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  1. To 26-25 Buick I had a 36 Chev. distr. that slipped right into end of Gen. Need to get smaller diam wires for newer dist cap. Is it best to use copper wires ? Thanks for your help
  2. A few years ago I installed a 28 or later GM 6 cyl Delco distr in my 27 Buick. That way I could go to Napa and buy all the parts for distr. for under 440. I know I had to change rear gear on gen. with a 28 gear. Can't remember if I can still use the 26 Distr. end plate with 28 drive gear inside ? Thanks for any help.
  3. I have had windshields on both my 26 and 27 replaced. I just took glass out and glass shop made one from the old windshield. Fit perfect. Around $90 last year. No job to remove and replace. Good Luck
  4. I just rebuilt my water pump on the 27 woody. What is a good grease to use. I have a tube of Amsoil Synthetic Water Resistant Lithium Complex Grease. I had a water pump rebuilt on my 26 Buick years ago and I think they might have said to use this but can't remember. thanks for any help. I got the kit from Bob's and real good parts.
  5. 27donb. Your right, roll pin could slip out. I'll go back to cotter pins and red lock-tite on nut. Thanks Steve
  6. TO 27donb. Forgot I had to measure end play with pinion gears in place. Now have .008 end play on each axle. On the inner axle nuts I have been using cotter pins put hard job cutting the right length as they interfere with the I guess you call it diffential spacer between inner axle nuts. Could I just use roll pins and red Lock-Tite. thanks for your help.
  7. What should rear axle end play be on a Model 27-27 Standard. Thanks
  8. 26-25 Buick, Thanks will do it after rebuilding. Might have to get kit from Bob's. Shaft and bushings are bad, gland nut out of round ans impellar pitted bad. Steve
  9. Just found an old water pump in my spare parts. Shaft seems to push in and out, is this normal off the engine or is something worn. will take apart Tuesday.
  10. Who does a good job rebuilding water pumps ? I heard the CA kits are only so so. Thanks
  11. I just restored a 1927 Buick Woody wagon. I didn't care for the bumper that was on it. I also have a 26 Buick sedan which had the orginial Weed Brand Bumper. I was at a cruise-in with my 26 Buick and a Model A (1930-?) was parked next to me that belonged to LaBaron Bonney. The bumpers were the same wide, thickness, curve bot about 2" shorter. I picked one from tam's which was stainless and had it polished. Enclosed pictures of what came on the 27 and the new Model a bumper. I was lucky to find weed brackets on e-bay and had local welding shop make backing plates. I had the dividers between
  12. Who is good at rebuilding a 27 Buick standard water pump? Had my 26 rebuilt some time ago but can't remember who did it. Thanks
  13. ROGER, I could you a few spares, my old ones seem to strip easy. Have a 26-27 and a 27-27 made into a Woodie in 1927 Steve Falmouth, Me
  14. A friend of mine just bought a 32Buick Model 60 and there was no key in ignition switch. How can he remove the key switch ? Thanks Steve
  15. What do you call the bumper irons? The uprights that separate the bumper bars. If so I have some from a 1926 Model 27 Weed bumper. Also on my Model 27-27 Woodie wagon. I had new ones made and used Model A bumper bars which are exactly like the Week bumper bars but 2" shorter. Can e-mail pictures. Steve buicks;1425389]I would like to find a pair of front bumper mounting irons for a Master series. Mounts from 1925 thru 1927 will work I think. I have the 2 bumper bars, just need the mounting irons to the frame.
  16. I have a few valve springs for 26 Buick standard, Don't know if they are the same. Steve[ QUOTE=Brian_Heil;1395724]Ray Brown is puting together an order for 1923 6 cylinder Valve Springs. Cost will depend on response. Not sure what other years these will fit. Send me an email and I will forward it to Ray and you can communicate with him directly. Thx!
  17. Mark, Do you know if Bob's Kit has a stainless steel shaft. I have a machine shop that could make one. Thanks You probably don't remember but I meet you at the National Buick meet 2 years and had my 27 Buick woodie. Steve Smith Falmouth, Me
  18. Has anyone used Bob's WPK-260 water pump rebuilt kit ? I can't seem to get my packing from leaking. looks like shaft is worn. thanks for any help
  19. I live near LaBaron Bonney so took my old shades down to them and had new ones made. Did a great job, They are listed in their catalog. good Luck
  20. Rick, We talked the other day on this. My 26 Model 27 has the same gauge as shown. But my 27 Model 27 that was made into a Woodie Wagon in 1927 has a completely different type of gauge as it is up under the Woodie body. sorry I couldn't help you out. I have used Bob's Speedometers for my gauges. good Luck Steve Falmouth, me
  21. I just restored a 27 Buick model 27-27 that was made into a woodie wagon in 1927. I couldn't find the flat bars so bought 31 Model A stainless steel bumpers. Same as my 26-27 Buick with weed Bumpers. They are stainless steel and about 2" shorter than the weed bumpers. if you want I can e-mail pictures. I was lucky to find weed brackets on E-Bay. I also had a friend make the back flat bar at his welding shop. Good Luck
  22. I have a lot of 26 Buick Standard clutch parts,I don't know if some might be the same. what exactly are you looking for? Steve Smith Falmouth, Me
  23. I had both my 26 and 27 standrad clutch rebuilt by Fort Wayne Clutch in Fort Wayne, IN. They did a super job. Steve Falmouth, Me
  24. I'm looking at a EZ-ON top for my 48 Ford Conv. Do they have the same seam as the orginial top? Does anyone have a picture of their top. Have they ever leaked especially in seams? Thanks for any help
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