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  1. I'm replacing the mouldings on the runningboards on my 26 and 27 Buicks. Where do the nails go, on top or sides?? Thanks for any help
  3. The right rear wheel on my 27 Standard appears to be loose. The wheel will move in and out just a tiny bit. I tighten the outside axle nuts. Can I take the play out by tighting the inside axle nut? When taking a right turn something rubes. The left side is OK. Thanks for any Help.
  4. I need to find a good glue to attach rubber runningboard material to painted wooden runningboards. Thanks
  5. 50jetback. That sounds like what's is going on. In fact today I called Fort Wayne Clutch who relined the plates and they said the same thing. Tonight I tried one of the metal discs on the hub and it was hanging up just a little, so if they all held up thats the problem. Thanks for your Help Steve
  6. MARK I'm shifting in about 20 feet of movement in 1 st gear and still grinds. Have tried all kinds of adjustment on clutch. I'm using 600wt gear oil that I use in all my old car trans and rear axles. I always double clutch which I learned back in the 50'S. I just took the clutch out again. I did notice that the metal discs where rusted quite badly and I did glass-bead them before I put it in with the relined discs from Fort Wasyne Clutch. Do you think the metal disks could be the problem as my shop manual says the metal discs should be very smooth. It likes something is keeping the clutch fro
  7. I'm having trouble with the clutch in my 27 Buick standard. Can't shift without grinding badly. I have had the plates relined, new large coil spring made, new throwout and pilot bearings. When pushing down on the clutch peddle the clutch seems to throw in but can't shift only at very very low speed. Can't shift on the road. With the transmission out, how far should the clutch hub move in and out?? Mine moves about 1/4", is this too much. I have had it together and apart 3 times. NEED HELP. Thanks
  8. I just removed the clutch on my 27 Buick Standard. I found the bronze bushing on the clutch hub was worn badly. How thick should the bushing be or total height of clutch hub with bronze bushing ?? Thanks
  9. A friend of mine had just built a woodie wagon on a 36 Chevy Pick-up frame. He's hunting for a serial number plate that goes on the firewall. He can't registry it here without a serial number plate on the firewall. I would appricate any help finding one. Thanks
  10. I need to replace the large coil spring in the clutch on my 27 Buick Standard. According to my shop manual it should be about 4 1/2" high. Mine is only 4 1/8" high.. Do I need to replace it. I have two used ones and they both measure the same. I can get a new one made for about $100-150. I really hate to take it about again. Thanks for any help.
  11. Leif, E-mail your address to ssmith105@maine.rr.com and I'll e-mail some pictures. Steve
  12. Leif, Thanks for info, I think the spring is broken but won't know until I get it apart. This is a Woodie Wagon and am going to have side curtains made next week and then I'll will get into clutch. Steve
  13. I need the large coil spring in the clutch on my 1927 Buick Standard. Any idea where to get one?? Thanks
  14. I'm also looking for the alum. roof moulding for my 1926 Model27 I don't have the pieces from top down the side to rain gutter. I couldn't find them in Bobs catalog.
  15. I thought my 27 Buick Rad was junk but a rad shop here fixed it. There is a company Maine Rad in Lewiston, Me. They have a sheet of honeycomb the same as orginial Buick Rad that they put in front of a modern Rad. Looks just like a orginial honerycomb Rad. I was going that route but mine was fixable. Quote of $5000. to do a new honeycomb. Good Luck
  16. I'm looking for Gen end gear from a 1928-29 Buick Gen # 940D This runs the distr. Also need dist gear for a Delco 640J dist. Thanks
  17. I am having problems with the horn button on my 48 Ford Car. Does anyone have a good picture of the parts in the horn ring itself? It seems to be grounded all the time. It didn't work when I bought the car thats why I think some parts are missing. thanks for any help.
  18. I'm looking for a starter drive for my 1926 Buick. Can't find one anyplace. Would anyone have any interchange books that might list one from another car that would fit. The armature number is D16588 and 11 tooth drive gear. Thanks for any Help.
  19. I'm looking for a starter drive for a 26 Buick, Also does anyone have the part number?? Thanks
  20. I'm looking for a petcock that goes in the water pump. Has 3/8" thread. I need two of them. Thanks
  21. Has anyone installed a diode in the gen. cut-out?? What did you use for a diode and is it easy to do?? Thanks
  22. I heard that someone has been rebuilding Delco Gen. cutouts and using some kind of diode in them. Has anyone know who does this and do they work good? Thanks
  23. I buy my antique car fan belts from Motion Industries, They can match any size belt . Also most bearing houses have belts. good Luck.
  24. I think I found why the headgasket was leaking. I forgot to re torque the head after running it for awhile. All I have found is NOS head gaskets that seemed have dried out. Does anyone make new gaskets?? Thanks
  25. I'm looking for a muffler for my 27 Buick standard. I bought one from waldrons, fit perfect but very loud. Sounds like a large truck coming down the street. I bought one years ago for my 26 Buick at NAPA but can't find the part number. Has anyone bought a good quiet muffler at a local parts store?? Thanks for any help.
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