank. It turned over easier when I put 3/4" rachet on crank shaftnut before putting hand crank adapter on. Is this normal?? Thanks for any help.
  11. Does anyone have an older Stewart Warner Catalog that could look up a fuel gauge part number D-300B. I'm trying to figure out if it is 6 volt and the ohms. Thanks
  12. I'm trying to find out if a Stewart Warner gas gauge Model D-300B is 6 volt and what the ohm's are? This is an old stock gauge and the factory don't have books that list that number. Also of coarse the local dealers have thrown their old books out. Thanks for any Help
  13. I'm looking for an inner axle nut for a 1927 Buick Standard. Threads are 3/4x16", takes wrench size of 1 1/4" and height is about .45" This is a sloted nut.. My threads wre stripped on mine. This is called a heavy castle nut. Thanks for any help.
  14. I called Bob's Automobilia today and was told they can't get the runninboard trim for my 27 Buick. Has anyone used another supplier?? I found some at Restoration Supply Company but don't know which one would be correct. thanks for any help.
  15. Does anyone have a pattern for the front door posts for a 1927 Buick Model 27? Mine are all rotted out and not enough to make a pattern. Thanks for any help.
  16. I'm looking for the heat control knob and plate for my 27 Buick standard. I do have the choke knob. thanks
  17. I have a 26 and 27 Buick. When I took all the parts to be nickeled, the palter said do it in chrome as will last alot longer. I'm not a purest and think the chrome lasts longer. Never have and never intend on having them judged. I do my cars my way.
  18. We stopped in while traveling Route 66. Only found a couple cars that where decent. Most have new paint right over the bondo and sand marks. Waste of time going there. About same quality as Golden-Rod garge up here in Freeport, ME WASTE OF TIME
  19. Has anyone bought from Vintage Reproduction Parts in Australia? I'm looking at parts for my 27 Buick Woodie, Hubcaps and windshield crank handle. Would anyone else have these parts? Thanks
  20. Has anyone bought from Vintage Reproductions in Australia?? I was looking at parts for my 27 Buick woodie, Hubcaps and windshield crank. would anyone ese have these parts? Thanks
  21. I'm looking for a 6 volt round gas gauge with a chrome rim. I need it for my 27 Buick. I plan on using a 6 volt Jeep sending unit with it. thanks
  22. I bought a Delco 640K 46991 Distributor for my 27 but doesn't fit. Does anyone know what this would fit?? Thanks
  23. i'm looking for the front wheel grease seals on my 27 Standard. I need 2 of the metal holder. Could also use the felts. thanks
  24. I have a 26-27 Buick that was restored 35 years ago by a friend of mine. He had a new visor made at a local sheet metal shop. I have never had it covered but it is an exact copy of the orginial. I was at LeBarron Bonney a couple of week ago and they can make a cover for it. good luck.
  25. I just had pistond made for my 27 standard by Arias in CA. Very pricey $1150 for 6 but I needed .30 oversize. They have nice pistons, used them in my 26 two years ago. Good Luck
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