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  1. Are all 640A Delcos the same? Steve
  2. Wanted to Buy 1928 Buick Distributor, Thanks
  3. Wanted 1928 Buick distributor, thanks
  4. Wanted to Buy, 1928 Buick Distributor.
  5. I'm looking for a stromberg Carb. # BXVD3, Thanks
  6. Looking for a Stromberg 1 Barrell carb. Model BXVD3 or similiar carb. thanks
  7. I'm looking for a gas tank for a 27 Buick, thanks
  8. I have found a 1927 Byuck Standard with a wooden station wagon body. I'm trying to figure out what to offer. Be setting 65 years under cover. Real nice body and car is 100% complete. thanks
  9. I just used Acousti Shield on my 48 Ford Conv. Was a little pricey and I had to re-cut all the pieces. Haven't had it on road yet so can't tell how good it works
  10. I have a 1926 standard that had a pilot bearing that slipped forward and let the trans. input shaft float around. Where can I get a brass bushibng instead of the bearing? What are the measurements? Thanks
  11. Where can I find copper type manifold gaskets for 26 Buick standard? How do the composition ones work out? Thanks
  12. Has anyone bought carpet sets from Hydro-E-Lectric? Their prices look good. I'm looking for a carpet set for my 48 Ford Conv. Thanks for any help.
  13. Who works on gas gauge for 26 Buick? This is the one that is in tank and has dial gauge. It works but gas leaks into it when tank is full and gauge is hard to read. thanks
  14. I just had the clutch in my 26 Buick standard rebuilt by Fort Wayne Clutch and it chatters badly, also sounds like throw bearing is noisy when pushing in clutch pedal. I install a new throw out bearing and pilot bearing. Could I have put it together wrong? It shifts good. Thanks for any help.
  15. Has anyone used New England Chrome Plating in E. Hartford,CT? How is the work? Thanks
  16. I havea 26 Buick with remote oil filter. It is a AC Filter. I need lines to block. AC part numbers are FT 14N and FT 18. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. I'm going to install lap type seat belts from www.andoauto.com on my 48 Ford Conv. Wife wants shoulder type. I don't see how you can use shouder type on a Conv. Thanks
  18. I send my bumper guards to chrome plater and they lost them. They won't help find others or give refubnd. They fit a 26 Buick standard. I need front and rear for Weed Brand bumpers. I believe other years fit. thanks
  19. Are Bend-Pak Lifts any good? I'm looking at a 4-post #9,000 unit. Thanks
  20. Do you know if a 26 Standard gear is the same. I have a good used one.
  21. I'm replacing the wire looms on my 26 Buick with stainless but can't fend the ends and tees. Thanks
  22. I'm looking for upper hinge bolts on 26 Buick Model 26-27. These go in upper front door hinge and go through header above windsheild with slotted end outside. thanks
  23. I'm looking for floorboard for 48 Ford Conv. Does anyione make them? Thanks
  24. Wanted, Fenders for 48 Ford must be rust free.Thanks
  25. Has anyone purchased an AutoMack brand car cover? Any good? I am looking for just a cotton car for my 48 Ford Conv. Thanks
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